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Warning! This Christmas Carol & Song Quiz is tough!
We recommend you get your dictionary handy before you begin. 


There are 50 questions. 
Each line is a cryptic description of a commonly known Christmas Carol or Song
 using more sophisticated words that basically mean or represent the same thing..

An example:  "Personal December desire for double central incisors."
Know what song that is?
Answer: "All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."


Got your thinking caps on? Got your dictionary ready?

The answers are embedded in the    image.
Place your mouse over the ? to see the answer revealed.

If using a smart phone to view these pages, just put your finger on the symbol and hold it for a moment. A pop up that contains the answer will appear. To close the pop up, just tap elsewhere on the screen.


1. Approach Everyone Who is Steadfast.



2. Ecstasy Toward the Orb.


3.  Hush, the Fortelling Spirits Harmonize.


4.  Quiescent Nocturnal Period the Ascent of Apollo.



5.  The Autocratic Troika Originating Near 90 degrees N.Latitude.

6.  The Primary Carol.


7.  Embellish the Corridors.


8.  I'm Fantasizing Concerning a Blanched Yuletide.


9.  I Apprehended My Maternal Parent Osculating with a 
     Corpulent, Unshaven Male in Crimson.


10.  Obese Personification Fabricated of Compressed Mounds
      of Minute Crystals.


11.  During the Time Ovine Caretakers Supervised Their Charges Past Midnight.


12.  The Thing Manifested Itself at 12 Onset of a  Transparent Day.


13. Asian Aristocratic Trio.


14.  The Tatterdemalion Ebony Atmosphere.


15.  The Coniferous Nativity.


16.  What Offspring Abides Thus.


17.  Removed in a Bovine Feeding Trough.


18.  Creator cool it, you jolly male homosapiens.


19.  Valentino, the Roseate Proboscises Wapiti.


20.  The Slight Percussionist Lad.


21.  Father Christmas Approaches the Metropolis.


22.  Seraphim We Aurally Detected in the Stratosphere.


23.  Hey, Miniscule Urban Area Southwest of Jerusalem.


24.  I Observed a Trio of Vessels Approach the Harbor.


25.  Tintinnabulation of Carillon.

26. Cold Geographical area Void of Color.

27. Look aqui. Obese Saint!

28. Ditty of Navitity.

29. Azurely Sad December Day

30. 3 Times the Precipitation Allowance.

31. Extreme, Grand, Delightful Moment of Annual Expectations,
Exhaultations and Financial Woes.

32. One Sticky Gelatinous Planet.

33. Tocsin Land Chunk.

34. Fun Miniature World.

35. Ungrown, Unshaven, Overweight Crimson Saint.

36. Obtain Personally Exuberant Minuscule December 25th.


37. Are our sound sensors in sync?


38. Hard fruit made edible by combustion. 


39. Older Female Relative Who Became Aeorodynamic Venison Roadkill.


40. Argentous Chimes.

41. Proceed & Narrate Gossip From A High Location.


42. Beware! A Group of Off-Key Strangers Approach.


43. 3 Squared + 3 Yuletide Events.


44. Pledge to Make a Domestic December Appearance.


45. Noisy feet on the High Fastigium Surface.


46. Caballero Yuletide.


47. Possess 365 Yuletides.


48. Regal, Nobil and Virtuous Male of Bohemian Nobility.


49. The Good Old Days of Long Ago.


50. All of Us Request An Exuberant December 25th For All.



Note: Special thanks to Darenda Klentzman for correcting me on some technicallity on #48.


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Source: Most of thesee were sent to me in email from Linda Levengood. 
She said this was given out at her company's Christmas Party.
Some were so hard that I well reworded them &  hopefully simplified them a tad for you.
Some I made up myself in case you're familiar with this already.

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