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 Here we are for Halloween 2005 dressed up as 

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Our Figure Skating Trivia Game is simple. 
 After reading the question, just place your mouse OVER the 
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There are  50 questions.
  (Keep track how many you get right. )
See how much you know about the most popular Winter Olympic Sport.
There have been a lot of great skaters through the years.  It was just impossible to cover them all.  


1.  During Neolithic times, people in northern Europe attached what to their feet in order to move along the ice?

(a) Hollowed-out rib bones from Elk
(b) Pieces of Wood
(c) Both

2.  During the Middle Ages, iron skates replaced bone skates in which country first?
(a) Iceland
(b) Germany
(c)  Sweden


3. But, the Industrial Revolution really made the iron skate popular. By then,  iron skates were marketed all over Europe. But, which country really perfected the iron skate and distinguished skating on outside edges or inside edges?

(a) Germans
(b) Dutch
(c) British

4.  During the era when showing your ankle was considered indecent exposure, who did not shock the world when she pulled up her long skirt in front of everyone in order to skate with more ease?

(a) Princess of Monaco
(b) Princess of Orange
(c) Princess of Windsor

5.  The first book on figure skating was published in 1772.  It was written by a:

(a)  British Military Lieutenant
(b) A Russian Ballet Teacher
(c) A Circus Performer

6.  In 1783, the Encyclopedia Britannica acknowledged figure skating and described it as:
(a) A form of transportation
(b) A form of dancing
(c) A form of elegant amusement

7. The first Skating Club was founded in 1742 and was men only.  Where was this club?

(a) Berlin, Germany
(b) Edinburgh, Scotland
(c) New York, NY


8.  In what year did this skating club finally allow women members?

(a) 1802
(b) 1842
(c) 1865

9.  Interaction between men and women on the skating rink had a lot of silly rules and punishments in the early years.  One such rule was in Headland, Alabama that stated: "Men were prohibited from turning and looking at a woman that way while ice skating." On the first offense, he got a warning. But, if he did it again, his punishment was what?

(a) Had to pay a fine of $100
(b) Had to write a public apology to the husband (or family)
(c) Had to wear horse blinders for 24 hours

10.  Jackson Haines (born in Chicago 1840) is said to have been the innovator of what in figure skating?

(a) Creating the first light-weight one-piece boot with a 7 ft. radius blade
(b) Being indecent by stretching his leg high above his hip in an arabesque style
(c) Bringing orchestras to the ice to accompany his skating moves
(d) All of the above

11.  On February 1, 1879 all skating clubs in England and Scotland joined together to create the NSA (National Skating Association) in Cambridge, England for promoting what kind of skating competitions?

(a) Speed Skating
(b) Figure Skating
(c) Men and Women Pairs Skating

12. H.E. Vandervell is called "The Father of British Skating" and is credited with creating what for the NSA?

(a) Musical Scores (for figure skating when it was accepted later).
(b) Tests and Scoring for doing "figures"  in skating
(c) A coaching system

13. Many of the skating positions are named after the skaters who created them. Which of the following male skaters had a moved named after him:

(a) Victor Petrenko
(b) Elvis  Stoiko
(c) Ulrich Salchow


14.  Who is considered the most decorated female figure skater?

(a) Maribel Vinson
(b) Michelle Kwan
(c) Katarina Witt

15.  Nancy Kerrigan won a Silver Medal at the 1994 Olympics (Lillehammer, Norway).
Her nemesis, Tonya Harding finished in what place? 

(a) 8th
(b) 10th
(c) Didn't finish at all.

16.  The first internet figure skating site on the internet was in 1995. Which one was it?


17.  What is considered to be the most difficult jump in figure skating?

(a) Axel (triple or quad)
(b) Lutz (triple or quad)
(c) Salchow (triple or quad)

18. Dick Button is now a commentator for skating.  But, in his past, he won 7 US National Men's titles, 5 Men's World Titles and how many Olympic Gold Medals?

(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three

19.  Which  female figure skater is the only one to ever win 3 Olympic  Gold Medals?

(a) Katarina Witt
(b) Maribel Vinson
(c) Sonja Henie

20.  What is the area called where skaters go to sit with their coaches and hear their scores?

(a) The Smile and Cry
(b) The Kiss and Cry
(c) The Smile and Sigh

21.  The first male skater to ever land a successful quad jump in an Olympic competition is:

(a) Elvis Stojko
(b) Alexei Yagudin
(c) Timothy Goebel

22.  This 1976  US Female Olympic Gold Medal winner made a hairstyle very popular after she won.

(a) Dorothy Hamill
(b) Peggy Flemming
(c) Janet Lynn

23.  In 1998, this Olympic Gold figure skater caused a stir and melted some ice by posting nude for Playboy magazine.

(a) Jane Torvill
(b) Oksana Baiul
(c) Katarina Witt

24. Which female figure skater is the first to perform a triple axel in a professional competition?

(a) Midori Ito
(b) Tonya Harding
(c) Surya Bonaly


25. In what year did Scott Hamilton win the Gold Medal at the Olympics?

(a) 1980
(b) 1984
(c) 1988

26. Which ice skating couple is said to have elevated the art of "dying on ice"?

(a) Judy Blumberg & Michael Seibert
(b) Martina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko
(c) Torvill & Dean

27. Which Olympic-winning pairs team's career tragically ended when he died suddenly of a heart attack?

(a) Bestermianova & Bukin
(b) Usova & Zhulin
(c) Gordeeva & Grinkov


28. In 2004, the ISU (International Skating Union) changed it's scoring system from the the 6.0 ordinals to a "Code of Points" system after which pairs team ended up in a tie for the Gold Medal at the 2002 Olympics?

(a) Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikhuralidze
(b) Jamie Sale & David Pelletier
(c) Both of them

29. In 1998 this US Olympic Gold Medal skater was diagnosed with breast cancer.
(a) Kitty Caruthers
(b) Peggy Fleming
(c) Dorothy Hamill

30. In 1996, Rudy Galindo was the first Mexican-American to win the US Mens Figure Skating Championship.  But, Rudy was also the first in what else?

(a) To be openly gay.
(b) To have a coach that wasn't a former Olympic Champion
(c)  Both

31.  Which male figure skater (as of to date) is the ONLY one to be featured ALONE on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

(a) Brian Boitano
(b) Victor Petrenko
(c) Ilia Kulik

32.  Kristi Yamaguchi won the 1992 Olympic Gold medal in Women's Figure Skating. But, she was also a pairs figure skater winning the US National Pairs Championship  twice with this former male figure skater:

(a) Rudy Galindo
(b) Paul Wylie
(c) Todd Eldridge

33. This former female figure skater turned boxer, beat the the former Bill Clinton alleged mistress, Paula Jones, in a boxing match in 1991.

(a) Surya Bonaly
(b) Tonya Harding
(c)  Denise Bielmann

34. Who was the first woman to do a triple loop/triple loop combination in a competition?

(a) Tara Lipinski
(b) Oksana Baiul
(c) Katarina Witt


35. On February 15, 1961, 18 members of the US Figure Skating Olympic Team were killed in a plane crash (along with friends and family).  In which country did this happen?

(a) Czechoslovakia
(b) Germany

36. Robin Cousins, (British) 1980 Olympic Winner  is really a cousin to which figure skater?

(a) Steven Cousins
(b) Tristan Cousins
(c) Both of them

37. Denise Biellman is known for her own move of pulling up one leg behind her back as she spins, called "The Biellman."  But, she is also the first women to ever perform which skating move in competition?

(a) Triple Loop
(b) Triple Lutz
(c)  Triple Flip

38. In 1920, this woman was the first woman ever to perform a jump in an Olympic competition. She was also criticized for performing something so "unladylike." Who was she?

(a) Theresa Weld
(b) Sonja Henie
(c) Anna Chladimova

39. Surya Bonaly is the only person ever to  do which of the following moves in an Olympic competition successfully:

(a) Do a backflip, landing on one foot.
(b) Do a quadruple toe loop, landing on one foot
(c) Do a quadruple Salchow, landing on one foot.

40. Debbie Thomas was the first black woman to ever win an Olympic Medal in figure skating.  In what year did she do this?

(a) 1980
(b) 1984
(c)  1988

41. This  woman won a Gold Medal at the Junior Olympics in 1977. Later she became a model and then a  soap opera diva.

(a) Linda Fratianne
(b) Kristian Alfonso
(c) Katarina Witt

42. Which of the following was the first ice skating movie ever made?

(a) The Cutting Edge
(b) Ice Castles
(c) The Frozen Warning

43. Which of the following skaters was the first to do a quadruple jump combination successfully in a competition?

(a) Elvis Stojko
(b) Ilia Kulik
(c) Alexei Yagudin

44.  After the 1988 Olympics, a rule known as "The Katarina Rule" was set up. What was this rule about?

(a)  That there could be no voices in the Free Program music.
(b)  That the costumes must have skirts and no excess decorations.
(c)   That interviews were not allowed until the entire competition was over and everyone had finished skating and the results were all in.

45.  The skating competitions for the men are called "Mens'" in category titles (as in "US Men's Champion). But, the womens' category is called the "Ladies".  Why isn't it Mens and Womens? Why is it called Mens and Ladies?  Why do commentators use the word "Ladies" and not womens instead?

(a) Because they are  still a little sexist.
(b) Because it's the traditional and "official" term set up by the ISU.
(c) Because it makes the women feel younger to be called a lady and not a woman.

46.  Which of the following are the requirements to be a US Figure Skating judge? 

(a) Must be a member of the USFSA (US Figure Skating Association).
(b) Must be at least 16 years old, but you don't have to be a skater.
(c)  Must be a US Citizen, who obviously loves figure skating.

47. Which Canadian male figure skater has never won an Olympic medal, although remains a popular favorite with the crowds?

(a) Kurt Browning
(b) Elvis Stojko
(c) Brian Orser

48. 6 time Czechoslovakian Champion and 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal winner, Jozef Sabovcik, is well-known for which move on the ice?

(a) Speedy sit spins
(b) Split jumps 
(c)  Triple Combinations

49.  Fast spins on the ice in  ice dancing  are called what?

(a) Twirlies
(b) Twizzles
(c)  Twipples

50. What happens to all the flowers and stuffed animals that are tossed onto the rink after a skater's performance?

(a)  The skater keeps them  and stores them as mementos.
(b)  They are given to local hospitals.
(c)   Who knows what happens to them.


40-50 Correct = Congratulations! You're A Gold Medal Figure Skating Fan. 
Get up on the podium!
39-26 Correct = Although you don't get any medals, you can keep all the flowers and stuffed animals thrown on the rink.
25-11 Correct = Practice makes perfect!  We recommend you watch more skating competitions.
10-0 Correct =  Grab some Kleenex and go to the Kiss and Cry area.


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Sources for "a few" questions are taken from:
"Figure Skating History: The Evolution of Dance on Ice" by Lynn Copley-Graves
Platoro Press, Columbus, Ohio © 1992

But, mostly from various skater's Fan Sites and other internet pages with statistics (hopefully correct).

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