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How do you play Easter Bingo?
You can play one of three ways.
The first way is to play the game the traditional way using cards with numbers, only you use our egg dabbers to cover the card.  


Here is an example of one egg and it fits on our own Brownielocks free printable Bingo Card.

Click the Easter Egg 
to get an entire sheet of Egg Dabbers.
Print and cut out. Or, print and paste to cardboard before cutting out.

(To save page loading, I did not insert  the Dabber Sheets and Bingo Card on this page like I did for the Patriotic Bingo.)

Another way is to use real chickie Peeps as dabbers. Or Hershey's Kisses?  Or Jelly Beans!  Play cover all. Everyone keeps all the candy they used to fill their board. It's just that the winner of the cover-all game gets the most!

Note: You can also form a circle around the card like my sample
"winner's circle" shown on the main Bingo page. Only call it an egg.

Now the much more fun way to play Easter Bingo is to play it like we described Baby Shower Bingo, Bridal Bingo, Valentine Bingo, Halloween Bingo, Christmas Bingo  etc.
 on our History of Bingo page.  


1.  Across the top of the card replace the B-I-N-G-O with
Tip: B-I-N-G-O should be replaced by a word that  does not have any letters duplicated to avoid confusion.
This is why bunny or bunnie didn't work. There are two "n"'s.

  If there is another 5-letter word you prefer that doesn't duplicate any letters feel free to use it.

2.  Give all your players a blank card.

3.  Then give them a listing of the words they can choose from to play with (see below) and have them write those on the card as follows:

(a) Provide the LETTER first and then the word so that they don't just put these words anyplace and then have a harder time to find them when you call out the game.
(b) Keep 2 sheets for yourself.  One to keep track of what has been called and one to cut up to put into a bowl to call from.

4.  Define the type of game before you call. A regular bingo, a full cover game or whatever else you choose.

Below are some examples of words based on the header
B-U-N-I-E at the top of the card.

There are 24 empty spaces on a card. There are 60 words below to pick from.  There are 5 blanks per letter and we offer a little over 10 options per letters to arrange as the player wishes. (Note: Since the center is free, we offered 9)






B- Hare
B- Easter
B- Basket
B- Eggs
B - Bonnet
B - Sunday
B - Purple
B- Cross
B - Risen
B- Parade
U- Rabbit
U- Decorate
U- Hard Boiled
U- Pretzel
U - Lilies
U- Egg Roll
U - White House
U- Chimes
U - Goose Egg
U- Cottontail
U- Ham
U- Cookies
N- Bunnies
N- Egg Hunt
N- Bells
N-Nest Egg
N- Bunny Hop
N- Chicks

I- Lent
I-Jelly Beans
I-5th Avenue
I- Church
I- New Clothes
I- Egg Tree
I- Advent
I- Crucifix
I-Easter Card
I-Farmer John
I- Judy Garland

E- Lent
E-Good Egg
E-Irving Berlin
E-Jimmy Stewart
E- Ribbons

If you can come up with more words, feel free. 
I ran out of ideas and had to stretch it since Easter doesn't have a lot connected to it like Christmas Bingo or Halloween Bingo unfortunately. And I refused to put "Jesus" as a bingo option!

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