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For Color Printers only!
Print on "Landscape" Settings! (horizontal)
Printers are all different.  You might have to adjust yours or use a specific,
custom setting, size adjustment (legal, letter, postcard etc. )
Or, you might need a paper cutter to trim them if they land a bit off-center?

Cards are meant to be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper and then folded in half. Write what you want inside the card and then sign it.

Some card images are meant to flow to the backside when folded.
An example: The broken heart card is suppose to have half on one side, and half on the other.
Our domain credit will not show. 
It lands on the backside when folded properly.

Note: These cards are for personal use and are not for commercial purposes.
Nor are they to be used on any other website or chat forum.
All cards have been watermarked!

Click the card to see full size and print.


Easter Outfit

Happy Easter

Group Hop

Save A Chocolate Bunny

Spring Colors

Odd Egg

Cliche Easter

Chocolate Mooshies

Eggs Break

Easter Allergies


Religious Cards or Christian

God Loves You

He Has Risen

Believe in Love

Jesus Won

God Loves Everyone

This One

Love Dissolves


Page 1 = Miscellaneous
Page 2 = Hearts, Love, Romance, Valentines
Page 3 = Miscellaneous
Page 4 = St. Urho's Day, St. Patrick's, Christmas & Halloween!
Page 5 -Graduation
Page 6 -
Easter and Religious


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