All of these poems were written by Brownielocks.
These are for private use only!

 They are not to be submitted or put on any other website.
They are also not to  be used commercially or for profit  in any way.
They're somewhat cheesy, corny and more for use in making your own Valentine cards.
Or whenever you want to be romantic?


Here are the ones that don't rhyme but are more free-form.

My heart is like a kite.
And, your love is the wind
That keeps it flying.
I would like your heart to become
a tree that my kite can be tangled in.

Loving you is like wearing my
Favorite cozy sweater,
Sitting quiet in a chair,
Listening to raindrops,
Watching a fire.
It's calm reality.

I love to take a ride in the country;
And, smell the fresh air,
Feel the breezes
And appreciate fresh new love!

I lie awake thinking of you,
And, trying to sleep.
I don't want to end these
Thoughts of you.
But, tomorrow will come
And I'll awake in your arms thinking first
of you on Valentine's Day morning.
And, I'll wish that I could spend
All day wearing your arms around me.

Loving you is like finding a shiny penny on a sidewalk.
So many never noticed it before.
So many walked by it before.
Until I saw a little gleam, bent down and picked it up.
I smiled and showed it to someone.
"People didn't think this was worth a bother.
But I stopped to pick it up simply for the pleasure
of the discovery."
Love is priceless.

I love...
Well, a lot of things.
I don't love, however,
A lot of people.
But I just love you
More than anything!

Your love is hot and humid.
It sticks to my skin
And makes me glisten.

No Sweat!

Of all the people I have met over the years.
You're the one who actually etched memories
On my heart.

Your arms are my safe place.
Your heart is my comfort zone.
Your soul is my world.

Here are the one's that rhyme.

Let's go outside and make angels in the snow.
Making them will be tons of fun.
They can be seen by everyone.
Then someday we'll have kids of our own,
Who can make angels in the snow till they're grown.



I've got this glow inside of me,
That no one apparently can see.
Are you feeling like this too?
Or am I turning into a love sick fool?

It's true
I care about you.
I gave you a hug. I squeezed. I caressed.
I gave it my best.
Didn't you feel
That my love was real?

On my hand, I've practiced kissing you.
But, this isn't much fun to do.
I'd rather kiss your lips, cheeks and nose.
That's more fun as kissing goes.

It's fun being with someone like you.
I enjoy doing all that we do.
You make me feel warm inside.
I smile big because it's hard to hide.
These feelings of love from head to toe
Only come when I'm with someone special I know.

I saw you together, holding hands.
I saw you whisper, making plans.
I saw my heart fill with woe.
I love you but, you'll never know.

Of course our love will never end,
Because we're also best of friends.
We care and share and also trust.
For our relationship these are a must.

You and I, Oh how we care!
Hurting intentionally we do not dare!
Our love will last through all time.
I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

Around you I am so shy,
Because I love you, is why.
Around others I have no fear.
But being close to you is my biggest fear.

I don't know what you think of me.
But today's the day for some bravery.

There's a girl/boy I like a lot in class.
Every day I smile as we pass.
He/she never notices you see,
Because he/she never smiles back at me.
But I believe love will prevail,
Because smiles like yawns get contagious after a while.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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