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 There are 30 questions. One for each day of April - the month of Easter.
Shall we begin with a really easy question? ;)


1. Which came first?
(a) The Chicken
(b) The Egg
(c)  None of the above


2. The most expensive jeweled eggs in the world today were made by who?

3.  What color of eggs doesn't "Sam I am" like in the Dr. Seuss book?

4. In the song, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" he's got colored eggs for who?

5. If you do what to an egg, it is said to protect you against lightning, hail and beehives.

6. How long will a boiled egg keep in the refrigerator?'

(a) 24 hours
(b) 3 days
(c) 1 week
(d) They don't need refrigeration once cooked.


7.  A female rabbit is called a:

(a) Doe
(b) Cow
(c) Femmie
(d) None of the above.  It's just a girl rabbit.

8. What is the name of the dance that is commonly done at Easter time?

9. To light a candle on Easter is to symbolize what?

(a) After darkness comes light
(b) Sunrise
(c) Sunset
(d) Jesus' rise from the dead.

10. Who co-starred with Judy Garland in "Easter Parade?"

11. Rabbits with long floppy ears can't hear as well as those with ears upright. True or False?


12. If you don't wear at least one new article of clothing on Easter it is considered bad luck. True or False?

13. Highly intricate decorated Easter eggs  done with wax and dye are known as what?

14.  The ringing of bells on Easter was for:

(a) To let you know the fast was over
(b) A celebration of the holiday
(c) To frighten evil spirits away
(d) All of the above

15. Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. True or False?

16.  Purple is a common color for Easter.  In the ancient world the purple dye came from where?

(a) Violets
(b) Grapes
(c) Shellfish
(d) Crushed amethyst rocks

17. Pretzels were made by Monks at the Vatican to give to the poor as a representation of Lent because?

(a) Using your imagination, they looked like Christ lying with arms folded and praying
(b) They don't use yeast and so are unleavened bread.
(c) The salt on them was a health benefit to the people.
(d) None of the above.  They were just easy to make.

18. The word "Lent" means:
(a) To live without
(b) To Let Go
(c) Lengthening days
(d) To live again


19.Oster Haas is another name for what in German?
(a) Easter House
(b) Easter Hat
(c) Easter Basket
(d) Easter Bunny

20. Rabbits with big long ears  going UP are called?

21. The Easter Lamb represents:

(a) The blood that Hebrews had to put on their doors so the angel would pass over their home.
(b) Jesus is called "The Lamb of God" in the bible.
(c) Superstition said the devil could not take the shape of a lamb or dove, so a lamb was good luck.
(d) All of the above.

22. The Easter Lilly symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus because:

(a) It blooms in the spring
(b) It comes from a shell buried in the earth and emerges
(c) It's white and pure
(d) All of the above.

23. In some European cities, it is the custom to squirt this on people and exchange good wishes:

(a) Water
(b) Perfume
(c) Spices
(d) All of the above


24. What kind of tail does the Easter bunny assumed to have?

25. The white of the egg is mostly mucus and fat. True or False.

26. In the song, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" he's got
jelly beans for who? 

27. Marshmallow candy that look like baby chickens are called what?

28. When a female rabbit gives birth to her babies they are called:

(a) Bunnies
(b) Kits
(c) Kids
(d) Youngs

29. In the song "Easter Parade" what street do they walk down?


30. A carton of eggs should always be washed  before using. True or False?

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Sources: Some stuff I just knew plus information from the following websites:
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By Edna Barth 
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