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Safety Tips and Party Hints

It's fun to have a mysterious fog floating around a Halloween party to set the eerie mood or to give the look of a witch's cauldron simmering it's poisonous brew.

Hollywood uses dry ice for a lot of it's fog and steam.


Dry Ice Storage, Handling and Safety tips 


1.  You need to order it in advance for a party. Most places do not keep it in stock.  Dry ice can be ordered from your local grocery store's seafood section. Some liquor stores can get dry ice. Or you might call an ice distributor if your area has one.

2.  Once your dry ice has arrived, plan on picking it up as close to the time of your party as possible.

3.  Wear gloves!!!  DO NOT TOUCH DRY ICE WITH YOUR HANDS! You can get a severe burn, frostbite or tissue damage to your skin.  If you don't have thick gloves, use tongs to lift it.

4.  When going to pick it up, bring along an insulated container like an ice chest or Styrofoam cooler.  Once you get it home, don't go moving it around before you need it. This will increase sublimation, changing it from a solid to a gas.

5.  Once you have your dry ice, do your best not to open and close the container too much. And, never store dry ice in an air-tight container. I could explode!!!

Dry Ice Fog Effect Tips

1.   To create fog, put chunks of dry ice in a water-tight container.

2. Cover this with water.

3.  Warm water creates more fog, but the ice will disappear faster.

4. Cooler water will give less fog, but will last longer.

5. To keep the fog flowing for your party, just keep adding dry ice and water to the pot!

6. If you're going to put your dry ice in a punch bowl, make sure to tell your guests to be careful not to touch it with their bare hands.

7.  Also make sure you tell your guest to not get any dry ice in their drinks so that their lips could touch it. Or, that they don't digest it and cause internal injuries.


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