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            This is for the average, stressed Christmas enthusiast.

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   The best New Year is the MILLENNIUM year! See our cartoon.  

Sore feet from being on your feet or shopping? You're not the only one.   Some relatives relax for the holidays.  Brownielocks has Christmas totally under control. Do you? :) Our cartoon Nativity from Us to You - Peace! Billy makes his dream girl for Christmas.  I saw Mommy Kissing Santa cartoon 

 Don't Frost, ..Paint your cookies!  Get our Edible Paint Forumula and have fun.   . 

How did Xmas Get to Stand for Christmas?

As a Christian, I was told by one minister that it was not respectful to write "Xmas" because the "X" stood as a way to eliminate (Christ) Jesus out of the word Christmas.  This was years ago, when all this political correctness was running rapid and they took prayer out of schools etc. Others claim that the "X" is a way to express a disgust for the commercialization of Christmas, and as I said above, how the real meaning of celebrating Christ's birth has been either totally removed or overshadowed today.

However, the "X" actually is the descendant of the Greek equivalent of Ch, as in "Christos" which means "Christ."  But today's society has implied that "X" means to x-out or remove. And so Christ is removed by using the X?  The X has also symbolized an illiterate person's signature. So to use the X with some people implies you do not know how to spell Christ or are an imbicile?  

The truth is,  letter "X" has stood for Christ since at least 1100 A.D. 
Look it up in any dictionary! 
The "Xmas" was first cited in 1551.  Eric Partridge, word scholar, says that the scholarly abbreviation for "Christianity" is "Xianity."

Because so many people dislike Xmas and consider it crass, the use is more often limited to to commercial literature (cards,  gift wrap, etc.) and banners. 

The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage states, "never use" as a recommendation for when it's acceptable.

Source: "Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? and Other Imponderables"
Mysteries of Everyday Life explained by David Feldman
Harper & Row Publishers © 1987




This is awesome!
Takes a few minutes to load but is worth it!




Through satellite communication, starting Dec. 24, Santa will be tracked through all times zones as he delivers presents around the world!

The US  Air Force command - Northern  Radar Air Defence
in Colorado will track Santa Clause live
and report to you his location on the internet.
Santa's toys are high-tech and so is our ability to track him!
Don't miss this.


Our midi is "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
Here are the lyrics if you want to join us. They're pretty simple.

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer. Refrain

We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here. Refrain

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Note: The "Figgy Pudding" word links to a real recipe!

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