Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
dress up as
The Munsters

Brownielocks is
Marilyn Munster

PaPa Bear (Barney) is
Grandpa Munster

MaMa Bear (Brenda) is
Lilly Munster

Baby Bear (Billy) is
Eddie Munster

So who is Herman?
Well, we weren't tall enough.
So, let's say he's one of those
cardboard figures, OK?

Notice how there isn't much color in their costumes?  It's mostly all black and white since they were filmed in B&W.
Marilyn Munster had the most color with her dresses and blonde hair.



How much do you remember about The Munsters?  Take our Trivia and see.
All of the answers are embedded in the Munsters' famous cuckoo clock.
Remember?  The one that doesn't have a cuckoo bird inside  but has a ___ ?
Oopsie.. that's one of our questions so we can't give it away!

We know some are a bit hard.  But, this is not just for fun, it's also for learning.

Anyway, just place your cursor over the

to see the answer pop up.
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Once again, I ask that you do not steal any of my questions and submit/post them on another site. Thanks.


1. Let's begin by asking, on what day of the week did The Munster's air at 7:30 pm?

(a) Monday
(b) Wednesday
(c) Thursday

2.  On which network did The Munsters air?

(a) ABC
(b) CBS
(c) NBC

3.  Marilyn Munster was considered ugly by her family because she was:

(a) Pretty
(b) Blonde
(c) An adopted niece


4. Eddie Munster carried a doll around all the time.  What was the name of the doll?

(a)  Harry Wolf
(b)  Woof-Woof
(c)   Wolfgang

5.  Grandpa Munster was a single guy on the show.  But, how many wives did Grandpa previously have?

(a) 16
(b) 149
(c)  167

6.  Lilly Munster is how old?

(a)  137
(b)  150
(c)   225

7.    Herman Munster was not a US citizen because he wasn't in the USA.
In what country was Herman made in a laboratory?

(a)  Transylvania
(b)  Romania
(c)  Germany

8.   In the series, two cars were featured.  One was the Munster Koach.  The other was what?

(a)  Drag-u-la
(b)  Bat-u-lac
(c)  Vamp-rod

9.  Grandpa had a pet bat.  What was his name?

(a)  Spike
(b)  Vlad
(c)   Igor


10.  OK, it's time (pun intended) to ask about the cuckoo clock.  It didn't have a blue bird that popped out.
What did pop out?

(a)  Blackbird
(b) Crow
(c)  Raven

11.   And....what was this bird's name that popped out of the cuckoo clock?

(a)  Charlie
(b)  Boris
(c)  Drusilla

12.   How many years did The Munsters run on TV?

(a)  2 years
(b)  3 years
(c)  5 years


13.  On top of the Munsters' old Victorian house is a weathervane that has the image of what on it?

(a)  Raven
(b)  Bat
(c)  Vulture

14.  Fred Gwynne, who played Herman, is 6' 5" tall.  But, when he put on his Herman boots, how tall did he get?

(a)  7'3"
(b)  7' 11"
(c)  8' 2"

15.  In 1973, a cartoon series called "The Mini-Munsters" aired.  Which of the following original TV sitcom actors was the only one to do a voice in this cartoon series?

(a) Al Lewis (Grandpa)
(b) Fred Gwynne  (Herman)
(c) Butch Patrick (Eddie)

16.  The Munsters have a lot of memorabilia.  But, which of the following was NOT a Munster product?

(a)  Lunchbox
(b)  Dashboard dolls
(c)  Munster Munch Cereal

17.   Which one of the Munsters ran as a candidate in the New York gubernatorial race on the Green Party ticket in 1998?

(a) Al Lewis
(b) Fred Gwynne
(c) Butch Patrick

18.  Grandpa Munster made lots of potions.  He also did hypnotism. Which one of the following hypnotic techniques did he consider  the most powerful?

(a)  Electrical  Zap  Mind Shock!
(b)  Magical  Mind  Numb Buzz!
(c)  Transylvanian Brain Freeze!

19.  Back in the old days of television, censorship was so intense that married couples couldn't even be seen
       sleeping in the same bed together.  But, one couple got away with it.  Which TV sitcom couple were filmed
       lying (no sex mind you!) together in the same bed?

(a)  Herman and Lilly Munster
(b)  Carol and Mike Brady
(c)   Laura and Rob Petrie

20.   What was the name of the college that Marilyn Munster attended?

(a)  Mockingbird University
(b) Westbury College
(c)  UCLA

21.   Which one of the following features did Eddie Munster NOT have?

(a)  Fangs
(b)  Widows Peak
(c)  Pointy Ears

22.  How old is Grandpa Munster?

(a) 378
(b) 429
(c)  Centuries.  We just don't know.


23.  Which of the following does Lilly Munster NOT wear?

(a)  Jewelry
(b)  Channel No. 13
(c)  Red
nail polish

24.  Under the stairway lives their pet dragon (or dinosaur) that blows out flames.  What is his name?

(a)  Scorch
(b)  Spot
(c)   Spike


25.  This actress was really a brunette and wore a blonde wig with a headband while playing Marilyn.

(a) Pat Priest
(b) Beverly Owen
(c) Neither. They were both real blondes


26.   Which of the following actors was the original choice to play Grandpa Munster?

(a)  Danny Thomas
(b)  Bert Lahr
(c)  Jerry VanDyke

27.  Eddie Munster won several competitions in what sport at his school?

(a)  Track
(b)  Baseball
(c)  Swimming


28.  Where does Grandpa Munster usually sleep?

(a) Hangs from the rafters
(b) Sleeps on a slab
(c)  Both

29.   What does Lilly Munster sleep with?

(a) A White Lilly
(b) A Hair Bonnet
(c) Both

30.   What is the name of the mortuary that Herman Munster works at?

(a)  Colde,  Crawley & Graves
(b)  Gateman, Goodbury & Graves
(c)  Slabbe, Koffin & Graves

31.  Approximately how old is Eddie Munster when the series opens?

(a) 5
(b) 8
(c) 10

32.   Grandpa Munster is the father of who?

(a) Lilly Munster
(b) Herman Munster
(c) No one.  He's just called Grandpa cause he's so old.

33.   Which one of the following Munster actors is also a self-taught cartoonist?

(a) Fred Gwynne
(b) Al Lewis
(c) Butch Patrick

34.  How many episodes of The Munsters were there?

(a) 55
(b) 66
(c) 70

35.   Lilly also has a brother.  What is his name?

(a)  Ludvig
(b)  Lester
(c)   Lionel

36.   Lilly Munster has what talent?

(a)  Reading Palms
(b)  Psychic
(c)   Dream Interpretation

37.   Herman has a lightning-bolt shaped what?

(a) Tattoo on his left hand
(b) Beauty Mark on his forehead
(c)  Scar on his chest

38. Herman's skin  color is?

(a) Gray
(b) Green
(c) White

39.  What is the Munsters' address?

(a) 666  Dead Man's Drive
(b) 1313 Mockingbird Lane
(c)  We don't know what it is.

40.   The Munsters' Victorian mansion today is all cleaned up.  It was filmed later on on which  TV series?

(a)  Desperate Housewives
(b)  Eerie, Indiana
(c)   Picket Fences

41. How would you describe The Munsters?  Well, Fred Gwynne is quoted as saying that "The Munsters is really _________ with monsters."   Which TV series did he compare it to?

(a) The Donna Reed Show
(b)  Father Knows Best
(c)   Ozzie & Harriet

42.   Grandpa always wore what around his neck?

(a)  A  medallion
(b)  A lariot
(c)  A silver chain with a claw

43.  Who is The Munsters' neighbor?

(a)  Mr. Dibbley
(b)  Mr. & Mrs.  Snodgrass
(c)  Mrs. Cartwright

44.  Herman and Lilly were married in what year?

(a) 1642
(b) 1865
(c)  1407

45.  Herman Munster was a ham radio operator.  Here is a photo: 

Isn't he just too cute?

So, what was Herman's call sign?

(a)  W6XRL4
(b)  WX1DOA
(c)  WX66L9

44.  Herman has a brother.  What's his name?

(a)  Norman
(b)  Charlie
(c)   Henry

45.  Herman loves this singer so much that he joined his fan club.  Which singer is it?

(a)  Dean Martin
(b)  Paul Anka
(c)  Pat Boone

46.  The Munsters do have a telephone.  So where is it?

(a)  In a casket in the living room
(b)  Behind a stone in the fireplace mantel
(c)   Inside a stuffed bat on the table in the front entry.

47.   Eddie's classmates nicknamed him what?

(a) Shorty
(b) Pointy
(c) Fuzzy

48.   Herman had big feet.  Just how big were they?  What size shoe did he wear?

(a) 20 D
(b) 26 C
(c)  25 EEE

49.  Lilly Munster was played by what sexy Hollywood diva?

(a)  Jennifer Jones
(b)  Yvonne De Carlo
(c)   Linda Darnell

50.  Lilly is called "Aunt Lilly" by Marilyn because her mother was Lilly's sister.  What is Lilly's
sister's name?

(a)  Phaedra
(b)  Lucretia
(c) We don't know.  It's never been revealed to us.



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