Blank Bingo Card or Sheets!
Fit 8 x 11 paper!

Print one card out per number of players.
Click the card then hit print!

(Note: Image will appear smaller than card really will print out as.)
[You might want to set printer for "FIT PAGE" or "CENTER on PAGE."]

Customize it for your own special Bingo Game.
What does that mean?
It means each player will create a unique card for themselves.
What good are those pre-made, (to print cards) offered on other sites? The result = You will get several players with the same win because they had identical cards!  Pretty dumb in my opinion.
 This is why I do not  pre-fill in the squares for you. 
You'd all have the same identical card to play with.  

Also, most of the sites offering pre-designed cards (numbers or images) fail to provide you with master sheets. How on earth are you going to call a graphic bingo game? LOL!
How are you going to keep track of what's called to validate a bingo? Duh? Think!!!
My Holiday Bingo pages provide sample words that can be printed out, then cut out
for drawing of the words out of a bowl as well as  used as a master sheet.

Come back as often as you want for more cards to  create
for your (whatever) holiday fun!

1. If you want a normal BINGO game.  Have the players write
the B-I-N-G-O in the Yellow Spaces. 
I put the gray letters there
as a guide for those that want a customized game -->
 Then have them number them per the directions below.

2.  For Holiday or Special Customized  Bingo Fun, then I put the letters as a guide. (i.e. Under the B replace with L- and under the I with O and under the N with V and under the G with E and under the O with R = LOVER (for example   Valentine's Bingo?) of customize Holiday or Word  bingo. We offer several holiday bingo games (see links further below on page.)


This card fits exactly on one 8x11 size paper when printed directly as a .jpg image on my printer after downloading to an image file. 

If you are playing via numbers then have your players create their own cards using the numerical bingo rules  under each letter as follows:






 1 to 15

16 to 30

31 to 45

46 to 60

61 to 75

If you are playing customized bingo games with special holiday words, then have them write in the spaces instead of the numbers.

Or CLICK HERE FOR CARD IMAGE ONLY ON SCREEN. The card image only will appear on your screen to print out. Our URL is on the card so you remember where you got it from if you are unable to store it on your own system.

We recommend printing on a color laser printer, but we designed it so that black and white printers work also.

As explained on our History of Bingo page, you can customize this card for your own games.  Simply put the letters you are replacing with the traditional B-I-N-G-O in the yellow boxes (or gray if done in black and white).

Some suggestions for types of games are the Bridal Bingo and Baby Shower Bingo explained on the History of Bingo page.

Along these lines, you can also do:

Bridal Bingo with "BRIDE" on the top.
Card has marriage and bridal topics in the squares.
You can even have a game that the bingo is a circle, to represent a ring.

Bible Bingo with "LIVES" on the top.
Card has answers to bible people, places,  things.

Bachelor Party Bingo with "GIRLS" on the top.
Card has answers to questions that will be asked about how much they know about women or the future bride? Just like all the other games, players first put the answers on the card in squares of their choice without knowing what the questions will be first.  A good source for questions is relationship trivia.

Weight Watchers Bingo with "DIETS" on the top.
Card has  food, calorie, and diet topics and items.

Check out our Holiday Bingo games:

Christmas Bingo
Halloween Bingo
Thanksgiving Bingo

Easter Bingo
Patriotic Bingo
Valentines Bingo

Ham Radio Bingo!
(This has it's own card)

Tip: B-I-N-G-O should always be replaced by a word that 
does not have any letters duplicated to avoid confusion.

Note: This card is free for bingo fans only.
It is not to be used by any other site and
offered there freely whether commercial
or personal.


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