What monument is criticized for looking like a muffin? What is the most common coin?
 What is the holiday that doesn't always come on a Monday?
 Learn the answers because they just might end up on Jeopardy!

110 American


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1.    Why is the flag called "Old Glory?"

2.  Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance?

3. Alan Alda starred in the television series M*A*S*H as
Hawkeye, but who played Hawkeye in the movie version?

4.  Presidents Washington and Lincoln's birthdays are now
officially celebrated as one federal holiday called "Presidents'
Day" by everyone.  True or False?


5. "Kilroy was here!" is a campaign slogan of a senator during WWII.
True or False?

6.The Viet Nam War was a conflict. True or False?

7.  Conscription is an illness that many soldiers got overseas
during WWI and WWII.   True or False?

8.  What did Yankee Doodle call the feather in his hat?

9.  In 1991 the Gulf War was called "Operation Desert Storm."
But what was it called prior to that in 1990?

10.  On August 18, 1920 who got the right to vote in the US?

11.  The "original" Liberty Bell's crack is caused by a bullet?  True or False?

12.  On the first US Flag, why were the 13 stars sewn in a circle?

13.  Who won  Oscars as  the "Best Supporting Actor" and "Best Supporting Actress" in the movie "From Here to Eternity?"

14. The largest Veteran's Organization is.....?

15.Veteran's Day is also known as ...?

16.  The oldest US Military academy is?

17.  The U.S. armed forces were segregated until 1948 when this president gave an executive order making our services integrated.  Who was the president?

18.  Who invented fireworks?

19.  When the Pledge of Allegiance was published on September 8, 1892, the words "under God"  were not included in it.  True or False?

20.  The Great Seal of the United States is a bald eagle with an olive branch in his mouth, and arrows of war in his feet.  True or False?

21.  What US Dollar Bill was discontinued in 1966?



22.  Why was the White House painted white?


23.  Anyone who is a U.S. citizen can become president. 
 True or False?

24.  Yosemite National Park was not the most visited park in the US in 1998.  True or False?

25.  Which profession in colonial America was always the one to make flags?

26.  In the war movie, "Mister Roberts"  (1955), which odd couple star played Ensign Frank Pulver?

27.  John Phillips Sousa is known as "The March King" for all of his marching tunes which he wrote while he served in what military branch and had a marching band?

28.  The Fourth of July commemorates the adoption of the Bill of Rights to the US constitution. True or False?

29.  The 13 red and white stripes on the flag represent what?

30.  Bob Hope has entertained troops overseas since 1940.  What's his real name?

31.  Flag Day is not a legal holiday.  True or False?

32.  The term "White House" became official by an Act of Congress in 1906. True or False?

34.  After the 13 original colonies, which state is 14th?

35. Income tax was first started during which war?

36.  The term  "G I Joe" stands for  ?

37.   General Norman Schwarzkopf is the only 5 Star General in the US today. True or False?

38.  What is a vexillologist?

39.  What war movie is the only movie Frank Sinatra ever directed in his career?

40.  Where are the American Legion Headquarters?

41.  The Declaration of Independence is what?

42.  Which President ordered The Star Spangled Banner to be played publically?

43.  Memorial Day is also called?

44. Anna Jarvis started what holiday in 1907?

45.  The Korean War lasted only 3 years? True or False?

46.   Clara Barton started the Blue Cross & Blue Shield in 1881.  True or False?

47.  Once upon a time you could pay the government $300 to not be drafted. True or False?

48.  The term "E Pluribus Unum" means what?

49.  In the movie M*A*S*H Sally Kellerman plays "Hot Lips" O'Houlihan.
What's her first name?

50.  How many official Federal holidays do we have in the US?

51. Draft dodgers are also referred to as ?

52.  The President of the US is the head of the Red Cross. True or False?

53. The die for the US Seal got broken during the Civil War. True or False?

54. In 1969, which currency was the highest value in our country?

55.  The White House was lit by gas lights until which President?

56.  Which actor played in both the movie and television series of M*A*S*H?

57.  Veterans Day is always on a Monday.  True or False?

58.  The penny is the most popular circulated coin in the US today. True or False?

59.  The White House is also called?

60.  During WWII, a "Dear John" letter was a letter sent in code. True or False?

61. Election Day is an official government holiday. True or False?

62.  The $100,000 dollar bill with Pres. Wilson on it, was not printed for the public to use. True or False?

63. The US constitution states that the term of the president shall end on January 2 at noon at the end of his election year. True or False?

64. Which famous big band leader died in a plane crash in 1944 on his way to entertain the troops for a Christmas concert?

65. The phone and fax numbers to the White House is a security secret and not open to the public to know. True or False?

66.  In the movie M*A*S*H, Loretta Switt plays "Hot Lips" O'Houlihan. What was her rank?

67. In 1943 the US government stopped minting pennies due to a shortage of copper during the war.  True or False?

68.You can be president of the United States as many times as you want providing you win an office of either President or Vice President.
 True or False?

69. The first national park in the US was established in 1872. Which one was it?

70. Francis Scott Key wrote the words of our "Star Spangled Banner." Who wrote the music for it?

71. Who got the right to vote on March 23, 1971?

72.  "Yankee Doodle" is a song popular with the troops during which


73.  "Yankee Doodle" went where riding on a pony?

74.  The "Battle Hymn of the Republic" 's melody is also known as what other song?


75.  The "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was written by a woman.  True or False?


76. According to flag etiquette, you must never fly the flag upside down.  True or False?




77. On the bottom of the US Seal, is MDCCLXXVI. What does that represent?




78. In which publication was the Pledge of Allegiance first published?

(a) The Constitution
(b) The Washington Post
(c)  The Youth's Companion
(d)  The McGuffy Reader




79.  Who was the inspiration for the face of the Statue of Liberty?

(a) The designer, Bartholdi's mother.
(b) The designer, Bartholdi's wife.
(c)  The designer, Bartholdi's daughter.
(d)  None of the above.


80. .President Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865.  When did he die?

(a) Instantly, as soon as he was shot in the head.
(b) He lived for a day and died on April 15.
(c) He was in a coma for a week, then died on April 21.
(d) He lived for a while the day he was shot and died a few hours later on April 14.



81. The Viet Nam Memorial design was a contest open to anyone. The winner was a 21-yr. old Asian-American Architectural student named Maya Ying Lin.  What was the prize money for submitting the winning design?

(a) $5,000
(b) $10,000
(c) $15,000
(d) $20,000
(e) $100,000


82. The Korean War ended in 1953.  When was their Memorial dedicated?


83. It is against the law to fly any other flag higher than the US flag at anytime, anywhere in the US.  True or False?


84. On the US Flag, what part is the "canton."
(a) The pole
(b) The top stripe only.
(c) The bottom stripe only.
(d) The blue area where the stars are.
(e) The back side of the flag where the seams are more exposed.


85. What was Francis Scott Key's profession?

(a) Songwriter
(b) Lawyer
(c) Teacher
(d) Grew Tobacco in Virginia
(e) None of the above. He was an unemployed soldier.

86. John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum is a sculptor who created two of our national monuments.  What are they?


87. Uncle Sam is based on a real person.  True or False?


88. The National Mall was originally a park behind the White House.  True or False?


89. From 1984-1986 the Statue of Liberty got a makeover.
Her old flame used to be copper.  But what.difference did they do to it this time?



90. The shape of the Washington Monument is a long, 4-sided pillar that is 500 feet tall.  What is the name of that shape?


91. "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land unto All the Inhabitants Thereof. Leviticus XXVX"  - is inscribed on what famous US symbol?


92. Which of our national monuments was criticized for looking like a muffin?

(a) Jefferson's Memorial
(b) The US Capitol
(c)  The White House
(d)  The Pentagon


93.  The White House is the official residence for all our presidents.  Every president has stayed there except one.
Who was he?



94. In 1984, what was added to the Vietnam Memorial?
(a) More names of MIA's that were found.
(b) A Statue of 3 soldiers
(c) A sidewalk
(d) A shelf to put flowers, notes, etc.


95. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is said to have modernized the White House by adding what?

(a) A kitchen
(b) A swimming pool
(c) Air Conditioning
(d) Installing Telephones

96. There is also a Viet Nam Memorial to woman.
True or False?

97. On the great seal of the US are the words "Annuit coeptis" and they mean:

(a) A National Co-existing
(b) United Courts
(c) God Favors Our Undertaking
(d) One Nation One Continent


98.  In 1924 which president declared the Statue of Liberty a National Monument?

(a) Calvin Coolidge
(b) Teddy Roosevelt
(c) James Garfield
(d) None of the above

99.  Which monument has the inscription, "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal"?


100. Why is the flag of the US folded into a triangle?

(a) To represent our country, god and man.
(b) To represent the shape of the tricorn hats worn by the
     Revolutionary War Soldiers.
(c)  To symbolize the pyramid that is on our dollar bill.
(d)  It doesn't mean anything. It's just easier to fold in
     that shape.

101. The White House has four entrances: The North Door,
The South Door, The East Door and the West Door.  So which one would you use if you visited the White House?

102. Delaware is called "The First State" because:

(a) It was the first land declared free by the puritans.
(b) It was the first to define it's borders.
(c) It was the first to ratify the Federal Constitution
(d) It was the first in the alphabetical listing of states among
the 13 original colonies.

103. Besides the Civil War, which of the following states also declared war among each other:

(a) North Dakota and South Dakota
(b) California and Nevada
(c) Texas and Oklahoma
(d) Ohio and Michigan

104. Which of the armed services is the oldest?

105. Which US highway is the oldest?
(a) US 1
(b) US 30
(c) US 66
(d) US 101

106. The Statue of Liberty is considered part of New York City. True or False?

107. Daniel Boone was born and buried in Kentucky. True or False?

108. On the East Coast, states are said to be either north or south of the Mason Dixon line. Which state is neither?

109. The first American commercial radio station was located in:

(a) Pittsburgh, PA
(b) New York City, NY
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) Baltimore, MD

110. Even though George Washington was a great general and our first president, did he ever lose? If so, when?



(Note: Questions 102-110 were submitted to me by Dr. Dave  Miller of N.Carolina)


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