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Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Patriotic Bingo!
The 4th of July, Memorial Day or Whenever The Spirit of America Moves Ya!

How do you play Patriotic Bingo?
You can play one of two ways.
1. The first way is to play the game the traditional way using cards with numbers, only you use our Stars and White and Red dabbers to cover the card and make a flag.  (Or use our stars but create the rest of the flag bingo card with RED INK dabbers.)

Confused?  Here is what our Patriotic Bingo Card looks like for 
a winner like you!  It is a totally covered card.  The word 
B-I-N-G-O at the top is replaced by F-L-A-G-S. The player who makes a total flag first wins!  You can scream:
"God Bless America" if you want rather than BINGO!

Here is are  examples of one star, one red square and one white square which fit on our own Brownielocks free printable Bingo Card.
(Note: Put whatever number arrangement you want  in this card you wish in order that each player has a unique card unlike the other players or use the word game below along with the dabbers.)

Below is our entire sheet of Dabber Images to print out 
(one sheet per player) to create the card as shown above.
Print and cut out. Or, print and paste to cardboard before cutting out.


Click the image below and it will appear alone for printing.


And what do you put those on? 
 Our FREE Brownielocks Bingo card.
Click the link below to go to that page.

2. The second way to play Patriotic Bingo is to do it the same way we created our other holiday bingo games like Christmas Bingo,
Halloween Bingo, Valentines Bingo and as mention on our History of Bingo page with Baby Shower Bingo and Bridal Bingo.

You still replace BINGO with "F-L-A-G-S" at the top of the card.
But the players then create their own card based on words related to patriotism and the holidays.

Rules For Bingo

1.  Across the top of the card replace the B-I-N-G-O with either
Tip: B-I-N-G-O should be replaced by a word that 
does not have any letters duplicated to avoid confusion.
If there is another 5-letter word you prefer that doesn't duplicate any letters feel free to use it. I couldn't think of one.

2.  Give all your players a blank card.

3.  Then give them a listing of the words they can choose from to play with (see below) and have them write those on the card as follows:

(a) Provide the LETTER first and then the word so that they don't just put these words anyplace and then have a harder time to find them when you call out the game.
(b) Keep 2 sheets for yourself.  One to keep track of what has been called and one to cut up to put into a bowl to call from.

4.  Define the type of game before you call. A regular bingo, a full cover game or whatever else you choose.

Below are some examples of words based on the header
F-L-A-G-S at the top of the card.

There are 24 empty spaces on a card. There are 5 blanks per letter and we offer many options per letters to arrange as the player wishes.  All words relate to U.S. patriotism, it's history, military, museums, country, music, songs, books and movies and just about anything else that popped into my head.






F-  Freedom
F - George Cohen
F - Marines
F - Battlefield
F - Memorials
F - Medals
F - Yankee Doodle
F - President
F - US Capitol
F - Pentagon
F - Korean War Memorial
F - Declaration of
F - World War II
F - 4th of July
F - Flag Day
F - National Guard
F - US Seal
F - Dollar Bill
F - Republicans
F - Florida
F - Green Backs
F - Washington Post
F - Congress
F - Campaigns
F - Mt. Rushmore
F - Paul Revere
F - M*A*S*H
F - Federal Debt
F - Manassas Battlefield
F - General Grant
F - Herbert Hoover
F - Conflicts
F - Flag Bunting
F - Pride
F -  Purple Heart
F - 5 Star Generals
F - Grunts
F - Boot camp
F - Yellow Ribbons
L- Lincoln
L- Liberty Bell
L - Coast Guard
L - Lincoln Memorial
L - Land of Free
L - Washington
L - Roosevelt
L - World War I
L - Library of Congress
L - National Anthem
L - Democrats
L - Elections
L - Coolidge
L- Bill Clinton
L - Museums
L - Monuments
L - White House
L - Pennsylvania Avenue
L - Louisiana
L - Senators
L - Uncle Sam
L - Ellis Island
L - Civil War
L - Lee Greenwood
L - Tax Forms
L - Boston Tea Party
L - Mayflower
L - Rough Riders
L - Caissons Go Rolling Along
L - General Robert E. Lee
L - Little Big Horn
L - Camouflage
L - Intelligence
L - Over There
L - Patriotic Clothing
L - Tour of Duty
L - Viet Nam Memorial
A - Abraham
A - Amber Waves
A- America The Beautiful
A - Airforce
A - Army
A - Arlington Cemetery
A - President Adams
A - Dimpled Chads
A - John Q. Adams
A - Zachary Taylor
A - Betsy Ross
A - Jefferson Memorial
A - Francis Scott Key
A - Pledge of Allegiance
A - John Sousa
A - Pres. Bush
A - God Bless America
A - Alabama
A - Eagle
A - Congressmen
A - Statue of Liberty
A - Pearl Harbor
A - Veteran's Day
A - Volunteers
A - American Red Cross
A - From Here to Eternity
A - Chester A. Arthur
A - Assassination
A - Candlelight Vigils
A - Gone With The Wind
A - Kilroy
A - Draft Card
G - Grand Ol Flag
G - God Bless the USA
G - Green Berets
G - Military
G - Navy
G - John Kennedy
G - Constitution
G - Votes
G - Howard Taft
G - Georgia
G - National Parks
G - US Customs
G - Immigration
G - Citizenship
G - Green Card
G - Grover Cleveland
G - Operation Enduring Freedom
G - Gulf War
G - Warren Harding
G - Georgia
G - Bills
G - Oklahoma
G - Jimmy Carter
G - Bill of Rights
G - Montevideo 
G - Williamsburg
G - Jamestown
G - China Beach
G - Special Operations
G - Hostages
G - D-Day
G - Trail of Tears
G - Geranimo
G - Holidays
G - 1040 Forms
G - Millard Fillmore
G - War Brides
G - Rations
G - Patriotic Jewelry
S - States
S - Stripes
S - Stars
S - Special Forces
S - Soldiers
S - Viet Nam
S - Korean War 
S - Star Spangled Banner
S - Ballots
S - Smithsonian
Ronald Reagan
S - Universal Soldier
S - Protest Songs
S - Draft Dodgers
S - Operation Desert Storm
S - California
S - Salute
S - Washington Mall
S - September 11, 2001
S - Pennies
S - Veto
S - Florida
S - Ulysses S. Grant
S - Columbus
S - Pilgrims
S - Salvation Army
S - Pilgrims
S - Saving Private Ryan
S - Dwight D. Eisenhower 
S- Suffergettes
S - Soldiers of Fortune
S - Surveillance
S - Uncle Sam
S - Patriotic Decorations
S - "The Wall"

If you can come up with more words, feel free. I did these at the top of my head.  I included some, but not all US presidents, and some US States.  

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Patriotic Charades!

The game of charades varies from families and groups as far as the physical expressions for "Books" " Songs" " Long Sentence" or "How Many Words"  "Movie" and whatever.  So I am not going to post any rules here.  Play charades based on the rules you and your friends and family are most familiar with.  But, all of the words above for the Patriotic Bingo can be used for charades.  Plus, if you're very talented you can include some of the War Movies listed on this site.


These were created by Brownielocks for all patriotic occasions.


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