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1.  Big chickens make big eggs.  True or False?

2. Who invented the Chiffon cake?

(a) Harry Baker
(b) Harry Crocker
(c) Harry Mills

3.  The blue woodwork well known in Shaker homes, historically originated from blueberries. True or False?

4. Kelloggs originally had which character before Tony The Tiger for it's Frosted Corn Flakes?

(a) Katy The Kangaroo
(b) Newt The Gnu
(c) Both


5. Which of the following cereals was originally promoted as a snack food at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904?

(a) Shredded Wheat
(b) Puffed Rice
(c)  Corn Flakes

6.  The first bottled iced tea was introduced by which company?

(a) Lipton
(b) Nestea
(c) Snapple

7.  The Kool-Aid symbol of the pitcher with the smiling face came out in 1954. This image was created by whom?

(a) Kids, due to a contest Kool-Aid had.
(b) The wife of the president of Kool-Aid at that time.
(c) A professional art director for an advertising agency.

8.  That all-time favorite camping desert, S'mores, was originally created by the Girl Scouts. True or False?


9. We've all heard the expression, "That's the greatest thing since sliced bread." OK, now the question: Who invented sliced bread? 

(a) Otto Frederick Rohwedder
(b) Gustav Papendick
(c) Both

10.  What was the reason for inventing sliced bread?

(a) Easier for toasting
(b) Easier for making sandwiches
(c) Easier for cooking (i.e. croutons etc.)

11.  Ground beef that is red on the outside and purple on the inside is bad.
True or False?

12. Chicken Tetrazzini got it's name from an area in Italy where there were free-roaming chickens (on a terrain), making the meat dish more tender. 
True or False?

13. The first TV dinner (or frozen meal) was created by Swanson in 1953. What type of meal was it?

(a) A chicken dinner
(b) A turkey dinner
(c) A Salisbury steak dinner

14. What is the oldest & first supermarket chain in America?

(a) A&P
(b) Piggly Wiggly
(c) Kroger

15. The first cookbook was titled, "Concerning Honest Pleasure and Physical Well-Being" and was published in 1475 by who?

(a) The Church of England
(b) The Vatican
(c)  A group of Chinese Monks

16. The difference in making hard and soft candy is what?

(a) The harder the candy, the more sugar you put into the recipe.
(b) The softer the candy, the less you stir the mixture while cooking.
(c)  The harder the candy, the higher the temperature you cook it at.


17.  Cotton Candy is how much air and how much sugar?

(a) 90% air - 10% sugar
(b) 75% air - 25% sugar
(c)  80% air - 20% sugar

18. The first Girl Scout Troop to sell Girl Scout Cookies was in 1936.  It was Troop 127 from which town?

(a) Philadelphia, PA
(b) Syracuse, NY
(c)  Asheville, NC


19. The state snack of Utah is what?
(a) Potato Chips
(b) Jell-O
(c)  Beef Jerky

20. The Alothea Officinalis is the name of a plant that gives us what?

(a) Mallow Sap
(b) Maple Syrup Sap
(c) Gelatin sap

21. Polytetrafluoroethylene is really what?
(a) Teflon
(b) Tupperware Plastic
(c)  Saran Wrap

22. Mustard was first used as a seasoning by which group of people?
(a) Aztecs
(b) Romans
(c) Egyptians

23. Which automotive inventor also invented charcoal briquettes?

(a) Henry Ford
(b) Rudolph Diesel
(c) Enzo Ferrari

24. Yeast is what?

(a) Single-cell microbiotic animals
(b) Single-cell fungi
(c) Single-cell, glucose

25. In the phrase, Soda Pop, the word pop originated because of?

(a) The bubbles in the carbonation went "pop."
(b) Carbonated water was first sold in small businesses called "Mom & Pop" shops.
(c) The caps made a "popping" sound when you took them off the bottles.

26.  In 1958 this company created the first sugar-free diet pop.

(a) Coca Cola
(b) Royal Crown
(c) Dr. Pepper

27. In 1861, the Schrafft Company made which candy which they sent to soldiers during the Civil War?

(a) Jelly Beans
(b) Lemon Drops
(c) Licorice

28. Former football wide receiver, Wilbur Hardee started the Hardee's Restaurant food chain.  Which team did he play for before starting his business?

(a) Baltimore Colts
(b) Pittsburgh Steelers
(c) Texas Long Horns

29. In 1904, German glassblower Reinhold Burger created what?

(a) The glass coffee  percolator 
(b) The thermos bottle
(c)  The cooking thermometer

30. Once upon a time, owning which of the following was regarded as a status symbol?
(a) Jell-O Mold
(b) Electric Fry Pan
(c)  Toaster

31. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing really originated at a place called Hidden Ranch.
True or False?

32. A gravy and a sauce is the same thing. True or False?

33.  The first private brewery began in 1612. The first public brewery opened in 1622. Both were in the same state. Which state was the first to give us breweries?

(a) Colorado
(b) New York
(c) Wisconsin

34.  But, the oldest tavern  still in business today (began in 1673) and is located in which state?

(a) Pennsylvania
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) Rhode Island

35. It's called "Port" wine because it comes from Portugal. 
True or False?

36. It was a woman who first invented the dishwasher in 1886. The company she founded became known as Kitchenaid.  Who was it?

(a) Josephine Citch
(b) Josephine Cochrane
(c)  Josephine K. Airmont

37. Which culture developed Tofu around the 2nd Century B.C?

(a) Chinese
(b) Japanese
(c) Egyptian

38.  What is the most recognizable name-brand food product in America?

(a) Coke
(b) Campbell's Soup
(c) Oreo Cookies

39.  Why is a cupcake called a cupcake?

(a) The original recipe called for one cup of each ingredient.
(b) Because they are cooked in those tins that give them a cup-shape.
(c)  Orignally,  a person was given a cup of tea to eat them with.

40.  How many different kinds of animals are in a box of animal crackers?

(a) 17
(b) 12
(c) 10

41. Brown sugar comes from dried up sugar canes.
True or False?

42. According to the Institute of Food Technologies, which is considered to be the greatest food innovation in the past 100 years?

(a) Pop Tops on cans.
(b) Drinks in boxes or pouches
(c) Frozen Food


43. Why is a grapefruit called that, when it doesn't look like a grape, isn't purple or even taste like a grape?

(a) Because when explorers first discovered it, they couldn't pronounce it's real name in native language.
(b) Because it grows in bunches like grapes grow.
(c) Because it's juice was used in wine-making many years ago.

44.  Just like maple syrup, honey is also native to America. 
True or False?

45. Which came first -  Ketchup or Mustard?

46. Cacao trees are the original source of cocaine.
True or False?

47. Which Chinese dish was created in America in the 1800's to feed Union Pacific Railroad workers?

(a) Chop Suey
(b) Won Ton Soup
(c)  Egg Foo Young

48.  If a dish is said to be "Florentine" it means what?

(a) That it's a specialty (and originated) from Florence, Italy
(b) That it's got spinach in it
(c) Both

49.  Which is really proper?  "hor d' oeuvre" or "hor d' oeuvres" ?

50.  We've all heard of the phrase, "Having to eat humble pie" which means to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong.  But, is there really a dish called humble pie that you really eat?
True or False?

51.  Cream of Tartar is used for what purpose in baking?
(a) Thickening
(b) Raising
(c) Neutralizing sugars and starches

52. Which of the following, is still picked by hand and not machine?

(a) Cranberries
(b) Nuts
(c) Coffee

53.  Reese's Peanut Butter cups were created by an ex-Hershey employee, and today owned by Hershey.
True or False?

54.  Robert Welch,  from Cambridge, Massachusetts was the founder and president of The John Birch Society.  He was also a candy maker.  What candy did he invent in 1925?

(a)  Jelly Beans
(b) Sugar Daddy
(c)  Licorice Sticks


55. Which food feeds more of the world's population than any other food?

(a) Rice
(b) Wheat
(c)  Corn

56. Cheese is classified in which way?

(a) White, Yellow, Orange
(b) Hard, Holey, Crumbly
(c) Soft, Semi-Soft and Firm

57.  Which culture is credited for inventing ice cream?

(a) Romans
(b) Chinese
(c) Scandinavians

58.  Half of the worlds raisins come from where?

(a) United States
(b) France
(c) Italy

59. We've all heard of Spam, that pork and ham stuff in a can. Spam gets no respect! And yet, it's still loved  to be eaten by many.  So, which state is credited with the most Spam eaters or "Spamophiles?"

(a) Texas
(b) Alaska
(c) Hawaii

60.  Black olives and green olives both come from the same tree.
True or False?

61. Why do many warm cultures use a lot of spices in their foods?

(a) Hot spices make you sweat which helps the body feel cooler.
(b) Some spices help kill germs; so, it was considered medicinal.
(c) Both


62. Welch's Grape Juice was invented in  Wales.
True or False?

63. You're heard of "tea time" in England, right? OK, what time is it on the clock when it's tea time?

(a) 2:00 pm
(b) 3:00 pm
(c) 4:00 pm

64.  The Spanish Civil War inspired Forrest E. Mars, to create which candy?

(a) Butterfingers
(b) 3 Musketeers Bar
(c) M&M's

65. Most nuts can be purchased either shelled or unshelled except for cashews. Why aren't cashews ever sold shelled?

(a) Because their shells are poisonous and the FDA won't take the risk of anyone eating it.
(b) Because the oil surrounding the shell irritates skin and causes blisters.
(c) Because the shells are too hard and only machines can crack them open.

66. Which is America's largest bakery?

(a) Sara Lee
(b) Entenmann
(c)  Pepperidge Farm

67. What makes sourdough bread sour?

(a) The bread dough is old to begin with.
(b) The yeast is old
(c) They mix the yeast with a bit of vinegar; then, add it to the bread mix before letting it rise.


68.  Red and/or white round potatoes (aka boiling potatoes) are different than russet potatoes because:

(a) They have less starch
(b) They have  more moisture
(c) Both

69. Eggplant comes in two kinds: Male and Female.  How do you tell which one is the male?

(a) The males are darker purple.
(b) The males have smoother, rounder bottoms with round indentations.
(c)  The males have stems that are long and thin.

70. Onions make us cry because they contain aromatic sulfuric compounds that get released into the air when you chop them.  Most of these tear-causing compounds are located in which part of the onion?

(a) The top near the stem
(b) The center of the onion
(c) At the bottom or root end

71.  Carrots are originally from which country?

(a) Afghanistan
(b) Africa
(c)  Australia

72. Wheat bran is what part of the wheat kernel?

(a) The center meat part
(b) The part turning to seed
(c)  The outer layer of the kernel

73.  When chocolate gets that "white stuff" on it, it means what?

(a) That it's moldy and you should throw it away.
(b) That the chocolate was of poor quality and wasn't mixed well.
(c) That the chocolate is losing its flavor.

74. Hot water will freeze faster than cold water.
True or False?

75.  After you've ordered a beer, notice the lovely bubble strings that float to the top? You also should get some foam on the top of your mug. But, what if you get too much foam and it looks like your beer is going to spill over the glass and all over! What can you do to prevent this?

(a) Absolutely nothing!  Beer bubbles can't be stopped.  Spilling beer is a guy thing and accepted.
(b) Blow on the top of the beer's foamy head. This shoots air into the bubbles and makes them collapse.
(c) Stick your finger into the foamy head. Your dirty, oily finger will cause the bubbles to burst.

76.  It's important to use the shiny side out when cooking with aluminum foil.
True or False?

77.  Which of the following is the best selling brand of kitchenware?

(a) Tupperware
(b) Teflon
(c) Corning

78.  The reason chefs wear those tall, white hats with the puff-style top is based on what in history?

(a)  The kings were so sensitive about being poisoned, they wanted to know WHO was cooking their food. This hat marked the cook! If the king got sick, they knew whose head to chop off.
(b)  Back in the Byzantine era, cooks had to hide in monasteries.  The monks wore those hats and so the chef's adopted them to fit in.
(c)  Back then, men had longer hair.  The tall chef's hat was used to tuck all that hair under while cooking in the kitchen.

79.  If the yolks of hard-boiled eggs are greenish, this means what?

(a) That they're spoiling and shouldn't be eaten
(b) That they are higher in protein and it's OK to eat them
(c) That they are overcooked

80. The very first restaurant is believed to have opened in France over 200 years ago by a man named Boulangerf.  He put a sign outside his shop saying "Restaurant" which meant "restore."  What was the food that he served to the public?

(a) Soup
(b) Croissants
(c)  Quiche

81.  In 1991, Kentucky Fried Chicken changed it's name to KFC. Why?

(a) They went public on the stock exchange and did it for the initials.
(b) They wanted to shorten their name to make it easier for marketing, packaging, etc. purposes.
(c) The country was so hung-up on cholesterol issues, they just wanted to not publicly use the word "fried" in their title anymore.


82. According to Pizza Hut corporation, what is America's favorite pizza topping?

(a) Pepperoni
(b) Mushrooms
(c) Italian Sausage

83. As of May 8, 1994, the FDA required food companies to no longer be misleading with their food labels.  They must tell how much calories, cholesterol, fat, fiber, nutrients, sodium, etc. is in the food.  Therefore, when a food is labeled as "Calorie-Free", according to the FDA rules it means what?

(a) That there are absolutely NO calories in this food! Zero. Zippo. Nada.
(b) That the food can have 1 calorie or no calories only.
(c) That the food can have no more than 4 calories in it.

84.  How much is a cup of flour? Or a teaspoon of vanilla? Well, in the old, old days, every cook had their own version. So, recipes were hard to share.  Then one day, this woman decided she was going to create a cooking standard of measurement.  So, which of the following women, created the cooking measurements that we use today?

(a) Fannie Farmer
(b) Betty Crocker
(c) Anna Pillsbury

85.  Post Toasties were originally called what?

(a)  Mackenzie's Manna
(b) Elijah's Manna
(c)  Morning Manna

86. The Whitman Sampler box was the very first box of candy to....?

(a) Offer a variety of chocolates in one box.
(b) Feature no chocolate image on the cover (It has a needlepoint sampler designed by the president's grandmother).
(c) To be wrapped in cellophane.

87.  In 1896, Thomas A. Sperry and Shelly B. Hutchinson issued the first stamp as a reward for a purchase. This later grew into what we know today as S&H Green Stamps.  At that time, how much did a customer have to spend to qualify for a stamp?

(a) For every penny you purchased in goods, you got a stamp.
(b) For every nickel you purchased in goods, you got a stamp.
(c) For every dime you purchased in goods, you got a stamp.

88.  S. Daniel Abraham invented what product to help people lose weight?

(a) Slim Fast
(b) Dexatrim
(c) Both

89. In 1961, Jean Nidetch is credited as being the person who started "Weight Watchers."  Around 20 years later, it was sold to which company for $72 million?

(a) H.J. Heinz Company
(b) Pillsbury Corporation
(c) Stouffer's Corporation

90.  An Italian-American started Chun King Foods.
True or False?

91.  Which drink in 1895 was boycotted due to misinformation about it's ingredients?

(a) Root Beer
(b) Coca Cola
(c) Dr. Pepper

92.  Some foods that Americans would not consider eating, are often delicacies in other countries.  With this in mind, South American natives eat what animal below as a food source?

(a) Parrots
(b) Monkeys
(c) Lizards

93. The black spots on bananas mean?

(a) That they are ripe
(b) That they have bugs inside
(c) That they have chemicals sprayed on them

94.  Boysenberries  and Loganberries are named after men.
True or False?

95.  Russian Vodka and American Vodka are the same.
True or False?

96.  The average dairy cow will give (on the average) how many gallons of milk per year?

(a) 1,400 gallons
(b) 1,500 gallons
(c)  1,550  gallons or more

97.  The oldest recipe found (so far) is for making what-- as we know it today?

(a) Bread
(b) Beer
(c) Beef Jerky


98. Cork is rather expensive as a bottle stopper because?

(a) It takes the tree 25 years to reach maturity to have enough cork to harvest.
(b) The cork tree is very fragile and susceptible to all sorts of bugs and diseases.
(c)  During the cork harvesting process, it tends to fall apart a lot and so you loose a lot of your product.

99.  The president of Hunt's Tomato Sauce, Norton Simon, decided he wanted to promote his product in a very unique style.  So,  in 1945 he put his slogan, "Hunt for the Best" on what?  Note: It  had absolutely nothing to do with food or cooking but he did it anyway?

(a) Matchbook covers
(b) Lighters
(c)  Flashlights

100. The first candy to be individually wrapped for selling to the public was?

(a)  Kraft Caramels
(b) Tootsie Rolls
(c)  Hershey's Kisses (or nips)


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The "Food Network"  television Shows
and the following books:
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