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Through the years, I've been asked how these holidays and observances all get started. And, I also get asked how someone can create one and also be listed on my site.  Below is what I know about this topic and also what I require in order to be listed on my "Official" holidays and observances listing.


1.  Holidays or Observances are started by  the President of the United States as a proclamation.
2.  Holidays or Observances are started by an act of the U.S. Congress as resolution # ___.
3.  Holidays and Observances can be started by individual US State legislatures and/or Governors.
4.  Holidays and Observances can be started as cultural traditions or due to some historical event.
     An example is St. Patrick's Day (Irish culture) or  Patriot's Day (September 11).
     They are also started based on a religious belief. Examples are Christmas, Ramadan and

5. Observances can also be started based on someone's date of birth or date of death.  This can
    either be based on their life or something that they invented or accomplished.  An example is
    Tolkien Day or  Morse Code Day. NOTE: Not every famous person's birthday or death date is an

6.  Observances can also be started by organizations (profit or non-profit).

7.  Observances are also started by commercial companies, and are usually publicized on their
      websites or on television.  An example was "Potty Dance Day" that we just had in 2011 by
      Huggies diapers.

8.   Observances are also started by individuals!  This is the one that most of you are interested
      in learning about.

      Let me first of all explain the difference between, "create" and "think of."  Lots of us can
      think of lots of fun things to observe daily.  But, that doesn't make them "official" and valid
      to be listed on my website.  Why not?

      Well, for one thing.... if I listed every observance someone wrote to me that they thought was
      a cool, fun idea, I'd have hundreds of thousands of listings!  Imagine getting 10+ emails a day
      from people all over the world coming up with observances that they thought of to put on my
      site that were fun?  I'd be boggled!  And, all that they'd be doing is creating something for
      a wee bit of attention and let's say their 15 minutes of fame on the internet.  But, they have
      absolutely no intention of taking any responsibility for their observance idea at all.  So, this
      leads me to this question everyone asks,....

                      "How can I get an observance listed on your website, Brownielocks?"

Answer:   It's got to be validated!  And, to do that I require a few things.  First, I'd like to know the origin of it.  And, by doing that I usually require that an observance be listed in the Chase's Calendar of Events or that it has an official website dedicated to it.   This, "We don't know how this observance began" doesn't cut it on my site.  Otherwise, it could just be made up by someone for attention or to fill in a blank day.


If you do not want to submit to Chase's Calendar of Events, then ....   add it to the website you already have.  This way, I know the origin.  It's the organization that the page is Linked with at their website.  For example, many organizations have their own website.  Then they also have a page on that site for the observance that they sponsor.  They don't get a new website domain for their observance when they already have one.  So, if you are a dress boutique and you have a website.  But, you want to start an observance such as "Wear A Mini Skirt Day."   Just add that page to your current website and send me the Link along with the date etc. and I'll add it.


When my visitors write and let me know about a valid observance that I don't have, they usually also send me a validation Link to the originator of the observance or the factual data that proves it. 


 Just like I don't charge to visit my site, nor do I have ads on my site.


  Chases Calendar of Events was sold to a new publisher in 2015.

The new publisher is:

Bernan Press
(Division of The Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group)
Suite 200
4501 Forbes Blvd.
Lanham, MD  20706

On February 1, 2016 I got an email from Chase's Calendar of Events asking me to inform all of you that they stopped putting the application on the back of the book because most people never used it.

To submit a holiday to Chase's Calendar, you have to do it online only.  Go to this page  and fill out their form.  https://rowman.com/page/ChasesForm

Then email it to chases@rowman.com

The DO NOT CHARGE to add a holiday into their book, just like I do not charge to put it on my website.
The deadline to get your holiday into next year's book is April 15.  It's always been April 15, even with the old publisher.



My listings are very helpful for a lot of people who use them to plan school lessons, crafts, write stories, club activities, etc.  And, as such, I think it's only fair that they do not waste their time dealing with observances that are bogus and not valid.  So, this is why I am a bit fussy about what I list on my site and ask that you prove to me an observance is legit before I list it.  I know people like fun. And, they want to hear about the fun holidays more than the serious ones.  But, I prefer not to flimflam my visitors for the sake of entertainment, smiles or even hits.

So, if you know of a valid observance that I don't have listed, you're always free to write and let me know about it.  My email address is on the contacts link on menu above for my website.  It's not a Link due to spam spiders so you'll have to type it in.

Thanks for visiting my site and enjoy today.  I'm sure it's got something to celebrate!


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