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There are 75 questions-- 
From the first Oscar ceremony to 2005


1.  In 1927, the idea to set up an Academy Awards organization was created during a luncheon at the home of which movie studio leader?

(a) Jack Warner
(b) David O. Selznick
(c) Cecile B. DeMille
(d) Louis B. Mayer

2. When the Academy was set up, how much was the cost of a movie ticket?

(a) A nickel
(b) A dime
(c) A quarter
(d) One buck

3.  During World War I, the government asked the motion picture industry to do what?

(a) To make war movies only
(b) To train military officers how to make military training films
(c) To send their movie stars overseas to entertain the boys
(d) All of the above

4. Which of the following actors was the oldest at the time they won an Oscar?

(a) Don Ameche (Cocoon)
(b) Jessica Tandy (Driving Miss Daisy)
(c) George Burns (Oh God!)
(d) Jack Palance (City Slickers)

5.  Crazy fashions are well-known at the Academy Awards shows. At the 67th Awards, Lizzy Gardiner wore a dress made out of what?

(a) Tinfoil
(b) Duck tape
(c) American Express Gold Cards
(d) Ribbons (Braided, curled, whatever)


6.  In 1998 the mold that makes the Oscar statues was worn out. So a new mold was agreed upon by the Academy that would improve what on the Oscar statue?

(a) His chin and neck
(b) His arms and legs
(c) His facial features
(d) His ah....private area. ;)

7.  The name "Oscar" is believed to have originated from:

(a) Margaret Herrick (Academy's first librarian)
(b) Betty Davis
(c) Oscar Hammerstein
(d) Not sure

8.  When the Academy Awards began giving honors to Supporting Actors and Actresses, they were given what?

(a) Smaller Oscar statutes compared to the Best Actor/Actress ones
(b) A Plaque
(c)  A Certificate
(d) Nothing, they just were mentioned

9.  In 1988, Creative House Promotions was sued by the Academy for making replica Oscar statutes without their permission. The court ruled that their punishment was what? 

(a) $300,000 Fine
(b) $750,000 Fine
(c) $1 Million Fine
(d) Nothing. They just had to stop making statues.

10.  Maxwell Starkman designed what for the Academy?

(a) Their headquarters at 8949 Wilshire Blvd.
(b) The Oscar Statue
(c)  The Voting Ballots
(d)  Their Publication

11.  In 1953, the Academy Awards show was first aired on television.
Which network was it on?

(a) ABC
(b) CBS
(c) NBC
(d) RKO

12.  At the 59th Academy Awards show, Woody Allen won for Best Screenplay. But, Woody wasn't there.  Where is he said to have been?

(a) On the golf course
(b) At a spa getting a massage
(c) In a pub playing a clarinet
(d) In a restaurant eating matzo balls

13. During WWII, the studios agreed to make (non-profit) military training films in their own studios (rather than train men like they did in WWI) at no cost to the gov't except for the cost of the film and it's processing.  How many films did the studios make?

(a) 400
(b) 500
(c) 1,000
(d) More than 1,000

14. In 1961, the Academy sent out reprimands to it's nominees for doing what?

(a) Not returning the voting ballots back in time
(b) Telling the press who they voted for
(c) Advertising in the Trade Papers for votes
(d) All of the above

15. In 1966, Lynda Byrd Johnson (daughter of President Lyndon Johnson) went to the Academy Awards with which movie star as her escort?

(a) George Hamilton
(b) John Forsythe
(c) Peter Lawford
(d) Sean Connery

16.  At the Awards Show held on April 10, 1967, Ronald Reagan attended as:

(a) Actor
(b) Senator
(c) Governor
(d) President

17.  In 1944, child star Margaret O'Brien won an Oscar.  She had her miniature statue stolen.  She later got it back in 1995 how?

(a) She saw it on Ebay and bought it!
(b) She saw an ad for it in the Hollywood paper
(c)  She had it returned to her by the thief
(d) She had it given to her by two strangers

18. In what year was the Academy Award design officially copyrighted?

(a) 1927
(b) 1941
(c) 1960
(d) 1999

19.  Cecile B. DeMille and Milton Sills set up what on May 24, 1927?

(a) The Academy Rules
(b) The Menu for all Academy Awards dinners
(c) The start of Cinema classes at USC
(d) Tax breaks for the Academy as a non-profit organization

20.  As of 1940, what new rule was made by the Academy?

(a) That the winners would not be announced before the ceremony
(b) That you could win posthumously
(c) That it was OK to be nominated (and win) in more than one category
(d) That you didn't have to be a US citizen to win an Oscar

21. A rule the Academy made in 1941 was that a winner was not allowed to get rid of their Oscar without first offering to sell it back to the Academy for how much money?

(a) $10
(b) $50
(c) $100
(d) As much as the winner asked for it.  Amount was negotiable

22.  Up until 1943, the Academy Awards was more like a banquet.  It moved into a theatre in 1944.  Which of the following theatres was the first to hold the Academy Awards Ceremony?

(a) The Pantages Theatre
(b) The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
(c) Grauman's Chinese Theatre
(d) Hollywood Theatre

23. Who was the first M.C. of the Academy Awards?

(a) Bob Hope
(b) Jerry Lewis
(c)  Red Skelton
(d) Danny Kaye?

24. The first time the Academy Awards were televised in color was on April 18, 1966.  On which network was it broadcasted?

(a) ABC
(b) CBS
(c) NBC
(d) FOX

25. The 72nd Academy Awards had a real problem happen right before the show. What was it?

(a) The ballots got lost in the mail
(b) The Oscar statues were missing
(c)  Both A and B
(d)  Nothing happened. 

26.  Five days before the 75th Academy Awards ceremony, what happened in the US?

(a) US declared war on Iraq
(b) The Oklahoma City bombing
(c) Planes crashed into the New York Twin Towers
(d) An earthquake hit San

27. In 1934, the Academy voted to allow what?

(a) Write-in votes for someone
(b) Phone in your votes for someone
(c) Proxy votes (have someone else vote for you)
(d) All of these

28.  Today the Oscar statue is made of britannium.  The outside is gold-plated. But, during the war years, what was Oscar made of?

(a) Wood
(b) Tin
(c) Brass
(d) Plaster

29.  In 1948, the Academy started to honor costume designers. They divided the awards into two groups. What were they?

(a) One for black and white movies. One for color movies
(b) One for males clothes. One for female clothes
(c) One for ball gowns and formal clothing.  One for practical clothing
(d) One for regular movies. One for the fantasy movies.

30.  Jerry Goldsmith created the official theme song for the Academy Awards show in 1998. What is the title of the song?

(a) The Winner Is
(b) Academy Symphony
(c)  The Oscar Overture
(d) Fanfare for Oscar

31.  In 1957 the Academy made this rule.

(a) Anyone who was a Communist could not win an Oscar.
(b) Anyone who had a criminal record could not win an Oscar.
(c) Anyone who was not in the Union could not win an Oscar
(d) All of these

32.  In 1966 the Academy Awards show was almost cancelled because of what?

(a) The Viet Nam war
(b) American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) strike
(c) Earthquake close by
(d) Limo drivers went on strike

33. At the 62nd Academy Awards held on 3/26/90, this became a new norm:

(a) Nominees wearing AIDS ribbons
(b) Nominees (and the press etc.) having to go through metal detectors
(c) You could bring someone under 18
(d) Seat sitters had to get paid

34.  Up until 1949, the Oscar statutes did not have what on them, which they began to put on in 1949?

(a) The names of the winner (they just had the category)
(b) The name of the category (they just had the winner's name)
(c) The full date (rather than just the year)
(d) Numbers.  

35. Martha Raye was the first woman to what?

(a) Win the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
(b) Direct a comedy
(c) To visit the troops overseas 
(d) All of these

36. At the 64th Academy Awards (3/30/92) Actor Jack Palance did what when he won Best Supporting Actor for "City Slickers?"

(a) Did a one-arm push up on stage
(b) Sang his entire thank-you speech
(c) Grabbed the girl handing him the award and lifted her high over his head 
(d) Nothing. He got up to the podium and couldn't talk.

37. The first President of the Academy was:

(a) Douglas Fairbanks
(b) Cecil B. DeMille
(c) Louis B. Mayer
(d) Irving Thalberg

38. At the 46th Awards Show (4/2/74) what happened that interrupted David Niven?

(a) Viet Nam Protesters stormed into the auditorium.
(b) As the winner was walking up on stage, the top of her dressed fell down, exposing bare breasts.
(c) A stripper ran across the stage.
(d) A power outage and all went black and silent.

39. As of 2006, the longest running Academy Show was the 74th held on March 24, 2002.  It lasted 257 minutes (4 hours. 28 minutes) and was hosted by whom?

(a) Billy Crystal
(b) Ellen DeGeneres
(c) Whoopie Goldberg
(d) Conan O'Brien

40. The Depression hit the movie industry really hard. To help, the Academy recommended what?

(a) The cost of movie tickets be cut in half
(b) The movie actors and personnel take a 50% cut in pay
(c)  The studios make shorter movies
(d)  They cut costs on posters, promo reels, costumes, sets, etc.

41.  Oscar weighs approximately how much?

(a) 5 lbs.
(b) 8 lbs.
(c) 10 lbs.
(d) 12 lbs.

42.  Which of the following child stars were awarded special (Junior) Awards?

(a) Mickey Rooney
(b) Judy Garland
(c) Deanna Durbin
(d) All of them

43. Who was the first person to publicly say the statues nickname, "Oscar" publicly to the press?

(a) Walt Disney
(b) Cecil B. DeMille
(c)  Louis B. Mayer
(d) David O. Selznick

44. In 1938, after winning a Best Actor Oscar for "Boys Town" Spencer Tracy did what?

(a) He gave his Oscar to the real Boys Town
(b) He sold his Oscar and gave the proceeds to the real Boys Town
(c) He refused to give his Oscar to the real Boys Town
(d) He gave his Oscar to Katherine Hepburn, which upset his wife.

45. Bob Hope has hosted the Academy Awards more than anyone else. How many times has he done it?
(a) 9
(b) 13
(c) 17
(d) 22

46. Which of the following actresses, is the first and only one to win an Oscar for staring in a Hitchcock movie?

(a) Joan Fontaine
(b) Ingrid Bergman
(c) Audrey Hepburn
(d) Janet Leigh

47.  Which of the following actors/actresses has given the longest Oscar acceptance speech?

(a) Betty Davis
(b) Greer Garson
(c) John Wayne
(d) Clark Gable

48. Which of the following actors has appeared in more movies with other Oscar-winning actors/actresses than any other Oscar winner?

(a) Anthony Quinn
(b) Bob Hope
(c) Humphrey Bogart
(d) Spencer Tracy

49.  Which of the following performers has won all of these: An Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy Award?

(a) Frank Sinatra
(b) Doris Day
(c) Sammy Davis, Jr.
(d) Rita Moreno

50.  Which of the following child stars is the youngest to win an Oscar at the time of their win?

(a) Patty Duke (The Miracle Worker)
(b) Tatum O'Neil (Paper Moon)
(c)  Anna Paquin (The Piano)
(d) Justin Henry (Kramer vs. Kramer)

51. After Eileen Heckart won in 1972 for Best Supporting Actress (Butterflies are Free), she did what?

(a) She died
(b) She filed for divorce
(c) She filed for unemployment benefits
(d) She  filed a lawsuit against the studio for back pay

52. In 1971, the Nixon administration blacklisted which actor/actress from the Academy Awards ceremony?

(a)  Vanessa Redgrave
(b)  Susan Sarandan
(c)  Charles Heston
(d)  Martin Sheen

53. Which of the following couples have both won Oscars?

(a) Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
(b) Laurence Olivier & Vivien Leigh
(c) Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell
(d) None.  Just one has won, but not both.

54.  In 1999, which publication polled Academy members before the awards and published it's results of what the winners would be, totally upsetting the Academy? (BTW, they ended up being 99.9% right -- only missing who won the Best Actor award.)

(a) Wall Street Journal
(b) Rolling Stone
(c) TV Guide
(d) The Star


55.  The first Black American male to host the Academy Awards show was?

(a) Eddie Murphy
(b) Damon Wayons
(c) D.H. Hughley
(d) Chris Rock

56.  Edith Head won her first Oscar award in 1949 for "The Heiress." During her career she was nominated 35 times for Costume Design.  How many times did she actually win an Oscar?

(a) 2
(b) 5
(c) 8
(d) 12

57.  In 1971, Warner Bros. got a little nervous when Jane Fonda's anti-war shenanigans caused what to happen?

(a) A lot of State Legislatures passed resolutions to boycott her movies.
(b) A lot of theatres had protesters, riots and fights out front when her movies were showing, causing problems for moviegoers.
(c) The gov't was going to force the studio to to fire her.
(d) All of these

58. In 1959 the movie "Ben Hur" won for Best Picture.  What did the Academy make the movie theatres do when that picture was showing in their theatres?

(a) Not allow young children (felt it was too violent)
(b) Not allow couples to make out  (felt it was disrespectful)
(c) Not allow them to sell snacks and drinks (felt it was a classy movie above such munchies)
(d) Not allow an intermission time (felt it would interrupt the story)


59.  When Vivien Leigh made "Gone With The Wind" she was paid $15,000.  In 1993, her Oscar for Best Actress was auctioned off for how much?

(a) $150,000
(b) $275,000
(c) $400,000
(d) $500,000

60.  Which of the following family related  actors both won Oscars in their careers?

(a) Angelina Jolie & Jon Voight
(b) Henry Fonda & Jane Fonda
(c) Ryan O'Neil and Tatum O'Neil
(d) Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis

61.  Which of the following Disney animations was the first full length animated film ever made (but didn't get any Oscar nominations)?

(a) 101 Dalmations
(b) Cinderella
(c) Bambi
(d) Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs

62. The first African-American to win an Oscar was Hattie McDaniel (Best Supporting Actress) for "Gone With The Wind" in 1939.  However, due to racism, she had to do what at the awards ceremony?

(a) Stay outside until her category was called and award presented.
(b) Stay off-stage and was not allowed to go on. Someone white had to accept her award for her.
(c) Go by herself. She wasn't allowed to bring any friends or family.
(d) Sit at a table at the back of the room near the kitchen entrance.

63. In 1984, Tri-Star Pictures was formed from what 3 groups?

(a) CBS, NBC, FOX  networks
(b) Touchstone, Warner Bros, HBO
(c) Columbia, CBS, HBO
(d) CNN, Touchstone, Paramount


64. The highest grossing movie in history (so far) is:

(a) Gone With The Wind
(b) Star Wars
(c) Titanic
(d) Wizard of Oz

65. In 1975, Glenda Jackson's Oscar ballot got disqualified because:

(a) She used pencil and it had to be in ink.
(b) She had someone else fill it out for her and got caught.
(c) She was nominated and she voted for herself.
(d) She wasn't part of the Academy because she didn't pay her dues that year.

66.  Approximately how tall is the Oscar statue?

(a) A foot
(b) 13 inches
(c) 15 inches
(d) 18 inches

67. In 1999, Michael Jackson paid $1.5 Million for whose Oscar?

(a) Judy Garland's "The Wizard of Oz"
(b) Luise Rainer's "The Great Ziegfield"
(c) David O. Selznick's "Gone With The Wind"
(d) Sidney Poiter's "Lillies of the Field."

68. Which of the following actresses was the first to win 2 Oscars and also win two in a row?

(a) Luise Rainer
(b) Greta Garbo
(c) Mary Pickford
(d) Norma Shear

69. In 1936, the Academy made Price Waterhouse the official tabulators for the voting ballots.  But, this wasn't what they were originally hired for by the Academy. What was their first job?

(a) To check the books of the studios to make sure they were paying fair wages during the Depression
(b) To fix the books,  so the studios wouldn't have to pay so much tax to the government.
(c) To monitor the financial records of the agents of some of their contracted stars to keep them honest.
(d) To keep track of the donations the Academy got for tax purposes.

70.  The youngest nominee for Best Actress  (so far) is who?

(a) Keisha-Castle Hughes (Whale Rider)
(b) Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz)
(c) Agnieszka Holland (The Secret Garden - 1993)
(d) Elizabeth Taylor (National Velvet)

71.  Which of the following actresses arrived at the 2005 Oscars (March 5, 2006) in a hybrid, low-emissions Lexus rather than a  gas-guzzling limo to make an environmental statement?

(a) Susan Sarandan
(b) Naomi Watts
(c) Goldie Hawn
(d) Sally Fields


72.  The Academy makes money in what way?

(a) From it's dues
(b) From rental fees of it's theatre for press previews
(c) From selling the TV broadcast rights of the  Awards Show
(d) All of the above


73. In 1938, Edgar Bergan got an honorary Oscar that was unique in what way?

(a) It wasn't a statue, but an Oscar puppet
(b) It was a statue, but it looked like Charlie McCarthy
(c) It was an Oscar but its head could turn.
(d) It was a wooden Oscar with a movable mouth

74. The Red Carpet is a tradition at the Academy Awards. I'm not sure if the red carpet was on the floor at the first Academy Awards held at the Hollywood Hotel, or if it showed up at a later awards ceremony, but walking on the "red carpet" is now like walking down a photography lineup.

How did  "walking the red carpet" begin as a custom for those that mattered?

(a) P.T. Barnum had a red carpet that lead into the big circus tent
(b) Stagecoaches kept a piece red carpet for the ladies to walk on getting into the coaches (to avoid mud and horse poop)
(c) Comes from gentlemen laying down their coats for women to walk over. The lining was usually red and showed when they threw it on the ground.
(d) New York Central Railroad Station had a red carpet to guide passengers to and from the train.


75.  Which Academy Awards Ceremony was the first to say, "The envelope please...?"

(a) The 10th
(b) The 13th
(c) The 15th
(d) The 20th

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