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1. In the song, "It's A Grand Ol' Flag" by George M. Cohen, what does he say is beneath the flag?

(a) Hearts beating truth
(b) No Boasting
(c) No Bragging
(d) All of these


2.  If you're suppose to fly the flag at half-staff and your flag isn't the kind that can't be moved up and down (like the ones that hang on homes on poles) then what is the recommendation?

(a) Don't fly the flag at all
(b) Put a black ribbon on the flag
(c) Fly the flag upside down
(d) All of these are OK

3.  Flag rules stipulate that when a US flag wears out, it is to be disposed of in what manner?

(a) Burnt
(b) Ripped horizontally (stripe by stripe) and then buried in the ground.
(c) Folded in the ceremonial manner and stored in a box.
(d) Given to the US Navy who buries them at sea.


4. On September 14, 1814 Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star Spangled Banner."  In which year did it officially become our national anthem?

(a) 1867
(b) 1914
(c) 1931
(d)  1941

5.The "Stars and Stripes Forever" march by John Sousa has lyrics?
True or False?


6. Who designed the first US Flag?

(a) Martha Washington
(b) Betsy Ross
(c) Deborah Read Franklin
(d) Sarah Winston Henry

7. Only the President can declare that a US flag be flown at half-staff.

True or False?


8. Which two astronauts put the flag on the moon for the first time?

(a) Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
(b) Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong
(c) James Irwin and Buzz Aldrin
(d) Neil Armstrong and Scott Altman

9.  If you fly the American flag upside down, it means what?

(a) I am not a US citizen
(b) I am protesting something the US is doing
(c) I am in trouble and need help
(d) I am dyslexic 

10.  The world's smallest US Flag was etched on what surface?

(a)  On the tip of a pin
(b)  On a silicon chip
(c)  On a diamond chip
(d)  On a small electronic resistor

11.  According to US flag rules, the US flag must be taken down at sunset  unless:

(a) It's being flow at half-staff due to the death of a president
(b) It's flying with other foreign flags that stay up all night.
(c) It's lit by some light source.
(d) It's in Alaska during the season when the sun doesn't set at all.

12.  In 1831, Captain William Driver is credited with what action regarding our US Flag?

(a) Calling it "Old Glory"
(b) Saving it from sinking in the ocean
(c)  Flying it half-staff during a funeral of another captain
(d)  Managing to keep it flying and never touching the ground during a horrible storm at sea.

13.  According to the flag rules, it's forbidden to tear up and destroy our flag.  But, which person tore up the flag and didn't get punished?

(a) Robert Peary
(b) Timothy Leary
(c) Howard Stern
(d) Jane Fonda

14. When you see the flag pass by in a parade, what are you suppose to do?

(a) Put your right hand over your heart
(b) Bow your head
(c) Salute
(d) Wave


15.  The stars on the US flag mean what?

(a) Praise to God
(b) US State
(c) Heavenly Guidance in government
(d) God Bless the USA

16.  The US flag code forbids any gold fringe on the US flag.
True or False?

17. On which of the following holidays do you fly the flag at half-staff?

(a) Patriot Day - September 11
(b) Peal Harbor Day - December 7
(c) Peace Officer's Memorial Day - May 15
(d) All of these


18. Before Betsy Ross sewed the first US flag, which colonial banner (flag) did George Washington fly?

(a) The Bennington
(b) The Union Jack
(c) The Grand Union
(d) Nothing at all

19. Which of the following countries was the first to have a US flag fly over one of it's forts?

(a) Israel 
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Libya
(d) Kuwait

20. The part of the US flag that has the stars is called what?

(a) Canton
(b) Union
(c) Field
(d) All of these

21. In 1990 Shawn Eichman won a case in the US Supreme court -- based on the First Amendment-- stated it was OK to do what to the US flag?

(a) Wear it
(b) Use the image on commercial products
(c) Rip it up
(d) Burn it


22.  In the "Pledge of Allegiance"  what does the flag stand for?

(a) The Republic
(b)  Indivisible
(c) Justice
(d) Liberty

23.  The flag should only be flown when the sun is shining.
True or False?

24. Where is the proper location to wear a flag pin?

(a) On your (right) shirt lapel
(b) On your (right) collar
(c) On your (left) pocket
(d) Anywhere is fine

25. According to US Law, who is the person that gives final approval on any US  service flag or lapel pin design?

(a) The President
(b) The Vice President
(c) The Secretary of Defense
(d) The Secretary of Commerce

26.  The color of red in our US flag represents what?

(a) The spilled blood of patriots  protecting us
(b) Valor
(c) Bravery
(d) All of the above

27. In 1896, John Sousa wrote "The Stars and Stripes Forever."  It was made the official march of the United States in which year?

(a) 1929
(b) 1950
(c) 1963
(d) 1987

28. On July 19, 2006, House Resolution Bill 42 made it wrong for  Home Owner Associations (residential or condominiums)  to do what regarding the US flag?

(a) Ban flying the flag on properties
(b) Forcing their members to fly the flag on Flag Day.
(c) Using the US Flag to sell commercial property
(d) All of these

29. How many stripes are on the US flag?

(a)  10
(b)  12
(c)  13
(d)  15

30. Which of the following states is the only one that celebrates Flag Day as an official holiday?

(a) Washington, D.C.
(b) Massachusetts
(c) Pennsylvania
(d) Virginia

31. On which holiday do you fly the US flag at half-staff for only half the day?( Then at noon you raise it up to full staff.)

(a) Memorial Day- May 31
(b) Patriot's Day - September 11
(c) Veteran's Day- November 11
(d) Pearl Harbor Day - December 7

 32. A Vexillologist is a person who does what with flags?

(a) Repairs them
(b) Studies them
(c) Only one authorized to dispose of them
(d) Makes them

 33. When a president dies, how many days should the flag be flown at half-staff?

(a) From the day he dies until he's buried
(b) From the day he dies till the end of the month
(c) For 30 days from the day he dies
(c) For 10 days from the date of death

34. In 2003, President George Bush did what to a US Flag which was in violation of the US Flag Code?

(a)  He wore it
(b)  He let it drop to the floor
(c)  He carried it lower than a foreign flag that was flying next to him
(d)  He marked it up

35. The very first stripe on the US flag is what color?

(a) White
(b) Red
(c) Blue
(d) Let me go look. ;)



These were created by Brownielocks for all patriotic occasions.


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