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Roll Call

This song was released in 1967 by Johnny Cash.
It's not very well-known and was on the opposite side of the song "Rosanna" (45 rpm  record).
It is believed that he recorded this for a friend named B.J. Carnahan, that Johnny met at an airbase in Landsberg, Germany.

{There's some talking on these first few lines}

To Annabel in Memphis it was just another day.
But her sweetheart and his buddies died ten thousand miles away.

{Then singing begins}

A captain sadly walked the muddy bloody battlefield.
The smoke had cleared away and it was terrible and still.
In his pocket was a roster of the fallen fighting men.
And,the captain had his orders so the roll call began:
 Rivers and Revere
What can of you here?

The roll call was completed.
 But no sign of life was there.
Not one man had answered.
 Not one accounted for.
He turned around and he walked away and looked up to the sky.
When he heard his own voice echo and the answer from on high.

Atkins    (Here!)
Baker    (Here!)
 Carter    (Here!)
 Calahan    (Here!)
Clement    (Here!)
 Jones    (Here!)
 Johnson    (Here!)
 Moran    (Here!)
McCoy    (Here!)
 Perkins    (Here!)
 Rivers    (Here!)
 and Revere   (Here!)
Stepherd    (Here!)
 Thomas    (Here!)
Wilson (Yes sir, we're all here!)

We are present sir and all accounted for!


Note: This file was sent to me by Petr Razvin

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