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To help you see a total picture of what's in our site, below are graphical link buttons to all our main areas (Note: some sections have more sections such as Each of the Monthly Holidays, Jokes & Weekly Cartoon). I've now put these in tables to make viewing easier and allow for some further text definitions. They are not alphabetical in order.  You can also use the drop down box at the top of the page(s) to go directly to various topics and subtopics.

We offer a lot of cartoon illustrations for educational topics. They are among the Holidays, Silly Holidays or in some cases stand alone. So, some cartoons educate, some simply amuse.  It all depends on where you go.

Newer features are inserted at the bottom as the site grows.
Some older features have faded with time and have been removed due to lack of interest and to save MB space on our domain.

Check out our Weekly Cartoon!  Then send a friend a  Browni-E-Toon via our buttons.
New one every week!
All our cartoons for you to enjoy; or, to mail to friends as a BrowniE-card page.
Personalize it as you wish also.

Jokes and Riddles includes Minnesota Jokes and Crazy Criminals.
Tons of good, fun jokes.
How to tell a joke.

Misc. topic jokes and riddles.
 Special sections for
 Minnesota Jokes, Golf, Crazy Criminals, Elephant Jokes and Knock, Knocks and more Riddles.

Every month we present some of the nutty crazy bizarre silly unknown holidays and observances the United States has. Who thinks of them?
Intense area of our site.
All the months are featured, with  Monthly, Weekly and Daily celebrations and observances. Some with special
"History of" educational  sections on some topics, information and trivia.


All our Traditional Holiday Specials are stored here.  Celebrate any time of the year your favorite holiday.
All the traditional or official holidays done with fun, "History of" and cartoons/illustrations, plus some Trivia Quizes, etc.



Paste this HTML code on any page you want to block.
2 Free JavaScript codes
(simple to put on your site) No Right Click + No Copy Text. 
How to report a theft of copyrighted material.

 HTML code to stop the Internet Explorer Mouse Generated Image Bar.
You won't find it on 99% of our pages!

We're more like the "Beary Crocker" Kitchens. ")

A few "Just Right" recipes we just love.


Download and print out our Free Bookmarks to help encourage reading and literacy in the United States.
Colorful bookmarks to print out or download for your reading pleasure.
Print the page with the bookmarks while on-line or download them and print on sturdier paper.




Charities that give stuffed animals and teddy bears to others.
A few Teddy Bear Charity Organizations I've found.

I can't promise the validity of any of them.



Anagrams, Malapropisms, Poems etc. are in here.
Anagrams, Malapropisms,
Their Historical backgrounds,
Poems, Word Games, and a link to our page with
Word, Phrases & Sayings
; Funny Insults

Bizrre, Odd, Outdated
Words + Cartoon Fun!

Oh those limericks of old days.  Our are all 100% clean fun.
History of Limericks, 
Plus some good clean fun.

Words, Sentences, Poems all the same forward and backwards!  Check 'em out.  Fascinating.
The History of Palindromes, plus many examples.

Silly, Dumb, Stupid,  Child-safe poems (rhymes) for Children or Big Kids about Food!

You've heard of a "Dark and Stormy Night?" This is the contest based on that famous opening sentence.  It's open to everyone!
A 17-year old contest (by Scott Rice) where contestants are  to compose the worse opening sentence of a mystery novel.
We also have excerpts from past competitions. 

History of Graduation
The Cap, Gown, Yearbook, Ring, Music,  and much, much more!
Free Printable Watercolor Graduation Cards

" All that glitters is not gold." I'm sure you're head that? This page has a lot of sayings that I don't think you've heard from your parents?
Read. Enjoy! And,
Grow Wiser than your Folks!

The kids were asked to finish the line to some traditional proverbs as they see the world. 
Read and Enjoy!


Learn those ventriloquists say the "P" and other tips from a real ventriloquist.
Brownielocks was a ventriloquist. She tells how, performance tips and more.

These are card-style and more light-hearted. For all Occasions.
Card-Style Tags
Funny, Silly, Humorous,
To help your gift-giving.
Christmas, Birthdays, or Any Occasion.

Some of our pages have my own hand-painted watercolor backgrounds. Because of all the compliments, I now offer them free for non-commercial sites.

We like to think our backgrounds are THE best on the net! 

Free! For all occasions (even silly) and some holidays.
 Colorful printable cards made from blending our watercolor images with computer font graphics. They're big, fun and unique! If they catch on, we'll add more.

In respectful remembrance of all who died on September 11, 2001 

Prove Your Teddy Bear truly belongs to you.
Get our Free Teddy Bear Birth Certificate for him or her.

Learn how to speak this very unique language that keeps them warm all winter. :)
Minnesota residents have their own special vocabulary. Learn how to speak like a real Minnesotan! Includes links to Minnesota Jokes and Minnesota Wild Rice Recipes.
Minnesota Manners!

Learn about the Race and The Cup, + help root for the USA to get it back!
Animated Java Applet + A lot of information..

Actual quotes from kids about birthdays, old age, etc. For all geezers over 21! ;)
Plus a link to our
Happy Birthday Wave Page.

Live Missing Children Amber Alert Notification

Please Bookmark and Check Daily.
Or make it your
homepage? It's
our fastest loading page!


We've moved our Student Bloopers, Wise Acre Farm (homework) + History of Graduation
into this area for school, teachers & educational pages to save icons.

Don't knock big hair! The Mullet is a hairstyle that has lasted through centuries. See how it all evolved. Also sing along to "Hair."

Learn how some of your favorite sports all began. This is more "The Ancient History of Sports."

This page is my synopsis of a folklore symposium at UC-Berkeley about the social significance of why we create and tell tall tales. It is recommended for mature children  or Adults.
Also visit:
Fractured Fairy Tales!
Fairy Tale Trivia

 Learn all about the Mexican sport of Lucha Libre and enjoy our cartoon also.

We made this a specials section away from our Holidays because it only comes once every 4 years.

Rock n roll trivia fun for all you baby boomers!
We have 80 questions.

Have to write a note to someone? At a loss for words on what to say?
Here are some tips for writing notes for all occasions.

This is not  a new page.
 We've just put all the Native American Celebrations or Rituals on one page for those who don't want to check them out month-by-month as we have them also listed on our site.
Native American Horoscopes or Indian Astrology

The History of the Academy Awards
Oscar Trivia Fun!

Learn about the ancient beliefs and history of some of the food and spices we eat today.
Also take our
Table Manners Trivia Quiz!
Food & Kitchen Trivia Fun!

We are not saying  these will work; but, here are some interesting concoctions and solutions  that our ancestors years ago used to cure many ailments.

 So, when do you celebrate Paul Bunyan day because his origin is debatable.
 We also created some fun trivia questions to see how much you know about this folk hero.

Our Pumpkin Page features such things as The History of Punkin Chunkin, Pumpkin Trivia, Pumpkin Poems, and some fun Pumpkin Recipes.

We've been asked so many times why we don't start our own holiday. So, we did!  This is a day to appreciate being a brunette, to have big hair, etc.
Check it out!

The art of this communication is being lost on the youth. Morse Code is no longer a requirement to get a ham radio license. To help inspire people, we've created a day to let you try this fun form of communication by learning your name in it.


You never know what we'll come up with next. Brownielocks is always thinking.
This spot is reserved for more goodies


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Midi "Brown-Eyed Girl"  by Van Morrison

We have over 700+ Free watercolor backgrounds.  Check them out.  Awesome.
We didn't use any on this page, but take a peek at our awesome selection.
Over 700+ images!

All graphics on this site (still and animated) have our embedded watermark. They are not public domain!

All contents (Graphics and Text)  are covered by U.S. Copyright Laws. No reproduction of any kind, downloading, copy, paste, save, etc. is allowed.    All rights reserved!

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