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Halloween is the holiday with the most history behind it.  But it's not for YOUNG CHILDREN!!!
 Halloween History, Symbols and Phobias
 is not for young children to read without Parental Guidance


Our Halloween Jokes are dangerously punny!

Many people feel this is a Holiday for the Superstitious! Are you?
A holiday for
the superstitious at heart

Besides Friday the 13th, our culture has
many superstitions.  Learn how some of 
them began.


Play our Halloween Trivia On-line.
Or create  your very own Halloween Bingo or Charades
for fun games that aren't too ghoulish or messy.

Sing-Along to some of the most popular
 songs for Halloween.
Plus, see monsters, ghosts, killer tomatoes, etc.


In the past, we used to dress up every year!   (1999-2010)
Trivia contests accompany our costumes.

Our first year of trick or treating as "The Addams Family"
Our first year. 1999
The Addams Family trivia as well as sing-along.
The cartoon was our first and is rather crude.

If you think you have a brain, play our Wizard of Oz trivia game.

For 2000
See us as Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion & The Tin Man.
+The Wizard of Oz Trivia Game, Oh My!

Yes there were actually 5 brothers.
This is our 2001 Costume Fun.
Plus some trivia facts about them.

 This is our 2002 Costume Fun.
See us in costume as "The Beverly Hillbillies." Plus, how to talk like the
hillbillies, some trivia and 
Hillbilly Halloween recipes.

. Yo! Ho!  See us dressed up as ye heartie pirates for 2003. Plus,
Sing along with Disney's real
Pirates of the Caribbean.
Then, take our pirate trivia game.
It's not easy. Arrgh!!

 Frankly, My Dear... This is us in our 2004
Halloween Costumes.
Play our Gone With The Wind Trivia; and,
see us dressed up in costume as
Gone With The Wind characters.
Also, hear the movie theme song.

Love figure skating?
 See how much you know about it.
Play our trivia game.
And, see us in costume for 2005 as some well-known skating personalities.



Whether you say donuts or doughnuts, we all love them.
See us in our 2006 costumes as yummy, nummy donuts.
Plus, see how much you know about the donuts you eat. Take our Donut Trivia Quiz!
(WARNING: You'll be hungry by the time you're done!)

For 2007 we dressed up as characters from the popular children's story of "Peter Pan."
Plus we have 40 trivia questions that cover the Peter Pan story, movies, Broadway show, etc.

For 2008 we dressed up a Fairy Tale Characters. Plus, enjoy our Fairy Tale Trivia Quiz.

For 2009 we dressed up in some dance costumes. 
Do you love "Dancing With The Stars?" Then come try our Dance Trivia Game also!

For 2010 we dressed up as characters
from the TV series, "The Munsters."
See us in costume, plus enjoy
50 Munster Trivia Questions!

For 2011 we dressed up as characters from the Wild, Wild West.  Plus, enjoy our rootin' tootin trivia questions and see just how much you really know about your favorite outlaws and other characters from the era.




Here are some Halloween
Cartoons that
we've made as part of
our Weekly Cartoon

Halloween Gas Pump
Halloween Safety
Invisible Girlfriend
Trick or Treat!
Peter Peter
Frankenstein Impersonators
 Witch's Male Advice
 Frankenstein Goes Trick or Treating
 Vampire - Throat Dryness
Halloween Quiche
3-Way Mirror

Ask "The Great Fluffinski" anything!!!  Love life in a mess?  Don't waste your time unless you think there's hope.  Ask "Madame Bearini"  - Love Rater of the Net!

Simple, Silly Halloween Treats to make for friends.  Don't Frost when you want Paint your cookies.  Get our Edible Paint Forumla!  Learn Dry Ice Safety + How to make Spooky Halloween Fog/Smog

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