Teddy Bear Birth Certificate
Brownielocks and The 3 Bears


Print out one for every one of your beloved bears to prove  he/she really belongs to you!

Good for all bears, all brands, all ages.

Download it or CLICK HERE to print the image alone.
If you print from the internet it is SMALLER than if you download it and then print it out.
Well, that's how it happens on our system.

Print page or click the certificate above to print on a separate sheet.

Note: Special thanks to Josie Cleary for suggesting that I add "Gift" as a Birth Process option.

How to Use Your Birth Certificate

1. Write in the name of your bear.
2. Lay your teddy bear down and measure it's length
from the tip of it's ear to the bottom of it's foot.
3. Then stretch out his arms (if possible) and measure it's
width in inches also.
4. We've already taken it's paw & foot prints for you. ;)
5.  Write down the Tush Tag information (if possible).
6.  Birth Process means how you acquired your bear:
(a) By Cash or (b) By Credit Card or (c) It was a Gift. Circle which is correct.
7. Delivery Information is the same way. Circle if you
carried your teddy bear home directly and delivered it to your house or if it came by the mail or UPS, etc.
8. If possible glue a photo of your bear on the back.
9. If you wish, staple the sales receipt to this also.
10. If you want, write the name of any friend(s) who
assisted you in the birth of your bear (i.e. who
came with you shopping!)

Tip: This frames really well also!

Suggestion:  Bookmark this page and come back again each time you buy a teddy bear to love!

Note: This is for teddy bear owners only!
It is the creation of Brownielocks and is not to be downloaded and offered
on another website either "as is" or altered in any computer program.
Many "free" downloadable and printable certificates exist on-line.
This one was created because we noticed some people hitting our old
Certificate Cartoon created in 1999.  If it is similar to something else offered on another site, it is pure coincidence since we are more busy drawing, painting, etc. than surfing other sites. As we state in our policy, we do not steal!

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