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August is named after the very first Roman emperor (and grandnephew of Julius Caesar) Augustus Caesar (63BC - AD14).
Stone = Peridot      Flower = Gladiolus

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All our holidays are validated with sponsors, organizations, proclamations, history; or, we validate the source or origin for an observance to prove it's not made up.

I do not respect other holiday sites that steal my information and put it on a site wanting to make money from ads or charging to even validate a holiday.

I'll add holidays for free if they are coming from a valid source and not obscene, hateful, etc..

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August 2024 Monthly Holidays

American Adventures Month
American Artists Appreciation Month Link
American History Essay Contest (8/1 - 12/15) 
Arrr-gust: International Pirate Month  Link
Back to School Month Link
Black Business Month
Boomers Making A Difference Month
Bystander Awareness Month
Children's Eye Health & Safety Month
Child Support Awareness Month Link
Children's Vision & Learning Month
Clear The Shelters Month   Link
Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
Golf Month 
Happiness Happens Month Link
International EFT Tapping Month
Motor Sports Awareness Month
National Breastfeeding Month Link
National Catfish Month Link
National Cheerleading Safety Month Link Link
National Cowgirl Month Link
National Crayon Collection Month  Link
National Dog Month  Link                 
National Goat Cheese Month Link
National Immunization Awareness Month Link
National Panini Month  Link
National Political Affiliation Discrimination Awareness Month Link
National Minority Donor Awareness Month
National Read A Romance Novel Month
National Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
National Traffic Awareness Month
National Truancy Prevention Month Link
National Water Quality Month  Link (Also in May)
National Wellness Month
National Win With Civility Month
Neurosurgery Outreach Month
Psoriasis Action Month Link
Read-A-Romance Month
Romance Awareness Month Link
Rye Month Link
Tomboy Tools Month Link
What Will Be Your Legacy Month
World Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month  Link

August 2024 Weekly Holidays

*Happiness Happens Week: 1-7 Link
*International Clown Week: 1-7 Link
Lollapalooza: 1-4
*National Cleanse Your Skin Week: 1-7  Link
*National Minority Donor Awareness Week: 1-7
*Simplify Your Life Week: 1-7
*World Breastfeeding Week: 1-7 Link
Sturgis Rally: 2-11 Link (Begins 1st Friday in August for 10 days)
Tall Timber Days: 2-4 (First Weekend)
National Exercise With Your Child Week: 4-10 (First Week Sun-Sat)
*Rock for Life Week: 4-7 Link
Single Working Women's Week: 4-10 Link (Always has 8/4 in it which is Single Working Women's Day.)
Knights of Columbus Family Week:  4-10 (First Full Week)
National Button Week: 4-10 Link 
National Farmers' Market Week: 4-10 Link Link (First Full Week)
National Health Center Week:4-10 Link  (First Full Week)
International Psychic Week: 4-10 Link (First Full Week)
Stop on Red Week: 4-10 Link
National Bargain Hunting Week: 5-11  (First Mon.-Sun Week)
Old Fiddler Days: 5-10
Psychic Week: 5-9 (First Week)
Safe + Sound Week: 5-9 Link
World Karaoke Championships: 5-11 Link
Numismatic Week (World's Fair of Money): 6-10
National Hobo Week: 8-10 Link
Elvis Week: 9-17 Link
Assistance Dog Week: 11-17 Link Link
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week: 11-17 Link  Link  (Always 2nd Week)
National Resurrect Romance Week: 11-17 (2nd  Full Week)
Weird Contest Week: 11-17  (Second Week)
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: 14-9/2 Link
Little League World Series: 14-25  Link Link
*Minority Enterprise Development Week: 18-24
Brake Safety Week: 18-24 Link
National Aviation Week: 18-24 (Always week of Orville Wright's Birthday on  19th)
World Water Week: 18-24  Link
Democratic Convention: 19-22
National Composites Week: 19-25  Link
*Be Kind To Humankind Week: 25-31
World Princess Week: 25-31 (Last Week) Link (National Princess Week is in April.)
National Safe at Home Week: 26-30 (Last M-F Week)
Chuckwagon Races:29-9/1 (Thursday - Sunday of Labor Day Wkd.)
Cow Chip Throwing Days: 30-31  (Friday/Saturday of Labor Day Weekend)
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: 30-9/2 Link (Labor Day Weekend + December 15-Jan 1)
Golden Onion Week: 30-9/2 (Labor Day Weekend)
Hog Days: 30-9/2 (Labor Day Weekend)
International Bat Night: 24-25 (Last Sat-Sun)
Sweetcorn Days: 29-9/2
Hog Days: 8/30-9/2 (Labor Day Weekend)

August 2024 Daily Holidays

*Girlfriend's Day: 1
India Pale Ale Beer Day: 1 Link (First Thursday)
*International Alberino Day: 1 Link
*International Can-It-Forward Day: 1  Link   (Mason Jars)
*Lammas Day (Merry Loafmas): 1  Link
*Lughnasa or Lughnasadh - 1 Link Link
*National Mahjong Day: 1  Link
*National Minority Donor Awareness Day: 1
*Respect For Parents: 1
*Rounds Resounding Day: 1
*Spider-Man Day: 1 (See also Oct. 14)
*US Air Force Day: 1 Link
*World Lung Cancer Day: 1
*World Wide Web Day: 1
*World Scout Scarf Day: 1

Braham Pie Day or Homemade Pie Day: 2 (First Friday)
International Beer Day: 2 Link  (First Friday)
*National Coloring Book Day: 2 Link
National Water Balloon Day: 2  (First Friday)
*Take A Penny/Leave A Penny Day: 2  Link 
Tomboy Tools Day: 2 Link  (First Friday)
Twins Day: 2-4 Link   (First Full Weekend)


*Friendship Day: 3 Link (Also July 30)
Mead Day: 3 Link (First Saturday)
National Clown Day: 3 (Saturday that falls on Clown Week 1-7)
National Disc Golf Day: 3 (First Saturday)  Link
*National Hair Gloss Day: 3  Link
National Jamacian Patty Day: 3 Link (First Saturday)
National Mustard Day: 3 (First Saturday) Link
National Play Outside Day: 3 Link (First Saturday)
National Summit Day: 3 Link  (First Saturday)
Satchmo Days: 3-4
Sandcastle Day: 3 (First Saturday)
Sleep Under The Stars Night: 3 Link (First Saturday)
*Watermelon Day: 3  Link


American Family Day: 4 Link  (First Sunday)
Friendship Day: 4 Link (First Sunday)   (Different than "International Friendship Day" in July. ) Link Link Link Link Link
*Coast Guard Day: 4
*International Clouded Leopard Day: 4 Link
*National Chocolate Chip Day: 4 Link
National Doll Day: 4 Link  (First Sunday)
National Kids' Day: 4 (First Sunday) Link
National Psychic Day: 4 Link  Link  (First Sunday)
*National White Wine Day: 4 Link
*Single Working Women's Day: 4
*Raisin Bran Day: 4  Link
Sister's Day: 4 (First Sunday)

International Hangover Day: 5  Link (Always the day  after International Beer Day)
*National Oyster Day: 5  Link
*National Electric Traffic Light Day: 5  Link  Note: International Traffic Light Day is December 10. (Non-electric.)
*National Underwear Day: 5 Link
Picnic Day: 5 Link (First Monday)

*Hiroshima Day: 6
*National Fresh Breath (Halitosis)  Day: 6
National Night Out: 6 Link  (First Tuesday) 
*National Root Beer Float Day: 6  Link  (See also August 19.)

Assistance Dog Day: 7  Link Link  (Monday of Assistance Dog Week)
*Lighthouse Day: 7  Link
*Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day: 7 Link
*Professional Speakers Day: 7
*Purple Heart Day: 7
*U.S. Postal Inspection Service Day: 7

*Dalek Day: 8 Link (See also Dec. 21)
*Digital Nomad Day: 8
*International Cat Day: 8  Link   Link
*The Date to Create: 8
*Happiness Happens Day: 8  Link
*International Female Orgasm Day: 8 Link (Also July 31)
*International Infinity Day: 8 Link
*National CBD Day: 8  Link
*National Fried Chicken & Waffles Day: 8 Link (Note: Chicken & Waffles Day is October 20)
*National Pickleball Day: 8 Link
*National Spam Musubi Day: 8 Link Link
*Odie Day: 8 (Garfield's pal)
*Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night: 8  Link
*Wear Your Mother's Jewelry Day: 8


*Book Lovers Day: 9  Link
*International Coworking Day: 9 Link
*International Day of The World's Indigenous People: 9
Shop Online For Groceries Day: 9 (2nd Friday)
*Veep Day: 9


*Agent Orange Awareness Day: 10 Link
Middle Child Day: 10 (Second Saturday)
*National Duran Duran Appreciation Day: 10
National Bowling Day: 10 Link (Second Saturday)
National Garage Sale Day: 10 (Second Saturday)
*National Shapewear Day: 10 Link
*Paul Bunyan Day: 10 Link Link  (Also Feb. 12)
*Skyscraper Appreciation Day: 10  Link
*Smithsonian Day: 10
*S'mores Day: 10 Link
The Wicket World of Croquet Day: 10 Link
*World Lion Day: 10

Bagel Day:11  Link (Second Sunday)
*Global Kinetic Sand Day: 11  Link
Global Sleep Under The Stars Night: 11  (2nd Sunday)
*Ingersoll Day: 11
*National Align Your Teeth Day: 11  Link Link Link
*National Hip Hop Day: 11 Link
*National Sons and Daughters Day: 11 
*Popsicle Day: 11 Link
*Presidential Joke Day: 11
The Spirit of '45 Day: 11 Link  Link  (2nd Sunday) 

*IBM PC Day: 12
*International Youth Day: 12
*Middle Child Day: 12
*Milkman Day: 12 Link 
(This is for Murray. former mascot for Milkman Day to help bring back his holiday as mentioned in the animation. There is another one also on June 26 with a dairy company as sponsor.)
*Home Sewing Machine Day: 12
*Vinyl Record Day: 12
Tisha B'Av: 12-13
*World Elephant Day: 12 Link


*International Lefthander's Day: 13  Link Link Link
*National Prosecco Day: 13  Link


*Military Marriage Day: 14 
*National Lizard Day: 14 Link
*National Navajo Code Talkers Day: 14
*Romance Awareness Day: 14 Link
*Social Security Day: 14
*V-J Day: 14
*World Calligraphy Day: 14 Link

*Best Friends Day: 15
*Chauvin Day: 15
*Check The Chip Day: 15 (Those Implanted in Pets)  Link
*Green Data Day: 15
*Moms' Equal Pay Day: 15 Link
*National Leathercraft Day: 15  Link
*National Relaxation Day: 15
*National No SpongeBob Day: 15 Link  (SpongeBob Squarepants)

*Joe Miller's Joke Day: 16
Kool-Aid Day: 16-17 Link (3rd Weekend)
Men's Grooming Day: 16  (3rd Friday)
*National Airborne Day: 16
National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence: 16 Link (Third Friday)
*National Energy Multiplier Day: 16 Link
*National Rollercoaster Day: 16
*National Rum Day: 16 Link
*Surveilance Day: 16 Link  Link

*Baby Boomer's Recognition Day: 17  Link  (Used to be 6/22. Moved to August due to Woodstock.)
*Black Cat Appreciation Day: 17 Link   Link
Chef Appreciation Day: 17 (3rd Saturday) (International Chefs Day is  annually October 20)
Clear The Shelters Day: 17 Link  (3rd Saturday)
*I Love My Feet Day: 17 Link
International Geocaching Day: 17 (3rd Saturday)
International Homeless Animals Day: 17 (3rd Saturday)
*Meaning of "Is" Day: 17
National Honey Bee Day: 17 Link  (3rd Saturday)
*National Nonprofit Day: 17  Link
*National Thrift Shop Day: 17 Link 

*Bad Poetry Day: 18  Link
*Birth Control Pills Day: 18
*International Delivery Rider Appreciation Day: 18 (Food)
*International Pinot Noir Day: 18  Link
*Mail Order Catalog Day: 18
*National Badge Ribbon Day: 18
*National Fajita Day: 18
*Serendipity Day: 18
World Helicopter Day: 18 Link  (3rd Sunday)

*Aviation Day: 19
*"Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day: 19
 (8/19/1893 by Frank J. Wisner, Cripple Creek Brewing Co., CO.  Link 
 Also Aug. 6 by A&W Root Beer).
*Coco Chanel Day: 19
*Great Bird of The Galaxy Day: 19  Link (Star Trek Day is 9/8)
*International Bow (Hair) Day: 19 Link
*International Orangutan Day: 19   Link
*Popsicle Day: 19 Link
*Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day: 19  Link
*World Humanitarian Day: 19 Link  (Different than Humanitarian Day on 1/15)
*World Photo Day: 19  Link


*International Day of Medical Transporters: 20 Link 
*National Accessible Air Travel Day: 20 Link
*National Radio Day: 20  Link
*World Mosquito Day: 20  Link


*Brazilian Blow-out Day: 21 Link
*International Day of Remembrance and Tribute To The Victims of Terrorism: 21
*Internet Self-care Day: 21 
National Medical Dosimetrist Day: 21 (Third Wednesday)
*National Spumoni Day: 21 Link
*Poet's Day: 21
*Senior Citizen's Day: 21

*Be An Angel Day: 22
*International Day Commemorating The Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief: 22
*National Bao Day: 22 Link
*National Surgical Oncologist Day: 22 Link
*National Tooth Fairy Day: 22  Link   Link  ( Also February 28)
*Never Bean Better Day: 22 Link
*Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day: 22  Link
*National Bring Your Cat To The Vet Day: 22
*World Plant Milk Day: 22 Link


*Black Ribbon Day: 23 Link
*Cuban Sandwich Day: 23 Link
*International Day For The Remembrance of The Slave Trade & Its Abolition: 23
*Find Your Inner Nerd Day: 23 Link
*Ride The Wind Day: 23 Link (Hang Gliding)
*Valentino Day: 23

*International Strange Music Day: 24 Link
*Knife Day: 24 Link
*National Waffle Iron Day: 24 Link (Note: Some say this is Waffle Day for the US and not to be confused with Vaffeldagen which is always March 25 in Sweden and Denmark.)
*Pluto Demoted Day: 24
*Vesuvius Day: 24
*Wayzgoose Day: 24 Link
*William Wilberforce Day: 24

Go Topless Day: 25 Link  (The Sunday closest to August 26 - Women's Equality Day)
*Kiss and Make Up Day: 25
*National Park Service Day: 25
*National Second-hand Wardrobe Day: 25
*National Whiskey Sour Day: 25  (Also observed on 29th)
Pony Express Day: 25 (Last Sunday)


*Got Checked Day: 26 Link
*National Dog Day: 26 Link   Link
*National Toilet Paper Day: 26 Link (Note: This is when it was first sold on a roll by Scott in 1871.  December 8, 1857 was when it was first sold 14 years earlier in the US by Joseph C. Gayetty and is Toilet Paper Appreciation Day.)
*National WebMistress Day: 26   Link
*Women's Equality Day: 26


*Just Because Day: 27
*National Cinema Day: 27 Link  Link
*Petroleum Day: 27 Link
*The Duchess Who Wasn't Day: 27
*World Rock Scissors Paper Day: 27 Link

*Crackers Over The Keyboard Day: 28  Link
*National Power Rangers Day: 28 Link
*National Thoughtful Day: 28 Link
*National Weed Out Hate Day: 28
*Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day: 28  Link
*Radio Commercials Day: 28
*Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day: 28 (lost pets) Link
*Read Comics in Public Day: 28 Link

*According to Hoyle Day: 29
*Individual Rights Day: 29 Link
*International Day Against Nuclear Tests: 29
*More Herbs, Less Salt Day: 29  Link
*National Sarcoidosis Day: Link 29 (Presidental Declaration-Bush)
*National Sport Sampling Day: 29 Link
*National Whiskey Sour Day: 29  (Also observed on 25th)

*International Cabernet Sauvignon Day: 30  Link
*International Day of The Victims of Enforced Disappearances: 30 Link
*International Whale Shark Day: 30 
*National Beach Day: 30 Link
National College Colors Day: 30 (Friday before Labor Day) Link
*National Grief Awareness Day: 30  Link
*National Holistic Pet Day: 30
*National Toasted Marshmallow Day: 30  Link
(Slinky Day: IS NOT TODAY! It's November 27. Don't write and tell me I'm missing it. I don't care what other sites say. See my November listings.)


Burnt Ends Day: 31 Link  (Last Saturday)  (Note: Another one is Sept. 1)
Franchise Appreciation Day: 31 (Saturday of Labor Day weekend)
International Bacon Day: 31 Link (Always the Saturday before Labor Day)
International Bat Night: 31-9/1 (Last Full Weekend)
World Daffodil Day: 31 Link 
*International Day for The People of African Decent: 31
*International Overdose Awareness Day: 31 Link
*Love Litigating Lawyers Day: 31  Link
*National Diatomaceous Earth Day: 31  Link
*National Matchmaker Day: 31  Link

August 2024  Moon Phases

Current Moon View
as of today

New Moon
07:14 am

FFirst Qtr.
11:19 am


Full Moon
 2:28 pm

Last Qtr.
 05:28 am

Full Moon on the 19th is called "Sturgeon Moon" by Native Americans of New England and the Great Lakes because at this time of the year, this important food was plentiful.

August 11-12 - Perseids Meteor Shower, which is famous for producing one of the biggest showers to view.  It's suppose to have up to 60 meteors per hour when peaking. It runs from July 17 to August 24, but it's peak is August 11 (night) to August 12 (morning.)  The moon should set right after mighnight leaving a nice dark sky to watch the show.

August 19 is also known as a Blue Moon. Blue Moons happen on average once every 2.7 years.


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