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Patriotic Music and Sing-Alongs
Most of the songs on this page are either wav files or mp3 files. 
Please do not link to my music. It steals bandwidth.

 This is more of a poem, than a song.
Written by Johnny Cash in 1974.

A subtle song of support to all who fight, disabled Vets who face challenges when home and for families who give support and face loss.
Performed in 1973 after Viet Nam ended.

America The Beautiful

Sing along with Ray Charles
to America the Beautiful.

 America the Beautiful 

American Trilogy



God Bless America

We think Celine has the best version of this.
 Sing along with her. This is a Wave File also,
meaning slower loading.

Basic Midi File (No vocals) Sing-Along

LeAnn Rimes Version- Wave File

Kate Smith Version - Wave File


God Bless the USA &  The Defenders

Wave file sung by Lee Greenwood

  "Dixie" by Lee Greenwood

God Bless the USA Midi

A large  wave file. 
In honor of all our military branches.

  "A Pittance of Time"  by Terry Kelly Video & Sing-Along Song

In God We Still Trust by Diamond Rio Video & Sing-Along

mp3 file sung by Billy Ray Cyrus
to show respect to all soldiers.

mp3 file sung by
George Jones

American Soldier

Wave file sung by Toby Keith

Ballad of the Green Berets 
(part of our Sixties War Songs section)

Star Spangled Banner

Whitney Houston's presentation of our national anthem at one Super Bowl is considered the best.
 Sing Along with her.

Star Spangled Banner by The Back Street Boys

Star Spangled Banner by The Dixie Chicks

Star Spangled Banner by New York Police Officer Daniel Rodriquez

Star Spangled Banner by Sandi Patti

Star Spangled Banner by Nathalie Matthews
Some consider her version better than Whitney Houston's

National Anthem Band Instrumental

Star Spangled Banner by the United States Army Band

Civil War Era Songs
Dixie - Band and Singing (Rather upbeat)
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Instrumental
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Vocal
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again - Vocal

Wave and Midi Files for the Armed Services Theme Songs!

Air Force Theme &
Air Force

Army Theme &
(1)Army Goes Rolling Along -Instrumental
(2)Army Goes Rolling Along -
Singing Voices

Coast Guard 



[Special thanks to Cpt. SC  Hung N Lieu , US Army, for sending me the Army wave files]

Sixties War Songs
Sing Along Pages for the most popular songs of that era.
A  separate page with links to many additional sing-along pages.
We feel these are the most popular war, patriotic, or
protest songs of the 1960's during the Viet Nam era.

These were created by Brownielocks for all patriotic occasions.


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