Our Motto:

Blondes May Have More Fun, But Brunettes Are More Fun!


Why the 24th of November?  Because that's when we bought our domain name. It's our birthday!

What's the purpose?

 The purpose of Brownielocks Day is to celebrate being a brunette.  To take pride in having brown hair.  And, in some cases, BIG brown hair!

How do I celebrate?

 There are a number of ways you can celebrate Brownielocks' Day. 
(a) Don't be ashamed of being a brunette, even if you've dyed your hair blonde.
(b) Wear Brown!
(c) Tell a brunette that she's beautiful.  Appreciate the brunette in your life.
(d) Give a brunette a hug.
(e)  Wear your hair big --- any color of hair.  We've sub-naming this "Big Hair Day" too!
       PS: Send me photos of your big  hair and I'll post them.  I mean, what's    with all this skinny, flat, chopped, straggly hair?  UCK!
(f)   It's also a day to enjoy your teddy bear or give someone a teddy bear.
(g)  DO NOT TELL BLONDE JOKES.  Our purpose is not to demean someone
      in order to feel good about ourselves.


Remember, there are more brunettes in this world than their are natural blondes. 
But, why do the blondes get all the attention?

Brunettes are in all walks of life and are a very productive part of this world.

Even if your brown hair has turned grey, you're still a Brownielocks at heart!

Brunettes are the 99%!  (We've got that on t-shirts etc. btw in our Brownielocks' section of our Zazzle store.)

NOTE: If November 24 falls on Thanksgiving, you can pick any other November day to observe it.  No pressure!


Brownielocks' Day Celebraters!
(Send in your photo)
We are not Sexist!  We accept Brownielocks Dudes too. :)


Jasmine Surreal 2015

Brian McClain 2016


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