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Ambrosia Definition:
The Encyclopedia of Cookery
Wm. H. Wise & Co. Inc.
© 1948

In Greek mythology, this was a balsamic juice which served as the food of the gods and preserved their immortality.  Mortals permitted to partake of ambrosia received additional beauty, strength and swiftness, becoming in some measure akin to the gods.  The name is sometimes erroneously applied to certain beverages, implying qualities of an aphrodisiac nature. 

This is my own version of Ambrosia fruit salad recipe that I've been making over and over for years.  It isn't cheap to make.  And, I recommend that it be made no longer than one hour before eating because the fruit has a tendency to start to brown. This is especially true of the bananas.  If bringing to an outdoor event, try to keep it out of the sun as much as possible.  It doesn't store at all. Whatever is uneaten, toss out!

Be prepared to chop, peel and so forth!

How much fruit you want depends on how many people you are making this for.

Fresh Fruit (if available)

Canned or Jar Fruit

Green Grapes (seedless of course)
Oranges (remove seeds from sections)

Pineapple Chunks (1 large can)
Maraschino Cherries (about 4 jars) + Save juice for later on.
Pears (1 large can)
Grapefruit sections (optional)
Frozen Strawberries, thawed and drained if fresh are not available.

1 Cup of Sweet Flaked Coconut
1 Cup of Fresh Orange Juice 
(I like the stuff with the pulp the best)

I said to make this one hour before serving. That won't be hard because this recipe although easy to make,  is so time-consuming with washing, peeling, etc. that hour goes by very fast, unless you have some kitchen helpers. ;)

First of all, wash all fresh fruit. In a large bowl (the one you're going to serve this in) begin to fill with your fruit. I do it like this:

1.  Clean grapes.  Pick them off their stems and put in bowl.
2.  Peel oranges.  Separate sections. With a small knife pick out seeds. Then put in bowl.  I find fresh oranges are much better than canned.
3.  Clean fresh strawberries and slice. Put into bowl.
(If you're using frozen, then they should be thawed and drained of their juice.)

4.  Wash apples, slice and remove skins from the sections.
Put in bowl.

5. Peel bananas and slice into bowl.

6.  Wash pears.  Slice into sections.  Remove skins and put into bowl (or drain from can if canned pears are used.)

7.  Drain can of pineapple chunks and place in bowl.
8.  Drain jars of Maraschino cherries and put in bowl.
(Save the juice!)

9.  Add the grapefruit if so desired.

10. Take 1 cup of fresh orange juice and dribble over all of this fruit and toss to moisten the fruit that isn't already naturally moist.

OPTIONAL:  If you want to make it a bit sweeter, use only 1/2 Cup of Orange Juice and 1/2 Cup of the Maraschino  Cherry Juice.

11.  Cover with Saran Wrap and store in refrigerator until serving.

12.  Right before you serve this, take 1 cup of the sweet flaked coconut and toss it in the salad, making sure it coats all fruit.  If you are serving this individually, you might just put it into bowls and sprinkle the coconut on top of each serving dish?


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