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Incredible, Edible Bread Bowl

You can't get any easier directions that this!

1. Pick some round, hearty bread.
Suggestions: Pumpernickel, Corn Rye, or
Sour Dough.  Warning: You don't want soft
bread because the contents will absorb too fast
into it =  A lot of sog!!

2.  Slice off the top of the bread about 1.5 inches down (or depending how deeply round this bread is.)

3.  Carve out the inside of the bread leaving a bowl that's about 1" in depth around the sides.

4.  Now...depending on what you put inside..
(A) Butter the inside with garlic butter and toast in a 350F oven for only 5 min.
Then serve hot spaghetti inside!

(B) Leave it as it is and serve hot soup or chili inside.

(C) With soft cream cheese, line the bread bowl.
Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese (or cheddar?)
Then pour in your favorite CHIP DIP and serve with
chips, pretzels, etc.

(D)  For party fun, get a bunch of smaller harder rolls, one for each guest. Scoop out as described above.
Fill each with dip, so that each guest has their own dipping bowl for the chips etc.

(E) What to do with the lids?

1.  For the chili - cut a 2" cube of cheddar cheese.
Stick a toothpick in it and stick that on the lid as
a little handle. Place on top and serve.
It also keeps the chili warm.

2.  For soup, you might toss out the lids.
The steam might just make them soggy?

3.  For a Chip Dip server, you might want to take
an Olive, stick a toothpick through it and poke it into the lid so it looks like a handle and serve it.


Another fun edible bowl you might enjoy is our 
Cookie Bowl:

Source:  From some Junk Mail I received promoting 2 years ago
selling a cookbook via monthly installments.
  All that it says is "Creative Cook's Kitchen" on the
bottom. There is no copyright information.  And since it was
sent FREE to me, I took the liberty of putting this on-line,
including scanning the photos.

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