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Brownielocks and The 3 Bears

(A max of 75 smoochies or hugs is possible)

This can also be a "Love, Romance & Relationship" Trivia Game
(besides the Kisses & Hugs)  since there isn't too much information on Valentines Day. I decided to create this for either a fun, on-line interactive learning experience; or, to help give our visitors a little Valentine present as well as some information to start a conversation up with the opposite sex sometime.

After each question, there is the answer arrow that looks like this: All you do is place your mouse over the "answer" and it will appear and see if you were right.

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If you want to play this as the "Smoochies & Hugs" game too, here are the alternate rules:

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There are 75 Questions

1.  Let's start with the symbol of the "X" and why it represents the kiss? Do you know?
This goes back to the Middle Ages when a person did which of the following:

A)  Was forced to kiss all documents over his signature.
B)  He signed his name and then a priest had to kiss the signature to verify it.
C)  Only the illiterate people made an "x" and then kissed it in front of 2 or more
     witnesses to show their sincerity.



2.  What is the term when a male and female each pay for their own meals or entertainment on a date?

A) Having a  "Square Meal"
B) Going Dutch
C) Even Steven



3.  Asking for a woman's hand in marriage goes back to the Greeks. 
True or False?



4. " Ie Ovele Ouye"  is  I LOVE YOU in what language?



5.  The average cost for a dozen roses today is how much?



6.  What percent of Valentine Cards are romantic as compared to the humorous?
A) 90%
B) 50%
C) 75%



7.  The most popular way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to send someone a card.
What is the second best way?
A) Call to say "I Love You."
B) Go out to Dinner
C) Send Flowers
D) Give a Gift



8.  Wives and girlfriends receive the most Valentine cards each year.  

True or False?



9.  But, out of all the Valentine's purchased, it will be men who buy more than the women?
True or False?



10.  The Civil War brought the popularity of sending Valentines in the US.
True or False?



11.  The God of Love in Greek Mythology is called what?



12.  Elizabeth Barret Browning didn't marry her husband, Robert Browning until she was 40 years old because her father wouldn't let her get married?

True or False?



13.  February is chosen as the month for Valentine's Day because St. Valentine was born on February 14, 1204?

True or False?



14.  Which actress was born on May 25, 1947 in Santa Rosa, CA and "Blamed It on The Bosa Nova" on the Ed Sullivan show; and later co-starred in "Room 222" on television?



15.  What percent of women send themselves flowers on Valentine' Day?
(A) 30%
(B) 15%
(C) 50%
(D) 10%



16.  The God of Love in Roman mythology is called?



17.  Shakespeare's two tragic star-crossed lovers were Romeo and Juliet.
What were their last names?



18.  In what movie did Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first become attracted?



19.  The traditional custom of the bride's family paying for the wedding originates from what?



20.  Kissing the bride at the end of the wedding ceremony is a custom used to express to all witnesses that the couple promise to be faithful to each other?
True or False?



21.  Back in the early 19th century, humorous Valentines started.   They were originally called what?

(A) Vulgar Valentines
(B) Vinegar Valentines
(C) Vixen Valentines
(D) Vindictive Valentines



22.  The oldest known Valentines were sent by the Greeks.  True or False?



23.  Candy first began as a Valentine gift in the 17th century and is believed to be a result of inspiration by Shakespeare's Hamlet who said what?



24. The most famous lover in the world is?  




25.  The most common shape for a Valentine is?



26.  Most roses sold on Valentine's Day in the US are grown in California.
True or False?



27.  Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide? 
True or False?



28.  Valentines were first hand-written notes because it was much more romantic.
True or False?



29.  This was the biggest influence in the early 1800's for increasing Valentine popularity?

(A) Cheaper Lace
(B)  Cheaper Postage Rates
(C) Cheaper Cost of Paper and Ink
(D) Cheaper Costs in Perfume



30.  On "Family Ties" television show, oldest daughter Mallory's boyfriend was played by an actor named Scott Valentine.  What was his character's name?



31.  Traditions are changing and more brides are choosing to not be June brides but February brides and going for Valentine's Day weddings.
True or False?



32.  Crossing your heart to express a promise or pledge goes back to the Roman Catholic's gesture of making a sign of the cross.
True or False?



33.  Valentine's Day got changed to 2-14 by the Romans because they believed that was the day that birds began mating.
True or False?



34. More Valentine's are purchased how close to 2-14?
(A) 7 Days before
(B) 4 Days before
(C) 2 Days before
(D) The day before



35.  Cupid's magical arrows do what when they hit you?



36.  80% of all Valentines are purchased for people who are related to one another.
True or False?



37.  Te Amo is  "I Love You" in what 3 languages?



38.  According to Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of which goddess?



39.  In 1995 the Guinness World Book of Records had how many couples kissing simultaneously as a record?
(A) 500
(B) 1000
(C) 1,500
(D) 5,000



40.  In the Middle Ages, men and women drew names from a bowl for their valentines. Then they would have to wear that name tag for one week.  As a result of this, what familiar saying do we have today?



41.  What book in the bible is consider the most romantic?



42.  What shy guy with a very long nose wrote love letters on behalf of his friend to the fair Roxanne?



43.  Who did Charlie Brown have a big big crush on (but it was never returned?)



44.  Valentine's Day is a national holiday in the United States.
True or False?



45.  According to Greek mythology, Paris loved this woman whose face is rumored to have launched 1,000 ships.



46.  On the set of what movie did Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn meet?



47.  According to Roman mythology who is Anteros?



48.  What word appears in more song titles than any other word?



49.  The world's oldest known Valentine is located in the Smithsoniam in Washington, DC.
True or False?



50.  According to legend, what were Humphrey Bogart's last words to his wife, Lauren Bacall as he died:

(A)  Here's looking at you kid
(B)  Of all the actors in all the world, you hd to choose me.
(C)  Thanks for the memories.
(D)  Don't worry, Dollface.  It's not over, it's only intermission.



51.  Who were the first television husband and wife to sleep in a double bed?

(A)  Ricky and Lucy Ricardo
(B)  Rob and Laura Petrie
(C)  Mike and Carol Brady
(D)  Herman and Lilly Munster



52.  Which M&M candy color is believed to be an aphrodisiac?

(A) Red
(B) Blue
(C) Brown
(D) Green



53.  Who gets the most Valentines?

(A) Teachers
(B) Wives
(C) Husbands
(D) Mistresses



54.  There is a town in the US called Valentine.  Which state is it in?

(A) Vermont
(B) Virginia
(C) Texas
(D) California



55.  The word Valentine stands for what?

(A) Valor
(B) Heart
(C) Passion
(D) Flirting

A: Valor



56.  On February 14, 1876 a patent for which invention was applied for?

(A) Electric Blanket
(B) Telephone
(C) Chocolate Mold Machine
(D) Ice Cream Maker



57.  Valentine's Day began in which country?

(A) England
(B) France
(C) Romania
(D) Italy



58.   Which holiday is the biggest one for sending out cards?

(A) Christmas
(B) Valentines
(C) Mother's Day
(D) Easter



59.  What candy company makes those hearts that say "Be Mine", "Hugs", "Luv You", etc.?

(A) Sunrise Confections
(B) New England ConfectionaryCompany
(C) Stork USA
(D) Necco



60.  Ghirardelli chocolates were first sold in the US to which group of people?

(A) Gold Miners
(B) Missionaries & Priests
(C) Fur Traders
(D) Politicians



61  The St. Valentine's Day Massacre happened in which city?

(A) Paris
(B) New York
(C) Chicago
(D) London



62.  Valentine's Day is always on a Saturday.  True or False?



63.  Cupid is also a cherub. True or False?

64.  How many calories per minute do you burn kissing?

(A) 2
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 11

65.  Which of the following can be found on a conversation heart?

(A)  www.cupid
(B)  Email me
(C)  1-800-cupid
(D)  All of the above




66.  According to, which song is the #1 song?

(A)   "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" - Elvis
(B)   "I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston
(C)   "Endless Love" - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
(D)   "Silly Love Songs" - Wings

67.  In the funny 1959 song, "Love Potion #9" what happens when he drinks it?

(A)  He becomes irresistable to women
(B)  He kisses everything in sight
(C)  He falls in love with the gypsy who gave it to him
(D)  Nothing. He just gets dizzy.



68.  Which disease is called "The Kissing Disease?"

(A) Mononucleosis
(B) Cotard's Syndrome
(C) Witzelsucht
(D) Tyrotoxism

69.  According to folklore, which amphibian do you have to kiss in order to get Mr. Right? (aka handsome prince)

(A)  Salamander
(B)  Newt
(C)  Frog
(D)  Lounge Lizard

70.  It's guess-timated that approximately how many people get engaged on Valentine's Day?

(A)  1.4 Million
(B)  2.1 Million
(C)  7.4 Million
(D)  11.5 Million



71.  "My Funny Valentine" is what?

(A)  A poem
(B)  A Romantic-Comedy Movie
(C)  A Song
(D)  A 1937 Comic Strip

72.  It's not just love, it's also about Pheromones.  What are they?

(A)   Matchmakers
(B)   Body Chemicals
(C)   Aphrodisiacic Spices
(D)   Love Potions

73.  Approximately how much a year is spent on buying Gold, Silver and Diamonds for Valentine's Day?

(A)|  $1.9 Million
(B)  $10.4 Million
(C)  $1.2 Billion
(D)  $4.4 Billion



74.  What percent of single adult Americans use dating services?

(A)  10%
(B)  25%
(C)  38%
(D)  40%

75.  They say love is magical.  So, which of the following magicians was born on Valentine's Day?

(A)  Teller (of Penn & Teller)
(B)  David Copperfield
(C)  Siegfried (of Siegfried & Roy)
(D)  Doug Henning

Now, if you've played the "Smoochies and Hugs" game, you'll now have a heart filled with "X''s and "O"'s on> It doesn't matter if you have more kisses than hugs or hugs than kisses. The point is you win anyway!
Consider this our Valentine to you.
Write at the bottom,
"Big Hugs from B3B"
(Brownielocks & The 3 Bears)
You now have a Valentine from us and a little more wisdom about romance!
 And, it will be our secret who B3B is  <wink>to all your friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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