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Written by a Raymond Scott and Keith Textor. 
Used by US Air Force in 1950's recruiting  television commercials.


"We take the blue from the skies,
 And some pretty blue eyes,
 And a touch of Old Glory's hue.
 And. fervently declare
 We're proud to wear. 
The U. S. Air Force Blue!
 To put the drive and the dream 
In America's team,
 We're a rugged and ready crew.
And you can bet your boots 
The world looks up 
To U. S. Air Force Blue! 

We know where we're going.
We set our course. 
The sky's no limit in the Air Force!
The sky's no limit in the Air Force!

 And when the blue from the skies 
Meets the gleam in our eyes,
 And, a touch of Old Glory's hue.
 We fervently declare, 
[we know it then and there]
we're proud to wear
 The U. S. Air Force Blue!



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