We've scrounged a lot of our joke books, and other references, plus made some things up to compile this Easter Fun page.

Has now been moved to it's own
page. And, is no longer at the bottom of  this one.

We've got all kinds of questions about eggs, rabbits and other Easter stuff for you!
This isn't one of those religiously technical Easter quizzes. 
We hope this is fun for all ages, as we tried to cover everyone ages 9 to 99.

We've animated this cute song about
eating a chocolate Easter bunny.

 Sing-along with lyrics, music + some  graphics and animation.

There's music, lyrics and some graphics and animations to go along with this popular children's Easter song.

 We've got a pretty jazzy
version of this children's song
for you to enjoy listening to or
singing along with.

"Easter Parade" by Irving Berlin is
the most definitive Easter song.
Sing-along with music and lyrics.
Also enjoy our Easter Parade Cartoon

The Incredible Edible Egg has been part of the American language for years.  Read some slang and quotes.
Eggs have worked their way into our daily

As part of our "Food Folklore" section, we  also have Folklore about  Eggs!
(In General)

Print out and enjoy!
We also offer an on-line version.

Learn how Easter's most popular non-chocolate
treat all began.

 Want to know how the Easter Bunny goes from house to house? We've got his map. Plus, sing along to 
"Here Comes Peter Cottontail"

Enjoy this game made by
Brownielocks based on
Easter. (Printable)

Play Easter Bingo with our Egg Dabbers,
with Peeps, with Hershey's chocolate kisses,
or as a Holiday Easter Word Bingo game.

Watch our bear do his version of the Bunny Hop to some very jazzy, Texas two-step style music.


Also called "Resurrection Cookies."
This is a recipe as well as an activity
that is great to do on the Saturday night
prior to Easter Sunday. It's got a lot of Christian meaning.

And Scripture Cake Recipe!

Learn a bit about how angora rabbit's fur is spun to make sweaters.

Angora History

Sounds crazy? Have you ever wondered where the angora came from for your angora sweater? Then click our page.
We also have an angora sweater cartoon too!


Your friends will love it.

Make special Easter Cookies this year.
 Paint your Easter cookies, don't frost. 
Then put them in a cookie bowl basket! 

Free Printable Easter Cards.



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