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Peeps are considered America's favorite non-chocolate Easter candy (but they do come chocolate dipped now.) And, their popularity goes beyond eating them.  People blow them up in microwaves, and my Ham radio club  even uses them in their radio balloon projects.  Poor Peeps have been  used like crash test dummies for all sorts of experiments. And, there is no class distinction for Peep lovers.  Young and old, rich or poor, genius or not, everyone seems to love them.  They've even become clues on such popular game shows as Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Peep season is said to begin on February 15, when Easter peeps begin to show up in stores.  But, Peeps aren't just for Easter anymore.  They are a holiday treat that can be eaten year round.

 Easter =  bunnies, eggs and tulips.
Halloween = pumpkins and ghosts.
Christmas = trees, snowman, reindeers, snowflakes and stockings.
Valentines = hearts, teddy bears and "I LOVE YOU."

So how did all this Peep madness begin?

A Russian immigrant named Sam Born, came to the United States (via France)  in 1910.  He originally was a candy maker specializing in chocolate; and, introduced New York City to French chocolates.  He was a creative man, who invented a machine for putting sticks into lollipops.  For this, he was given the keys to the city of San Francisco!

Thirteen years later, Sam Born opened up his first New York City candy shop, selling all sorts of goodies.  He promoted his daily, fresh made candies by using the slogan "Just Born" along with the logo of a baby resting in a candy scale.

Even though there was a Depression, Sam Born's candy business flourished.  As a result, he moved his company out of New York city over to Bethlehem, PA.  Through the years, he acquired several other candy companies that made many varieties of goodies (i.e. Mailard Corporation, Mike & Ike).  In 1950, they made a candy called Hot Tamales even. A far different candy than Peeps.

So what about those Peeps?  Well, it happened in 1953.  Sam Born purchased the Rodda Candy Company of Lancaster, PA that was well-known for its jelly bean products. But, as fate would have it, they also made some marshmallow treats shaped like chicks.  However, this was really labor intensive.  Originally, Peeps were made by hand-squeezing a marshmallow mixture through pastry tubes.  And, it took 27 hours to totally make a Peep from beginning to end.

 Sam's son, Bob,  inherited his father's mind of coming up with an easier way of doing things, like his dad did years ago with the lollipop sticks.  Bob Born  came up with a way to mechanize the making of Peeps.   And, lets just say the rest is history.  Today, "Just Born" makes 4.2 million Peeps a day and 1.2 billion annually.  Peeps are shipped to over 50 countries and are loved world-wide!

"Just Born" is a family business and later on it grew by two cousins joining the company. Perhaps this is the reason the creativity of the Peeps also grew?  In 1995, Peeps were not just yellow anymore.  They also came out with lavender chicks.  Then in 1998, we got blue chicks. (Note: It was also the 75th anniversary of "Just Born" company.)

In 1999 Peeps make the big time!  They get a real television commercial proving that they are not just delicious but also have  adorable photogenic looks.  Their marshmallow also now gets flavored, not just colored.  They came in vanilla and a year later also in strawberry.

In 2004, the company adds a Peeps Decorating Kit to the market for all their fans.
And, in 2005, a Peeps chick is now offered inside a chocolate egg.

Then in 2007,  sugar-free Peeps were introduced.
Along with green Peep chicks and Halloween Peeps.  What will be next?

Peeps are also an event.  The first "Peep-Off" eating contest was held in Maryland in 1994.  But, now there's also one every year in San Francisco, which is also held the first Saturday after Easter.  This is an eating contest to see who can eat the most Peeps in 30 minutes.  If you vomit, you are disqualified.

Every year the Seattle Times newspaper has a Peep Art Contest.  Contestants are free to make Peeps be all that they can be either via  a sculpture, diorama, tableau or art project of your liking that is made (mostly) of marshmallow Peeps.  If you win, there is gift certificate.  But, the main prize is simply bragging rights to say you made the best Peep art!  The Seattle Times publishes the winner and finalists in it's Easter Sunday paper edition.

  There's nothing complicated about Peeps.  They are a simple treat  made from a combination of  marshmallow, corn syrup, gelatin, and carnauba wax.  They're just cute, soft and smooshy.  And yet they seem to have a very strong appeal when it comes to being  loved by their fans all over the world!

Go Peeps!


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