Please do not steal this for  your site. I created this myself  for my visitors to enjoy and tell others about!

Here is a crossword puzzle that I created which is based on knowing the lyrics to a lot of popular Christmas songs and carols.
There are 47 words.  I'd say 44 are based on knowing the lyrics.  There were a couple of spots (in order to
connect or have other words work) where I had to use words that are Christmas related, but not necessarily to any song or carol.


To print out the crossword on a separate page, click here: Puzzle  To see the answers or solution to the crossword, click here: Solution
I do not have a separate PDF file for the clues below.  I typed them on-line.



2.  When do we need Christmas?
10.  _______ Navidad
11.  The kind of sleigh in Jingle Bells.
15.  A little star was from this town.
16.  What kind of gentlemen are resting?
17.  Have A Holly  _____ Christmas.
19. What you are doing in order to have a White Christmas.
20. This group comes from the Orient bearing gifts.
21.  The Grinch's soul is so rotten, that medically one might assume
       that it's infected with bacteria and in what condition?
22.  What color is Santa's outfit primarily?
23.  Santa knows if you've been naughty or ______.
24.  A heavenly domain or kingdom where angels are said to be.
26.  What part of St. Nicholas's body do you tell to lean towards
27.  Santa's bag is filled with toys for girls and ____.
29.  Because he spilled some ink on the rug, he's getting what for
31.  Frosty the Snowman has a corncob what?
32.  What kind of fire do you roast nuts on?
33.  This word starts every line in the lyrics to "The Twelve Days
       of Christmas."
34.  This is what Alvin wants for Christmas.
36.   This is holy and silent.
37.  One of the continents that Santa Claus visits (Initials).
38.  We need carols at the spinet and what in our windows?
39.  This is what we are to do on the mountain.
42.  Christmas is the _____  ______ time of the year.
43.  These kinds of nuts are mostly roasted at Christmas.
46.  This relative got run over by a reindeer.
47.  How many ships were seen sailing?



1. Good King _______.
3. Where are you hoping to be on Christmas Day?
4. This person was caught kissing Santa Clause.
5.  What did the angels say this was the first of?
6.  ____ On The Rooftop.
7.  What did my true love give on the tenth day of Christmas?
8.  If the elves had a television network, this might be the station's
9.  "God bless you and send you a happy ___ year."
12.  Who is very jolly?
13.  Once you pass the borders of this place, you can never
14.  In what location do we hear angels singing over the plains?
18.  What we all wish for on earth to begin with each of us.
24.  Who has a bright nose?
25.  Santa delivers presents so fast, he probably travels at this
       speed, compared to the speed of sound.  (Initials)
27.  This is the kind of stick that Frosty has in his hand.
28.  This is the lane that everyone's waiting for you-know-who
       to come down.
30.  What kind of tidings are brought to you and your kin?
35.  This kind of strength is used to go dashing through the snow in
        a sleigh.
39.  The Grinch has termites in this part of his body.
40.  The night was calm as well as what?
41.  The _____ of The Wooden Soldiers.
44.  A hard-shelled fruit or a kind of a cracker that breaks it.
43.  How many teeth does someone want for Christmas?





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