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Girls, grab your tubes!

This is NOT scientifically proven! It's just for fun. 

I created this by blending the ancient beliefs of colors (from stones) along with a lipstick personality flyer that I received in 1991 from Beauti Control Cosmetics.

I decided that it's not just how a woman uses up her lipstick that can be revealing, but also the color she wears.  Most of us will pick shades of lipstick that range from hot reds to pinks and then beige and neutrals.  Look at your tubes and see what best fits for you!

The Red Lipstick Chart

Red 1.  You challenge rules, but you also respect them. You're not one to have an affair.  
Good follower. You like some attention, but not a lot of it. You prefer to have a schedule.  When you color your hair, it's so that it's more dramatic.

Red 2.  You're easy going and are a real romantic.  You have a lot of endurance, likeable and balanced in all you do. You're likely to keep a relationship going, even if you're not that happy because you like having someone. You're generous to the point of being taken for granted many times.

 Red 3.  You're very opinionated to the degree of full-forced passion which may bring you into big arguments!  You're not a big fan of schedules either.  Your selective about your friends, but very loyal to those you do have. You're loaded with energy and very outgoing.

Red 4. You're creative and very lusty.  You like attention.  You have a lot of strength and you fall in love to fast.

Red 5. You're loyal, loveable and devoted.  You're not a big party person, but like to party with just a few people.  You're more of a home-orientated person, but needs contact with others either via the phone, letters or computer.

Red 6.  You're a direct person. You don't beat around the bush at all!  You also have a lot of will power and can't be tempted easily.    You're very concerned about your appearance and sometimes you get too flashy.

Red 7.  You remember details! No one fools you.  You're also one to never refuse a challenge, and have more courage than most people. 

Red 8.  You love love!  You go out of your way to get attention and have a big ego. You love sex and are pretty open to try new things.  You love to travel, but not too far.  You're also good at maintaining a sense of mystery about yourself.

The Pink Lipstick Chart

Pink 1.  You like to play it safe.  You play by the rules, but will challenge them if it's necessary. You're flattered if you get attention, but it's not something you seek.
You're self-conscious about  what others think. You'll dye your hair either a shade darker or lighter, but nothing that will make anyone take real notice. 

Pink 2.  You're easy going and are a real romantic.  You will stay with someone, even if you're not happy because you don't like to make waves.  You have an even temper. You are generous with friends and family only.  You have a tendency to over-analyze.

Pink 3.  You usually express your opinions only when asked.  You are a loyal friend to one or two people.  You go for quality not quantity.  

Pink 4. You're creative and very lusty.  You like recognition.  You have a lot of strength and you fall in love to fast.

Pink 5. You love a group!  The more the better. And, you're also very thoughtful and never forget to send thanks or get back to someone or to reciprocate an invitation.

Pink 6.  You're full of wisdom and you share it! You're also witty and people like being with you. But,  you can be a bit insecure regarding what others think. You dress what's in fashion, even if it might not work for you.

Pink 7.  You're very good at problem solving.  You don't confuse easily. And, can easily spot when someone is trying to pull something over on you.  

Pink 8.  You love cutesy, romantic things. Your motto is "There's got to be an easier way." You love adventure...especially far away romantic trips. You will also look on the bright side of things first; and, think the best of someone first.


The Beige Lipstick Chart


Beige 1.  You don't like change very much.  You obey rules and are a team player. You like order and hate confusion. You prefer to be more in the background be the wind beneath someone's wings.  You're a saver and knows that money doesn't grow on trees. You prefer to not bother with much hair dye. If you do dye, it's just just more to highlight your natural color.

Beige 2.   You believe in happily ever after, forever and ever You mind your own business and expect others to do the same. You are kind and giving to those you trust onlyAnd, you hate confrontations.

Beige 3.  You usually hold things in and will express your feelings days or weeks (or months) after a situation. You are a fair and just person and hate to make judgments. You are slow to make friends, but once you do, you keep them for a long time. 

Beige 4. You think about stuff a lot.  You dream of better things, but aren't one to openly make changes. You're more into petitions and writing Congress than picketing. You're normally not considered an outgoing person unless the topic is something  you're passionate about. Then you're non-stop talk!  

Beige 5. You have a small circle of friends that you're very loyal to.  You also have a tendency to play favorites sometimes and give special favors when it's not necessary in order to keep friends. 

Beige 6.  You're introspective.  You seek inner-peace and self-knowledge  in your life.  You like balance and seek harmony on a physical and spiritual level.  You have a lot of will power and hardly ever do something crazy or silly.  You could care less about fashion trends. You wear what's practical.

Beige 7.  You're very good self-discipline.  You're also good at not showing your true feelings so people have a hard time wondering what you're thinking or feeling. You love travel with adventure, rather than comforts.

Beige 8.  You are not shy about sharing your spiritual beliefs with others.  Your faith is important and you share it.  You can be overly curious about others. And, you are very open and sharing about yourself to others. Your love of life is apparent to all who know you.

Lipstick Personality source is from Beauti Control  Workshop flyer created in 1991 by Barbara Templeton.

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Lipstick on Your Collar
Sung by Connie Francis
Lyrics by Edna Lewis and Music by George Goehring

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!)

When you left me all alone
At the record hop,
Told me you were going out
For a soda pop.
You were gone for quite awhile,
Half an hour or more!
You came back
And man, oh man,
This is what I saw!

Lipstick on your collar,
Told a tale on you.
Lipstick on your collar,
Said you were untrue.
Bet your bottom dollar
You and I are through.
'Cause lipstick on your collar
Told a tale on you, yeah!

[Instrumental Interlude]

You said it belonged to me.
Made me stop and think.
And then I noticed yours was red.
Mine was baby pink.
Who walked in but Mary Jane?
Lipstick all a mess!!!
Were you smoochin' my best friend?
Guess the answer's yes!!!

Lipstick on your collar,
Told a tale on you.
Lipstick on your collar,
Said you were untrue.
Bet your bottom dollar,
You and I are through.
'Cause lipstick on your collar,
Told a tale on you! BOY!
Told a tale on you! MAN!
Told a tale on you! YEAH!

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