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 Rather than put this on every monthly page, I made a link to this page to save clutter.

All listings  on our site are validated either via a printed source or an official website for that observance.  I do not  validate any of my data
from  other sites who list holidays.  Also, all those other holiday sites never list their sources.  This is because they simply are copying it from other sites, I feel.

  I will not list an observance I can't prove is real  and that it's not made up and just been passed around from website to website, blog to blog, etc.
I validate  by knowing its source or sponsor  most of the time.
 I will not fill in a blank day with a  cute, funny and fake holiday like some sites. 

We don't have observations for every single day of the year! We do have a couple of blank days.

If you find a site that does,  well...
I'd be suspicious of them making stuff up to fill in the blanks.
They also take a lot of their information from me!


I do not consider famous people's births/deaths as a holiday or observance--Unless it's been established as holiday (i.e.  Washington's Birthday). Or a group has come together and created an observance for this individual.   I  have made an exception with  the military branches and a few other nationally known organizations because I felt they deserved recognition. My choice!

I also do not list  "on this day 100 yrs. ago" items. 
But, if you want to know this?  Check out these sites:
If you want "On This Day" in History information, go to The History Channel!
Want to know if anyone famous was born today? Visit Famous Birthdays!
A great source for what was the Song Hit of the Day is Bob Dearborn Disc Jockey site.
Just log in any day on a search engine, and Wikipedia tells you both birthdays, events, etc. for it.

Because dates are tentative and also change a lot, I'm not going to  list the Indian Tribal Gatherings per month.
But, here's a link to all the Indian  PowWows for the entire year!

So what is an official validated holiday other than a legally declared one by the government?
An observance MUST have a validated origin  source and/or an official sponsor  (meaning someone who actually takes responsibility for following through on observing this on a national or state level, and not just the  "creator" of the idea of it)  and have it registered in Chase's Calendar of Events, or run a website dedicated to the observance (not a blog!).  Otherwise, it's just a funny, goofy holiday created by someone for  attention or whatever reason..  I find sites claiming  to validate their sources and yet do not list them so people can check their references. Hmmm?  My sources are listed below and at the bottom of every monthly page. Or, they are validated via website links if not in Chase's Calendar of Events.

Remember, the internet is a field for fraud! Just because a site  may sound official, doesn't mean it is. Just because it's website design is technically sophisticated, doesn't mean the information on it is valid, accurate or up-to-date either.  I've spotted websites with out-dated  holiday information even though their  web design might be more snazzy than mine is.

Maybe your family has created a "National Strawberry Shortcake Day" and you all go out and have one?
That's nice. But that doesn't make it an OFFICIAL  celebration because it's done in your house and you put it on your personal homepage as such. Do you understand?

Kids, please, don't e-mail if you find a holiday on some other site and it's not here.
I can't validate some of their  holidays.  I hope they can.  And, rather than write me, I suggest you write them and question them to validate their dates. But,  you decide for yourself for school work etc.!

I'm doing my best to get visitors to avoid being gullible to "official illusions" and believing because it's on the net.
I'm not calling other sites liars. They could have books I don't. But they should list them  on their site for people, who want to check,  to go to the library and validate, or buy the books. (I bought mine!)

I make no claims to be the official final authority of holiday information (for the US) on the net.
I just make a promise to never make anything up and will update when I get the latest data.   How's that? ;)
I apologize for all this wordiness, but in the long run it saves me repeating it in emails

About the dates...

Because so many write and ask me "Are the dates the same every year or do they change?" I've now marked those holidays and observances that are  on the same date each year with An * asterick in front of the day (or week) .  This means as far as my latest information, it's always on that date regardless of the day of the week it falls on year to year.

Some holidays listed as "Monthly Observances" start in one month and go into another to cover their 30 days. For example: An observance begins on  May 15  and goes to June 15. I listed this for May, the starting month. I do not list for both months.

By request, I've now included some of the traditional observances that you see on your average calendar, along with the lesser known ones under the Days area.

 Some Observances Listed For 2018
DO NOT appear in 2019 Book.
 Now What?

Well, many have now gotten their own websites.  So, I've provided links when possible.  Others have been declared to always be on the first Monday or Sunday or whatever and so I've noted that when possible.  But, I have removed some that I can't find any valid website link to (a sponsor not a blog, etc.) or some declaration that declared it always on a date, even if it's not in Chase's Calendar of Events.  And, others well, they're just all gone.  Sometimes they were only meant for that year alone.

There is no more, for example: Clown Month,  Beauty Pageant Month, Cable TV Month,  Junk Food Month,  Pessimistic Day, Columist's Day, Costume Swap Day, for example. Then their are some observances that get reworked from say a daily observance to a weekly one. Others go from a Month to a Day; or from weekly observance to a monthly one.  (These are done by their sponsors).

Question: Does removal of a sponsor and not being published in the 2019 book mean official removal of the celebration?

There could be an on-line website  that validates it as always being on that date or active in some format. Others are declared legally and set up to be observed every year based on that one piece of legislation.   I  research best I can.  But,   once an observance is cancelled, well that's it. I can't stop others from listing out-dated material.  I won't list old stuff not supported (or can't prove a source.)  And to repeat, I won't make stuff up either. 

 Some listings have a link at the end.
Why don't they all have a link?

As I said in the beginning, my reference book  doesn't have them all and has apparently  missed some observances that are valid and that people have been nice enough to write me and let me know about. Because I do not have any information on these holidays in my published source, I put a  website link to their sponsor or originator  to prove they are real, valid and to show they are not made up. This also helps me when it's time to update.  I'll see a listing with a link and know it's not in the new book with a current date, so I won't waste my time trying to find it. 

Note: In the case of links as validation or  information,  I might not know the date of next year's events until that website gets updated.  I  did put in the 2016 date if the website offered it.  In other cases, I "assumed" the 2016 date based on the 2015 date.  If I am wrong, please let me know. 


 I have also removed observances that have been validated through website links if those websites no longer exist.

Why not provide links to all the listings?  It's too much work to do this.  And, babysitting broken links is a job unto itself.  Remember, I don't get paid or make money from doing this.  I don't even have ads on my site (as so many others do) as an income.

Here are word links back to each of our 
2019 Current Monthly Listings.
Since we are not sure which month you came from to view this.
















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