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Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Dancing Trivia

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Love "Dancing With The Stars"?  Well how about Dancing With The Bears?
 Here we are for Halloween 2009 dressed up as dancers!

Brownielocks is doing Jazz Ballet

MaMa & PaPa Bear are doing the Jitterbug  Billy is doing his Fred Astaire Tap routine.



Our Dancing Trivia Game is simple. 

 After reading the question, just place your mouse OVER the 
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There are  35 questions covering different dances and topics related to dance.


1.  What language is used to describe ballet positions and dance techniques?

(a) Latin
(b) French
(c) Russian
(d) Belgian

2. The Tango is said to have originated in the brothels of which South American city?

(a) Buenos Aires
(b) Havanna
(c) Santiago
(d) Montevideo

3. This dance, which originated in Trinidad, became very popular at beach parties in the 60's:

(a) Mashed Potato
(b) Locomotion
(c) Hully Gully
(d) Limbo

4. Around 1830, which of the following dances became popular due to these two Austrian composers, Lanner and Strauss?

(a) Viennese Waltz
(b) Minuets
(c) Polka
(d) Charleston

5. When dancing the polka, you dance in the following pattern:

(a) Around in a circle
(b) Parallel to other couples
(c) Back and Forth
(d) Anywhere you want as long as you don't bump into another couple.

6. The Charleston dance was very popular in the early 1900's and popularized ragtime jazz music.  This dance is named after?

(a) Charles Lindberg
(b) Charleston, S.C.
(c) Port St. Charles, Virgin Islands
(d) Charles Darwin

7. Which of the following automotive men brought square dancing back into society during the 1930's?

(a) Randsom Eli Olds
(b) Louis Chevrolet
(c) Henry Ford
(d) Walter Chrysler


8. "Lord of the Dance" popularized which dancing style?

(a) Clogging
(b) Ballet
(c) Step Dancing
(d) Tap

9.  Which of the following dances (originated in the late 1920's) is credited with breaking the racial barrier?

(a) Twist
(b) Lindy Hop
(c) Charleston
(d) Tap


10.  This dance is suppose to resemble a bullfight:

(a) Tango
(b) Pasa Doble
(c) Rumba
(d) Cha Cha

11.  The daughter of this famous dancer married Henry Heimlich, who created the Heimlich Maneuver for chocking.

(a) Arthur Murray
(b) Fred Astaire
(c) Gregory Hines
(d) Mikhail


12. The best age for someone to begin taking ballet lessons is:

(a) Between 3 to 4 years old.
(b) Between 5 to 7 years old.
(c) Between 8 and 10 years old.
(d) At any age

13. John Phillips Sousa didn't just compose marches.  In 1886, at the request of President Chester A. Arthur, he wrote a score for which type of dance?

(a) Polonaise
(b) Minuet
(c) Viennese Waltz
(d) Tango


14. In the early days of the Tango, men would dance with whom to practice?

(a) Prostitutes
(b) Their wives
(c) Other men
(d) School girls

15. This country song was a hit in 1992 and is said to have been the catalyst that popularized Line Dancing:

(a) Achey Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
(b) Bubba Shot The Jukebox - Mark Chestnut
(c) Lord Have Mercy on The Working Man - Travis Tritt
(d) Born Country - Alabama

16. Toulouse-Lautrec, the French Impressionist painter, created a lot of posters for the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, in which women were doing what dance that was considered a bit sexually provocative for the time?

(a) Pole Dancing
(b) Tango
(c) Can Can
(d) Rumba


17. Break Dancing is said to have originated on the streets of which U.S. city:

(a) Chicago
(b) New York
(c) Los Angeles
(d) Detroit

18. Which of the following French rulers loved ballet so much, that he/she took part in it?

(a) Napoleon
(b) Catherine de Medicis
(c) Louis XIV
(d) Jean Francois Auguste Moulins

19. Ballroom dancing comes from the Latin word 'ballare' which means what?

(a) Dance in circles
(b) Round dance floor
(c) To Dance
(d) Round circle of candles to light the room


20. To dosie-do comes from the French word dos-à-dos and is done in such dances as The Virginia Reel, Square Dancing, etc.  What does it mean?

(a) To dance two by two
(b) To dance in two lines
(c) To dance with two partners
(d) To dance back to back

21. The Minuet comes from the Italian word 'minuetto' and the French word 'menuet' which represent what characteristic?

(a) After Louis XIV who was short
(b) The small area which a couple were allowed to dance in
(c) The shortness of the dance (it only lasted a few minutes)
(d) The short steps taken in this dance

22. Michael Jackson is said to have created which dance move?

(a) Saturn Slide
(b) Moonwalk
(c) Jupiter Jump
(d) Pluto Pop-it

23. The Mambo originated in which Central American country?

(a) Haiti
(b) Honduras
(c) Jamaica
(d) Costa Rica


24. This painter is well-known for his Impressionist style paintings of ballerinas:

(a) Monet
(b) Renoir
(c) Cassatt
(d) Degas

25. Which of the following is NOT a famous school of ballet:

(a) Hobart School
(b) Kirov School
(c) Bolshoi School
(d) Rambert School


26. The Flamenco is often accompanied by which musical instrument?

(a) Piano
(b) Guitar
(c) Drums
(d) Bongos

27. When dancing the Hula, which of the following usually accompanies it:

(a) Ukulele
(b) Chanting
(c) Drums
(d) All of the above

28. Tap dance is said to be a blending of African slave dances and Irish clogging. In the early days, this style of dance became popular in what theatrical setting?

(a) Side show carnivals
(b) Country Festivals
(c) Minstrel Shows
(d) Cabaret

29. During his reign as President of Cuba, Gerardo Machado banned what dance, claiming that it stirred up the peasants too much?

(a) Conga
(b) Tango
(c) Mambo
(d) Charleston

30. This Muppet is  also a toy that can do the Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey?

(a) Kermit the Frog
(b) Elmo
(c) Miss Piggy
(d) Big Bird


31. In which city was the original style of Salsa born?
(a) Havana, Cuba
(b) San Juan, Puerto Rico
(c) New York, NY
(d) Miami, FL



31. The person who creates a dance routine is known as the:

(a) Dancisist
(b) Choreographer
(c) Motionographer
(d) Footiatrist

32  Ecnad is what?

(a) A Famous Russian Dance School
(b) A Russian Dance
(c) A Russian Ballet Move
(d) Dance spelled backwards.


33.  April 29th is Known As:

(a) International Dance Day
(b) Teach Your Husband To Dance Day
(c) Dance With A Stranger Day
(d) Step On Someone's Toes Day

34.  It is believed that this is the world's oldest dance:

(a) Ballet
(b) Belly Dance
(c) Conga Line
(e) Limbo Stick

35.  Pole Dancing is believed to have originated in which country?

(a) United States
(b) France
(c) Peru
(d) India



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