Sing Along with some of the most defining and popular
War (Protest) Songs of the 1960's

Brownielocks and The 3 Bears

Below is/was the main tune sung at many war protest rallies.

And it's 1 2 3  what are we fighting for?
Don't ask me I don't give a damn!
Next stop is  Viet Nam.
And it's 5 6 7    so open up them pearly gates.
There ain't no time 
to wonder why
We're all gonna die.

It's  the chorus of a very wordy song by Country Joe and the Fish  called I'm Fixin' To Die Rag .

The men also chanted:  "Hell No! We won't Go!"
This was because we had soldiers who enlisted + from our  military draft. 
 Today our soldiers are all volunteers and truly want to serve our country!

They also chanted:

 "Hey, Hey, LBJ. Put those D*** Guns Away!"


The songs below represent a blending of speaking out against war to expressing hope for a future without war.

Well, September 11, 2001 jerked memories for many.

I hope this page blends nostalgia with wisdom from the past.
For those who remember, grab your love beads, tambourines,
peace jewelry and burn some incense.
For those of you who are too young, maybe this will help you get a glimpse of your parent's (or grandparent's?) lives.
It wasn't all Love-Ins, Flower Power, Bell-Bottom Jeans, Wildly painted vans,  Tambourines and Marijuana.
Kids, I will publicly state I never did drugs in a time when drugs were in fashion.
(And still kept my friends!) I never even smoked cigarettes (still don't today.)
I supported the troops, but questioned some government choices.
I fought for the 18 year old right to vote.
I burnt my bra! And sexually, I feel I kept my dignity through those years.

Note: Most of these are the songs sung by the original artists.

 I kept all lyrics in their original state.  This means, in today's world some words
might be considered politically incorrect or out-dated, offend some people,
 and in some cases not suitable for young children. 
 But I try to be as authentic with  my information as possible.

One Tin Soldier
Universal Soldier - WAVE FILE
(Sing along to Donovan's  Voice)
Reflections of..(the way life used to be)
(Theme of "China Beach")
Blowing in the Wind
Blowing in the Wind - WAVE FILE
(Sing along to Bob Dylan's Voice)
This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Eve of Destruction - WAVE FILE
Ballad of the Green Berets
Ballad of the Green Berets WAVE File
(Sing along with Sergeant Barry Sadler)

If I Can Dream of A Better Land
If I Had A Hammer
Give Peace A Chance
People Got To Be Free
The Times They Are a Changing
Turn, Turn, Turn - WAVE File
(Sing along with The Byrd's  Voices)
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Lonely - WAVE File
(Sing along with Bobby Vinton)
Coming Home Soldier - WAVE File
(Sing along with Bobby Vinton)

Daddy's Home
(Some interpret this a war song about a father 1,000 miles from his family as a soldier.
Others feel it's just a dad who's off on business.  You enjoy it as you feel best.)

Tie A Yellow Ribbon ('round the Old Oak Tree)
(Many do interpret this as a war song about a soldier returning home.  This is because today yellow ribbons mean a sign of support for those overseas.   This is why I put it on this page. Also, in the old days a woman wore a yellow ribbon in her hair as a sign she is waiting for a soldier to come home from war (remember the  western movie "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon?" In reality, this song is about a guy who was in prison and was on his way home.  He is asking his wife if she still loves him and to let him know this by tying a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree to he knows whether to get off the bus or not. Enjoy it however you wish!)) 

This song is from the late 60's well, more like 1970.
It appeared in a Coke Ad and captured the American Spirit
at the end of the Viet Nam War. So I am including it.

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
{Page goes to the Midi version. We also have it as a Wave file via Media player.
 Click here to hear the Hillside Singers.}

This song is from the 70's and is a Christian protest song
and the state of our country at that time.  Verse 2, although written 30 years
ago, speaks for the country today as well.
(Note: I have had emails telling me this is not a protest song.  I'll leave that up to the listener.)

This Little Child - Mp3.file

(Written and Performed by Scott Wesley Brown)

In The Year 2525 - Mp3.file
Written and Performed by Zager and Evans. It's a protest song that's a little different.
It's lyrics are a chilling tale of what the world could become if man doesn't stop the wars,
destroying the environment through war and technology, overdoing some technology, and other social flaws. I've decided to add it to this page.

Billy, Don't Be A Hero! - Mp3.file
Written and Performed by Paper Lace. It's a protest song that's done in what was called a bubble gum style of music.
And, is really from 1974...not the 60's.


Roll Call - Mp3.file
Performed by Johnny Cash in 1967.
 This is a lesser known song of his and was put on the back of the 45 rpm recorded "Rosanna."


US Blood Upon The Risers - Mp3.file
Written by US paratroopers in World War II, this song still is sung today as a reminder of the dangers of jumping.
Some consider it a protest song, so this is why I'm including it on this page.  NOTE: It is not for young children!

Finn - Mp3 File
Written and Sung by Joe DeFilippo about him and his friend Finn who were sent to Viet Nam n 1964.


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Chorus to "Fixin' To Die Rag" Midi made for us by Ron Tilden
Thanks Ron!


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