Internet Love

Brownielocks and The Three Bears


Whether you found your true love via the internet...
Or you just love your computer (and it's your best friend)...
Or you just love being on-line and connected to a bigger world...

This animation is for You!
500x300=18 frames

Psst, I hope it runs in the proper sequence. Due to its size it's been moody.
It also takes a wee bit of time to load. Image is not broken.




Midi: "You Made Me Love You"
(I felt this song was so appropriate for computer addiction)
Below are the lyrics if you want to sing along.

You made me love you,
I didn't wanna to do it,
I didn't wanna do it.
You made me want you,
and all the time you knew it. 
I guess you always knew it? 
You made me happy,
Sometimes you made me glad.
But there were times, dear,
You made me feel so bad. 
You made me sigh for.
I didn't wanna tell you.
Didn't wanna tell you.
I want some love that's true.
 Yes I do!
Indeed I do! You know I do,
Gimmie, gimmie me what I cry for. 
You know you got the brand of kisses
that I die for. 
You know you made me love you !


Happy Valentine's Day!

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