March 2021 Holidays

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Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, Unknown Holidays & Observances

March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.  This was the time of year to resume military campaigns that had been interrupted due to winter.
Stone = Aquamarine      Flower = Daffodil

 Holiday Authenticity
How Holidays Begin and How to Start One.

Rules for Use:

All our holidays are validated with sponsors, organizations, proclamations, history; or, we validate the source or origin for an observance to prove it's not made up.

Although we have holidays for most days, there are a few that are blank. I realize social media spouts these daily. I'm sure you know that some are just made up and fake. Maybe they're fun, but, Beware! Also, some observances that are validated through website links, can't be updated until their websites update their information.

I do not do ads. I do not try to make money from keeping these listings. I do not respect other holiday sites that steal my information and put it on a site wanting to make money from ads or charging to even validate a holiday.

I'll add a holiday observance for free if it's coming from a valid source and not obscene, hateful, etc.

All of my holiday and observances lists as a whole group are not "fair use" information. (Individual holidays are owned by their sponsors.) They are copyrighted via this domain and are not to be taken and put on another website, blog, or made into a downloadable application, etc..

-- Doing so is a violation of the DMCA. --

Link to my holiday pages or, use them for personal, off-line use for clubs, newsletters, homemade calendars, etc.

You're invited to share these holidays on Twitter, etc. Just tell folks where you got them. All I have is word-of-mouth since I do not do ads.

March 2021 Monthly Holidays

Action & Skill Toys Month
Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month Link
Alport Syndrome Awareness Month
American Red Cross Month or Red Cross Month  Link  or  Link
Asset Management Awareness Month  Link
Brain Injury Awareness Month Link
Child Life Month Link
Clap 4 Health Month
Colic Awareness Month
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
(Different sponsor from  National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month)
Credit Education Month
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Month Link
*Deaf History Month (3/13 to 4/15)
Developmental Disabillities Awareness Month  Link
Employee Spirit Month
Endometriosis Month Link
Expanding Girls' Horizons in Science & Engineering Month Link
Honor Society Awareness Month Link
Humorists Are Artists Month
International Black Women in Jazz & The Arts Month Link
International Ideas Month
International Listening Awareness Month
International Mirth Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
Mad for Plaid Month
Malignant Hypertension Awareness & Training Month
Music In Our Schools Month Link
National Athletic Training Month  Link
National Breast Implant Awareness Month  Link
National Caffeine Awareness Month
National Cheerleading Safety Month Link
National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month
National Color Therapy Month Link
National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 
(Different sponsor from Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month)
National Craft Month Link
National Ethics Awareness Month
National Essential Tremor Awareness Month Link
National Eye Donor Month
National Frozen Food Month Link
National Multiple Sclerosis Education & Awareness Month
National Kidney Month
National Kite Month (3/28-5/3)
National March Into Literacy Month
National Noodle Month Link
National Nutrition Month
National On-Hold Month
National Peanut Month
National Social Work Month Link
National Umbrella Month
National Women's History Month
Optimism Month
Paws To Read Month
Play The Recorder Month
Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Problem Gambling Awareness Month Link
Quinoa Month Link
Save The Vaquita Month
Save Your Vision Month
Sing With Your Child Month
Small Press Month Link
Social Work Month
Spiritual Wellness Month
Supply Management Month Link
Transgender Month of Action for Healthcare Equality Link
Trisomy Awareness Month Link
Vascular Abnormalities Awareness Month
Women's History Month: Link
Workplace Eye Wellness Month
Worldwide Home Schooling Awareness Month
Youth Art Month

March 2021 Weekly Holidays


*Hearing Awareness Week: 1-7
*LGBT Health Awareness Week: 1-7 Link
*National Cheerleading Week: 1-7
*National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week: 1-7
*National Ghostwriters Week: 1-7
*National Invest in a Veteran Week: 1-7  Link
*National Pet Sitters Week: 1-7 Link
National School Breakfast Week: 1-5 (First Full M-F week)
*Return The Borrowed Books Week: 1-7

Telecommuter Appreciation Week: 1-7  (Always Week that has Alexander Graham Bell's Birthday 3/2)
*Universal Human Beings Week: 1-7 Link

*Will Eisner Week: 1-7 (Always has the 6th which is his birthday)  Link
*World Hearing Awareness Week: 1-7 Link
International Festival of Owls Week: 5-7 (First Full Weekend)
Celebrate Your Name Week: 7-13 (First Full Week)
Girl Scout Week: 7-13 Link (Always the week with March 12)
National Dental Assistants Recognition Week: 7-13  Link
National Procrastination Week:  7-13
National Schools Social Work Week: 7-13  Link
(First Sunday thru Monday)
National Words Matter Week:  7-13 (First Full Week)
No More Week: 7-13 Link

Read an E-Book Week: 7-13 Link  
(Note: Read An Ebook Day is in Sept.)
Save Your Vision Week: 7-13 Link  (First Full Week)
Termite Awareness Week: 7-13

Women in Construction Week: 7-13  Link (First Sunday thru Monday)
Women of Aviation Worldwide Week: 7-14  (From Sunday before 3/8 to Sunday after.
Words Matter Week: 7-13 (First Full Week)
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week: 10-13
National Money Show: 11-13
*Turkey Vultures Return to the Living Sign: 11-17
World Rattlesnake Roundup: 12-14
 (2nd Weekend)
Campfire USA Birthday Week: 14-20 ( 2nd Full Week)
Teen Tech Week: 14-20 (Usually 2nd Week)
Act Happy Week: 15-21 (Starts on 3rd Monday)
International Brain Awareness Week: 15-21  Link
International Teach Music Week: 15-21
National Fix A Leak Week: 15-21 (3rd M-F  Week)  Link
Native American Awareness Week: 15-19  Link
Shakespeare Week: 15-21
International Listening Association Week: 17-20

American Council on Education: 20-22
National Cherry Blossom Festival: 20-4/10 Link  
American Chocolate Week: 21-27 (Always 3rd  Full Week)  Link
Consider Christianity Week: 21-27 (Starts 2 Sundays Before Easter)
*International Week of Solidarity with People's Struggling Against Racism & Discrimination: 21-27
Passiontide: 21-4/3
(Begins on 5th Sunday of Lent and goes for 2 weeks)
Passion Week: 21-27
(Beginning the 5th Sunday of Lent. Week before Holy Week)
National Agriculture Week: 21-27
National Animal Poison Prevention Week:  21-27 (3rd Full Week)  Link  Link
National Inhalant and Poisons Awareness Week: 21-27 (3rd Full Week)  Link   Link
National Poison Prevention Week: 21-27 (3rd Full Week) 
National Protocol Officer's Week: 21-27 (Last Week)
World Folktales & Fables Week: 21-27

Wellderly Week: 21-28 (3rd Mon-Sun Week)
*National Physicians Week: 25-31  Link

Holy Week: 28-4/3
International Phace Syndrome Awareness Week: 28-4/3  (Last Week)
National Cleaning Week: 28-4/3 (Last Week)

March 2021 Daily Holidays


*Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day: 1 Link
*Baby Sleep Day: 1
*Breast Implant Illness Awareness Days: 1-30  (Not monthly observance)  Link
Casimir Pulaski Day: 1 (First Monday in March) Link (Note: See also October 11)
*Dadgum That's Good Day: 1 (Masterbuilt food products & cookbooks)
*Endometriosis Day or Wear Yellow Day: 1
*National Black Women in Jazz & The Arts Day: 1  Link
*National Horse Protection Day: 1
*National Peanut Lovers Day: 1 Link
*Peace Corps Day: 1 (Founded. Different than 3/6)
*Pig Day: 1
*Plan a Solo Vacation Day: 1
*Refired, Not Retired Day: 1
*Saint David's Day: 1 Link
*Self-injury Awareness Day: 1  Link
*World Compliment Day: 1
*Zero Discrimination Day: 1 Link


*Dr. Seuss Day: 2
Free Dentistry Day: 2 Link  (Note: Check your area. Dates are different all year long.)

NEA's Read Across America Day: 2 (Nearest  School Day to Dr. Seuss's Birthday 3/2)
Peace Corps Day: 2 Link 
( Historical 3/1/1961 by Pres. Kennedy. But observed on First Tuesday)
*World Teen Mental Illness Day: 2  Link

*I Want You To Be Happy Day: 3
*International Ear Care Day: 3

*National Anthem Day: 3
*National Mulled Wine Day: 3  Link
*Princess Day: 3 Link
*Simplify Your Life Day: 3
*Soup It Forward Day: 3  Link Cancelled
*What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day: 3
*World Birth Defects Day: 3
*World Hearing Awareness Day: 3  Link

World Maths Day: 3 Link
*World Wildlife Day: 3 Link 

*Benjamin Harrison Day: 4
*Brain Injury Awareness Day: 4 Link  (Note: Brain Injury Awareness Week is in May)
*Courageous Follower Day: 4
*Holy Experiment Day: 4   Link and Link
*Hug A G.I. Day: 4  Link
*International Scrapbooking Industry Day: 4
*March Forth-Do Something Day: 4
*Marching Music Day: 4  Link
*National Backcountry Ski Day: 4
National Hospitalist Day: 4 (First Thursday) Link
*National Grammar Day: 4  Link
*Old Inauguration Day: 4
*Toy Soldier Day: 4 Link
World Book Day: 4 Link (First Thursday)
*World Engineering Day For Sustainable Development: 4

Dress in Blue Day: 5 Link  (Always First Friday)
Employee Appreciation Day: 5  (Always First Friday)  Link
National Day of Unplugging: 5-6  Link    (First Friday & Saturday)
*National Absinthe Day: 5 Link
*National Poutine Day: 5
National Salesperson Day: 5  Link  (First Friday)  (Also in December)
National Speech and Debate Education Day: 5  Link 
(First Friday)
*Saint Piran's Day: 5
Shabbat Across America/Canada: 5  Link
World Day of Prayer: 5
(Always First Friday)
*World Tennis Day: 5

America's Cup - 36th Finals: 6-21

*Day of The Dude: 6 Link
Genealogy Day: 6  Link (Saturday of First Full Week)
Iditarod: 6-21 (Begins on First Saturday)
International Cake Day: 6 Link
*National Dentist's Day: 6 Link
*National Dress Day: 6  Link
National Frozen Food Day: 6 Link  (First Saturday)
National Play Outside Day: 6 Link (First Saturday)
*Oreo Cookie Day: 6 Link
Sock Monkey Day: 6  (First Saturday)
*Sofia Kovalevskaya Math Day: 6 (Many schools celebrate this on different dates in March.)  Link)

Daughters' and Sons' Day: 7  (First Sunday in March)
Finisher's Medal Day: 7 Link  (First Sunday) Moved to November 20
Girl Scout Sunday: 7 Link (The Sunday in Girl Scout Week, or closest to March 12)

Namesake Day: 7 (Sunday of First Full Week)
*National Be Heard Day: 7
*National Cereal Day: 7  Link
*National Flapjacks Day: 7  Link


Fun Facts About Names Day: 8  Link  (Monday of First Full Week)

*Day for Women's Rights & International Peace: 8
*Girls Write Now Day: 8
*International Women's Day: 8 Link
*International Working Women's Day: 8
*National Proofreading Day: 8
*National Peanut Cluster Day: 8 Link
*National Retro Video Game Day: 8  Link
*The Bikini Bottom Free (Crabcakes) Day: 8  Link  (SpongeBob Squarepants)
*Volunteers of America Day: 8

*Barbie Day: 9
*Get Over It Day: 9 Link
*Joe Franklin Day: 9
*National Urban Educator Day: 9  Link

Organize Your Home Office Day: 9 (2nd Tuesday)
*Panic Day: 9
Unique Names Day: 9  Link  (Tuesday of First Full Week)


Discover What Your Name Means Day: 10 Link  (Wednesday of First Full Week)
*International Bagpipe Day: 10
*International Day of Awesomeness: 10 Link
Isra Al Mi'Raj: 10-11
*Land Line Telephone Day: 10
*Mario Day: 10
* National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: 10
Registered Dietitian Day: 10  (2nd Wednesday)
*Salvation Army Day: 10
Sterile Packaging Day: 10 (2nd Wednesday)
*US Paper Money Day: 10

*Dream 2021 Day: 11
Isra Al Mi'ra: 10-11
*Johnny Appleseed Day: 11
*Key Deer Awareness Day: 11
Nametag Day: 11 Link  (Thursday of First Full Week)
*National 311 Day: 11 Link
*National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day: 11 Link 
*National Promposal Day: 11 Link (Ask to prom)
*COVID-19 Global Pandemic Day: 11
World Kidney Day: 11 (2nd Thursday)
*World Plumbing Day: 11 Link

*Girl Scout Birthday Day: 12 Link
Middle Name Pride Day: 12 Link  ( Friday of First Full Week)

*Donald Duck Day: 13 (Link Removed Due to Virus) (See also June 9)
*Earmuffs Day: 13
Genealogy Day: 13 (Saturday of First Full Week)
*Good Samaritan Involvement Day: 13
International Fanny Pack Day: 13 Link  (2nd Saturday)
*Itra-Uterine Growth Awareness Restriction (IUGAR) Day: 13
*K-9 Veterans Day: 13  Link
*Ken Day: 13 (Doll)
*L. Ron Hubbard Day: 13
*National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day: 13
National Urban Ballroom Dancing Day: 13 (2nd Saturday)
*Smart & Sexy Day: 13

Check Your Batteries Day: 14 (2nd Sunday)
Daylight Saving Time Begins: 14  (Turn Ahead 1 Hour)  @2:00 am)
*International Ask A Question Day: 14
*International Day of Action for Rivers: 14 Link
*International Day of Mathematics: 14  Link
 *MOTH-ER Day: 14
Mothering Sunday: 14 Link
*Potato Chip Day: 14
*Pi Day (as in the math pie = 3.14159265 etc.): 14 Link
*Save a Spider Day: 14 Link
*Write Your Story Day: 14 


*Brutus Day: 15
*Buzzards Day: 15 Link
Fill Our Staplers Day: 15 (Also Nov. 6. Always Day after Daylight Savings Ends)
*Ides of March: 15
*International Day of Action Against Canadian Seal Slaughter: 15  Link
Napping Day: 15  (Monday after daylight savings times)
*National VO Day: 15
*National Shoe The World Day: 15
*True Confessions Day: 15
Well-Elderly or Wellderly Day: 15 (3rd Monday)
*World Consumer Rights Day: 15 Link

*Black Press Day: 16
*Campfire Girls Day: 16
*Curlew Day: 16
*Freedom of Information Day: 16 (On or nearst to 16th)
*Goddard Day: 16 Link  Link
*Lips Appreciation Day: 16
*No Selfies Day: 16
*Panda Day: 16
*St. Urho's Day: 16 Link and Link
World Social Work Day: 16 (3rd Tuesday) Link

*Campfire Day: 17
Small Business Development Day: 17  Link (Third Wednesday)
*St. Patrick's Day: 17 Link

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day: 18 (3rd Thursday)
*Awkward Moments Day: 18
*Forgive Mom and Dad Day: 18
*Kiss Your Fiancée Day: 18
*National Biodiesel Day: 18
*National Public Defense Day: 18  Link
*National Sloppy Joe Day: 18  Link
Transit Driver Appreciation Day: 18 (On 18th unless it falls on weekends. Then closest working day.)  Link

*Client's Day: 19 Link
Goddess of Fertility Day: 19  (Day before the Spring Equinox)
*National Certified Nurses Day: 19  Link
*National Chocolate Caramel Day: 19 Link
National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence: 19  Link
National Farm Rescuer Day: 19 Link (Third Thursday)
*National Poultry Day: 19 Link
*Operation Iraqi Freedom Day: 19
*Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day: 19
World Sleep Day: 19 Link (Friday of 2nd Full Week)

*Alien Abduction Day: 20 (Started in 2008 at Toronto Alien Festival)
Corn Dog Day: 20 Link  (3rd Saturday)
Free Cone Day (Dairy Queen): 20  Link  (First Day of Spring)  Cancelled
*Bed-in For Peace Day: 20 (Beatles - John and Yoko)
*Great American Meat Out Day: 20 Link
*International Astrology Day: 20 (Spring Equinox)
*International Day of Happiness: 20 Link  Link
*French Language Day: 20 Link
National Corn Dog Day: 20 Link (On First Saturday of NCAA Men's Division)
*National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: 20 Link
National Quilting Day: 20 (3rd Saturday)
National Tequila Day: 20 (3rd Saturday) Mexico Link (On July 24th in US)
Naw-Ruz: 20
Ostara: 20 (Spring Equinox)
Play The Recorder Day: 20  (3rd Saturday)
Save The Panther Day: 20 (3rd Saturday)
*Proposal Day: 20
*Rita's Free Italian Ice Day: 20  Link  Cancelled
*Snowman Burning Day: 20
Spring (Vernal Equinox): 20  5:37 am EDT
Vaffeldagen (Waffle Day): 20 Link
(Third Saturday)
Walk In The Sand Day: 20  Link  (Saturday after the March Equinox)

*World Flour Day: 20 Link
*World Frog Day: 20 Link
*Won't You Be My Neighbor Day: 20
*World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People: 20 Link
*World Sparrow Day: 20  Link
World Storytelling Day: 20 Link (Always Spring Equinox)
Worldwide Quilting Day: 20 (Always 3rd Saturday) Link


*Gallo Wine Day: 21
*International Colour Day: 21  Link
*International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: 21
*International Day of Forests and The Tree: 21 Link
*International Day of Nowruz: 21 Link
International Sports Car Racing Day: 21 Link (3rd Saturday)
*Memory Day: 21
*National Common Courtesy Day: 21
*National Day of Action On Syringe Exchange: 21 Link
*National Fragrance Day: 21 Link (Note: National Perfume Day is in April)
*National Healthy Fats Day: 21
*National Renewable Energy Day: 21
*National Single Parent Day: 21 Link 
*Naw-Ruz: 21
*Noruz: 21
*Twitter Day: 21 (Social Media Application)
WE Day: 21 Link (Note: This has various dates based on city.  Check their website.)
*World Down Syndrome Day: 21 Link
*World Poetry Day: 21  Link   Link
*World Puppetry Day: 21 Link

*As Young As You Feel Day: 22
*International Day of The Seal: 22
*National Goof-off Day: 22
*Talk Like William Shatner Day: 22
*Tuskegee Airmen Day: 22
*World Day for Water (aka World Water Day) : 22 Link
*World Day of Metta: 22


American Diabetes Association Alert Day: 23 Link (4th Tuesday)
*Atheist Day: 23 Link
National 3-D Day: 23  Link   (The 3rd day of the 3rd Week)
National Agriculture Day: 23 Link 
*National Puppy Day: 23  Link  Link
*National Chia Day: 23 Link  Link
*National Tamale Day: 23
*Near Miss Day: 23
*OK Day: 23 Link
*World Meteorological Day: 23

*National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day: 24 Link
National Education and Sharing Day: 24 Link  ( 11th day of the Month of Nissan)
National Equal Pay Day: 24  Link
*International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for Dignity of Victims: 24 Link
*World Tuberculosis Day: 24

*International Day of Remembrance of The Victims of Slavery and The Transatlantic: 25
*International Day of The Unborn Child: 25  Link
*International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members: 25 Link
*National Day of Celebration of Greek & American Democracy: 25
*National Medal of Honor Day: 25
*Old New Year's Day: 25
*Pecan Day: 25
*Tolkien Reading Day: 25

*Legal Assistants Day: 26
*Live Long And Prosper Day: 26
*Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 26
*Purple Day: 26 Link
*Spinach Day: 26


Be Mad Day: 27 (4th Saturday)
*Celebrate Exchange Day: 27 Link
Earth Hour: 27 Link 
(Not to be confused with Earth Day. This pertains to turning off lights at 8:30 pm local time.)
Endometriosis March Day: 27 Link  (4th Saturday)
*National Scribble Day: 27 Link
Passover: 27-4/4
Pesach: 27-4/4
*Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day: 27
*Viagra Day: 27
*World Theatre Day: 27  Link

*Barnum & Bailey Day: 28
*National Triglycerides Day: 28  Link
Palm Sunday: 28
*Weed Appreciation Day: 28 Link

*Knights of Columbus Founders Day: 29
*National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day: 29
*National Vietnam War Veterans Day: 29  Link
*Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day: 29
*Smoke & Mirrors Day: 29  Link
*Texas Loves The Children Day: 29
World Piano Day: 29 Link (On the 88th day of the year. Normally March 29, except on leap year. There is also Piano Month in Sept.)

*Doctors Day: 30  Link
*Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day: 30
*I Am In Control Day: 30 Link
*International Laundry Folding Day: 30
*Pencil Day: 30
*Torrents Day: 30 Link
*Virtual Vacation Day: 30  Link
*World Bi-polar Day: 30 Link

*Anesthesia Tech Day: 31 Link
*Bunsen Burner Day: 31
*Cesar Chavez Day: 31 Link
*International Hug A Medielvalist Day: 31
*International Transgender Day of Visibility: 31  Link
*National Crayon Day: 31 Link Link
Little Red Wagon Day: 31  Link  (Last Wednesday)
Manatee Appreciation Day: 31 Link (Last Wednesday)
*National Prom Day: 31 Link
*National "She's Funny That Way" Day: 31
*Starbucks Day: 31
*Terri's Day: 31  Link
Whole Grain Sampling Day: 31 (Last Wednesday)  Link
*World Backup Day: 31


March 2021 Moon Phases

Current Moon View
as of today

NLast Qtr.
8:32 pm

New Moon
5:23 am


FiFirst Qtr.
 10:41 am

 Full Moon
 2:50 pm


Full Moon on the 28th is called "Worm Moon" by Native Americans of New England and the Great Lakes because this time of the year there are signs of earthworms as the ground thaws in preparation for spring.

Chases Calendar of Events 2020, Rowman & Littlefield
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National Pet Sitters Week, Torrents Day ,.Black Marriage Day, International Day of Action for Rivers.
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