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95% of all the questions pertain to Easter in some way.
There were a few I had to sorta fudge in order to get other words to work.



1.  Instead of burning candles at Easter, this type of lamp is burnt instead.

3.  Mr. Cottontail's first name.

4.  These are put into baskets and are often made of jelly.

6.  A drug store that sells Easter paraphernalia (initials).

8.  Female poultry that lays eggs.

9.  This building in Washington, D.C. has an annual egg roll on it's lawn.

10. This is a traditional meat served for Easter dinner.

11. To look for Easter eggs.

13.  This animal is considered the Easter symbol because sacrificing it goes way back into biblical times.

15.  Irving Berlin wrote a song called "Easter _____."

16.  In Western Christianity, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full Paschal ____.

17.  Keeping chocolate in the sun will make it do this.

19.  What Jesus died for us on.

20.  A type of Bunny dance.

22.  A big pile of eggs made by the Easter Bunny.

24.  A popular Easter song says that this bunny had a powder puff what?

25.  Most people eat this part of a chocolate bunny first.

28.  On Easter morning, as soon as the sun's horizon appears in the East, many churches have  an early  ______ ceremony.

29.  This actor starred in a movie called "Harvey" about a large bunny.

31.  A big piece of candy that is put into every Easter basket.

34.   From 1885 to 1917 he made famous jeweled eggs.

37.   This vegetable comes in ears.

38.   What a woman wears in the Easter Parade?

40.   Bunny tails can create a knismesis aka ____.

41.  The Easter Bunny has eggs for boys and ____ (Pop Eye slang!)

42.  Lop eared rabbits have ears that do what?

43.  If you don't have an Easter basket, you can put everything in this.

44.  This color is the color of royalty and also considered an Easter color.

46.  A test.

48.  They walked down this avenue in the "Easter Parade."

49.  Sun (Spanish).

50.  She starred in the 1948 movie, "Easter Parade."

55.  All the directions that the Easter Bunny goes.

56.  Tugged.

57.  The name of the Easter Egg that broke in two (song).

58.  Not an avenue but a _____.  (initials)

59.  He gave us His only son to die for us.

61. The  1948 movie "Easter Parade" took place in this state.

62.  One who believes Jesus Christ died for our sins.

63.  365 days.



1.  You bake Easter cookies in this.

3.   Marshmallow Poultry put in Easter baskets.

2.  A contraption formed by  is not.

5.  What you send to your friends and family on Easter either via the US Mail or on-line.

6.   Place of Easter worship services.

7.  Instead of ringing bells, some churches have these.

12.  "A-Tisket, A- _____"  (Song)

14.   A sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and bacon.

16.  Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full ___ that occurs

       on or after the day of the Vernal Equinox. 

18.  To make hand-crafted lace.

21.  Pesah

23.  House A  (Spanish)

26.  A weather forecast you do not want for an Easter Parade.

27.  Snacks that are twisted and said to represent folded arms across a chest.

30.  Colorful strips of fabric used to decorate Easter baskets.

31.  A 3-dimensional cross with a representation of the body of Christ on it.

32.  These white, trumpet-shaped  flowers are popular at Easter.

33. Traditionally this material is what baskets are made of.

34.  Not real.

35.  The first meal of the day.

36.  Easter Bunny's monogram.

39.  Easter game where children push eggs with their noses without breaking it.

43.  The Energizer Bunny runs on this.

45.  Capitol of England.

47.  People with good voices join these in church.

49.  In the song, "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" he has jelly beans for Tommy. And, colored eggs for who?

50.  What the Easter Bunny might use to find his way around.

51.  The cowboy who wrote and sang Easter songs.

52.  The first and middle name (initials) of the author who wrote the childrens' books "Goosebumps."

53.  One of the leading sports and entertainment companies in the world.

54.  Bright, glowy colors or paint.

60.  What you dip your eggs in to color them.



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