Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Dress Up for Halloween as
Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow & The Cowardly Lion

The Wizard of Oz
L. Frank Baum

Trivia Game below....

Weekly Cartoon: Movie Version is also about the Wizard of Oz

Midi is "We're Off To See The Wizard" from The Wizard of Oz movie.

Cast of Characters:
(I learnt from last year not to clutter up the image with the details)
Brownielocks is Dorothy
MaMa Bear (Brenda) is The Scarecrow
PaPa Bear (Barney) is The Tin Man or Woodman (He got powdered to look white.)
Baby Bear (Billy) is The Cowardly Lion
ToTo is a stuffed animal.  The Wicked Witch of the West's legs are stuffed  stockings.
We really had no clue how to add The Good Witch of the North or
a bunch of munchins to the group.  It was a big cast!

Wizard of Oz Trivia Game

  All questions are based on general information you should know if you watched the  MGM movie a million times, and read anything (articles?) on  the production or watched interviews.

 Also if you're just vaguely familiar with L. Frank Baum or watched the TV show a few years staring John Ritter.  I don't think my trivia is  very hard compared to other trivia games where they ask questions on all 40 of the books.  Good grief!

The game is simple.  After reading the question, just place your mouse OVER the  button and the answer will appear.

If using a smart phone to view these pages, just put your finger on the symbol and hold it for a moment. A pop up that contains the answer will appear. To close the pop up, just tap elsewhere on the screen.

  (It's not a Link)  No need to change pages. Just don't cheat!




There are 40 questions.  

1.  L. Frank Baum wrote "The Wizard of Oz." What does the "L" stand for?  

2.  The Good Witch of the North is named Glenda? T or F

3. They walked through a field of ____ which made them sleep.

4.  The Wizard of Oz's mode of transportation was? 

5.  The munchins were midgets who really did their own dancing and singing in the movie.  T or F? 

6.  Dorothy killed both the Wicked Witch of the East and The Wicked Witch of the West by accident?  T or F?

7.  The Wizard of Oz movie took 3 years to complete due to all the problems.  T or F?  

8.  The leader of the Winged Monkeys (under the WWofW) is named Nikko.  T or F?  

9.  What 2 items did the Cowardly Lion take with him on their way to the Witch's castle?  

10.  Margaret Hamilton, who was the Wicked Witch of the West & Elmira Gulch, later on made TV commercials for which brand of coffee?

11.  After they arrived at the Emerald City, they all get beauty makeovers.  The Tinman go oiled.  The Lion got brushed.  The scarecrow got restuffed.  And Dorothy got a new dress.  T or F?

12.Besides Dorothy, which other character does not wear a hat?

13.  What year was the original "Wizard of Oz" published?

14.  When the cyclone hit the farm, Dorothy didn't make it into the cyclone cellar because....???

15.  L. Frank Baum wrote over 40 Oz books before he died. T or F?

16. Glinda, The Good Witch's mode of transportation was? 

17. The Wicked Witch of the West skywrote what message to Dorothy? 

18.  For the movie, MGM made the slippers "ruby" because they looked good in technicolor.  But what is the real color of the shoes in the book? 

19.  If the book was published in 1900, then what year did the movie get made?

20. Originally, Buddy Ebsen (better known as The Beverly Hillbilly's Jeb Clampett) was suppose to be The Tinman.  But he had to quit. Why? 

21.  The most costly special effect for the movie was the horse of a different color.  T or F?

22.  The original ruby slippers (and there were 8 prs.) were not buried with Judy Garland when she died.  T or F? 

23.  Miss Gulch was mad at ToTo because?

24.  When Glinda, The Good Witch was sending Dorothy back home, she had to click her heels in unison with each word as she said, "There's No Place Like Home."  T or F? 

The Wizard of Oz flew in from what State Fair?

26.  Who did the Wizard of Oz choose as his predecessor to rule Oz as he took off to leave?  

27.  L. Frank Baum also is famous for writing "Father Goose." 
T or F? 

28.  The Wicked Witch of the West never called Dorothy by her first name.  What did she always call her?

29.  L. Frank Baum based the character of Dorothy on his own little girl. T or F?  

30. Dorothy also had a cat that stayed on the farm. What was the cat's name? 

31.  How is Dorothy related to Aunt Em and Uncle Henry?

32.  What kind of trees attacked Dorothy and The Tin Man, in the forest? 

33.  ToTo is a male dog. T or F?

34.  The tallest of the foursome is who?

35.  L. Frank Baum was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas as a child. T or F?

36.  Which child actor was the first choice for Dorothy? 

37.  The Cowardly Lion always held on to what when he was nervous?

38.  Name the 3 farmhands.

39.  Frank Morgan played the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. But he also played what traveling  salesman?

40.   What is Dorothy's last name? 


40-35 =  You truly have a brain! And should run for Wizard of Oz.
34-30 = You have a heart and probably cried watching the movie so
you didn't pay much attention.

29-20 = You are courageously honest and did not peek when you did not know.
19-0 =  There's no place like the video store. We recommend you watch again.


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