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September comes from the Latin word septem "seven," because this was the seventh month of the early Roman calendar.
Stone = Sapphire      Flower = Aster

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All our holidays are validated with sponsors, organizations, proclamations, history; or, we validate the source or origin for an observance to prove it's not made up.

Although we have holidays for most days, there are a few that are blank. I realize social media spouts these daily. I'm sure you know that some are just made up and fake. Maybe they're fun, but, Beware! Also, some observances that are validated through website Links, can't be updated until their websites update their information.

I do not do ads. I do not try to make money from keeping these listings. I do not respect other holiday sites that steal my information and put it on a site wanting to make money from ads or charging to even validate a holiday.

I'll add a holiday observance for free if it's coming from a valid source and not obscene, hateful, etc.

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September 2021 Monthly Holidays

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month   Link
All American Breakfast Month Link
Attendance Awareness Month Link
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month
Atrial Fibrillation Month
Baby Safety Month Link
Backpack Safety America Month
Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month
Blood Cancer Awareness Month Link
Bourbon Heritage Month Link
Childrens' Good Manners Month
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Link
Cholesterol Education Month Link
Classical Music Month  Link
Co-op Awareness Month (9/24-10/31)
College Savings Month
Craniofacial Acceptance Month  Link
Eat Chicken Month
Fall Hat Month
Global Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month  Link
Go Wild for California Wild  Rice Month Link
Great American Low-Cholesterol, Low-fat Pizza Bake Month
Gynecology Cancer Awareness Month
Happy Healthy Cat Month Link Link
Histiocytosis Awareness Month Link
Hunger Action Month  Link
Intergeneration Month
International  or National Guide Dogs Month Link  Link
International People Skills Month
International Self-Awareness Month Link  (Note: There is also one in July. Different Sponsor.)
International Speak Out Month
International Strategic Thinking Month
International Square Dancing Month
International Women's Friendship Month Link
ITP Awareness Month Link
Library Card Sign-up Month
(World) Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month Link
Million Minute Family Challenge (September-December)
Mold Awareness Month
National Americana Month  Link
National Bake & Decorate Month
National Be A Food Hero Month
National Campus Safety Awareness Month Link
National Cheese Month  Link
National Chicken Month Link
National Child Awareness Month Link
National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month Link
National Chiari Awareness Month  Link  Link
National Coupon Month
National Disease Literacy Month Link
National DNA, Geonomics & Stem Cell Education Month
National Food Safety Education Month  Link
National Family Meals Month Link
National Fruit and Veggies Month (Also June)
National Guide Dog Month Link
National Head Lice Prevention Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15)

National Home Furnishings Month
National Honey Month Link
National Infant Mortality Awareness Month Link
National Mulled Cider Month Link
National Mushroom Month Link 
National Organic Harvest Month Link
National Osteopathic Medicine Month Link
National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (Gov't)
National Passport Awareness Month  Link
National Pediculosis (Head Lice)  Prevention Month Link
National Pet Memorial Month Link
National Piano Month Link  Link (Note: World Piano Day is March 29)
National Preparedness Month  Link
National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month  Link
National Prime Beef Month Link
National Prosper Where You Are Planted Month
National Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month  Link
National Recovery Month
National Rice Month
National Save A Tiger Month Link  Link
National Sewing Month  Link
National Service Dog Month
National Shake Month (Ice Cream)
National Sickle Cell Month  Link
National Skin Care Awareness Month
National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month  Link
National Suicide Prevention Month  Link
National Translators Month (Moved from Feb.)  Link
National Wilderness Month
One-on-One Month
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Link
Pain Awareness Month  Link
Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month Link
Pet Health Insurance Month  Link
Pleasure Your Mate Month
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month  Link
Save The Koala Month Link
Save Your Photos Month  Link
Sea Cadet Month
Self-Care Awareness Month Link
Self Improvement Month Link
September Is Healthy Aging Month
Shameless Promotion Month
Sports and Home Eye Health & Safety Month
Subliminal Communications Month
Superior Relationships Month
Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month  Link
Update Your Resume Month
Whole Grains Month
Wild Rice Month Link
Women's Friendship Month
World Alzheimer's Month
World Animal Remembrance Month   Link  Link
World Beach Month
World Candle Month Link
World Speak Out Month
Youth Leadership Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

September 2021 Weekly Holidays

*International Enthusiasm Week: 1-7
*National Nutrition Week: 1-7 (UNICEF-India) Link
*Self-University Week: 1-7 Link
Chuckwagon Races: 2-5 ( Thursday - Sunday of Labor Day Wkd.)
Golden Onion Week: 2-6 (Labor Day Weekend)
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: 3-7 Link (Labor Day Weekend + Winter Holidays)
International Air Ambulance Week: 4-12  Link
Shetland Wool Week: 4-5  Link  Cancelled
Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week: 5-11 (First Full Week)
Suicide Prevention Week: 5-11 (Always has 10th in it)
National Waffle Week: 5-11 (First Full Week)
National Payroll Week: 6-10 (First M-F Week)
Play Days: 7-11 (Tues.thru Sat. after Labor Day)
World Orienteering Days: 8-14 
Craft Brewers Week: 9-12  Link
*Direct Support Professional Recognition Week: 9-15  Link
Popcorn Days: 9-11 (First Weekend After Labor Day)  Link 
National Days of Prayer & Remembrance: 10-12 (Friday thru Sunday Closest to 9/11)
Mushroom Days: 11-12 (Weekend After Labor Day) Link
International Housekeepers Week: 12-18  (Second Full Week) Link
National Assisted Living Week: 12-18   (Always Grandparents Day thru Saturday)
National Security Officer Appreciation Week: 12-18
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: 12-18  Link
Be A Mench Week: 13-19
Line Dance Week: 13-19  (Starts 2nd Mon. thru Sat.)
National Drone Safety Awareness Week: 13-19 Link
National NeoNatal Nurses Week: 13-19  Link
National Championship Air Races: 15-19
National Guitar Flat-Picking Days: 15-19  Link
*National Medicare Education Week: 15-21 Link
Hummingbird Celebration: 16-19 Link

*Constitution Week: 17-23
National Ballroom Dance Week: 17-26  Link
Clean Up The World Weekend: 17-19 Link (Third Weekend)
Farm Animal Awareness Week: 18-24  (Starts on 3rd Saturday)
Balance Awareness Week: 19-25 Link   (3rd Week)
Build A Better Image Week: 19-25 (Third Full Week)
Child Passenger Safety Week: 19-25 Link  (Third Full Week)
Deaf Dog Awareness Week: 19-25 Link  (Last Full Week)

International Clean Hands Week: 19-25 (Third Full Week)
International Go-Kart Week: 19-25 (Third Week)
International Interpreters and Translators Week: 19-25  (Last  Full Week)
International Women's E-Commerce Days: 19-25
Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week: 19-25 (Third Full Week)  Link
National Dog Week: 19-25 (Always last full week)  Link   Link  Link

National Employ Older Workers Week: 19-25 Link (Last Full Week)
National Farm & Ranch Safety and Health Week:19-25  (Third Full Week)
National Historically Black Colleges & Universities Week: 19-25
National Indoor Plant Week: 19-25 (Third Full Week)
National Rehabilitation Awareness Week: 19-25 (Third Full Week)
National Security Officer Appreciation Week: 19-25  (Third Full Week)
National Singles Week: 19-25  (Third Full Week)
Pollution Prevention Week: 19-24 (Third WeekLink
Prostate Cancer Awareness Week: 19-25 (Third Week) 
Tolkien Week: 19-25 (Third Week that Hobbit Day falls on = 9/22)
World Reflexology Week: 19-25 (Last  Full Week)
National Go-Kart Week: 20-26  Link
National Love Your Files Week: 20-24  Link  (Third Full  M-F Week)
Minimally Invasive Surgery Week: 22-10/21  Link 
International Sand Sculpting Championships : 24-10/3 Link
Banned Books Week: 26-10/2 (Last Week)
International Week of the Deaf: 26-10/2 Link  (Last Week that Includes the Last Sunday of the Month)
National Chimney Safety Week: 26-10/2 (Week before Fire Prevention Week)
National Fall Foliage Week: 26-10/2 (Begins last Sunday and runs all week.) 
National Keep Kids Creative Week: 26-10/2 (Last Week)
Remember to Register to Vote Week: 26-10/2 (Last Week)
Sea Otter Awareness Week: 26-10/2  (Last Week)
Satchmo Days: 30-10/2  Link (Moved from April)
World Hearing Aid Awareness Week: 26-10/2  (Last Week)

September 2021 Daily Holidays

*Acne Positivity Day: 1  Link
*Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day: 1 
*Calendar Adjustment Day: 1
*Chicken Boy's Day: 1
*Emma M. Nutt Day: 1
*International Day of Awareness for the Dolphins of Taiji: 1 Link
*International Toy Testing Day: 1
*National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day: 1
*Random Acts of Kindness Day or Be Kind Day: 1  Link  (Also in February. Also RAK Friday in November.)
*World Letter Writing Day: 1 Link

*Bison-ten Yell Day: 2
*National No Patrick Day: 2 Link  (SpongeBob Squarepants)
*V-J Day: 2
*World Coconut Day: 2  Link

Bring Your Manners To Work Day: 3  (First Friday)
Cow Chip Throwing Days: 3-4  Link (Fri.& Sat. of Labor Day Weekend) 
National Chianti Day: 3  Link  (First Friday) 
National Doodle Day: 3  Link (moved from June 11)

National Food Bank Day: 3  Link
 (First Friday)
National Lazy Mom's Day: 3 (First Friday)
Stand Up To Cancer Day: 3 Link  (First Friday)
National College Colors Day: 3 (Friday before Labor Day) Link
*National Day of Prayer for Victims of Hurricane Harvey: 3 
*Pressed Pennies Day: 3
*Skyscraper Day: 3 Link


Franchise Appreciation Day: 4 (Saturday of Labor Day weekend) Link
National Buffalo Chicken Wings Days: 4-5  Link  (Always Labor Day Weekend)
National Cowgirl Day: 4 (Saturday of Labor Day Weekend) Link
National Play Outside Day: 4 Link (First Saturday)
*National Spice Blend Day: 4  Link

National Tailgating Day: 4  Link Link   (First Saturday)
National Writing Date Day: 4 Link (First Saturday)
*National Wildlife Day: 4 Link (Also February 22 to honor Steve Irwin)
*Newspaper Carrier Day: 4
World Beard Day: 4  Link  (First Saturday)


Bacon Day: 5 Link (Always the Saturday before Labor Day) Link
Bowling League Day: 5  Link  (First Sunday)
*Be Late For Something Day: 5
*International Day of Charity: 5 Link
*Jury Rights Day: 5  Link

Great Bathtub Race: 6 (Always on Labor Day)
Labor Day: 6
Mouthguard Day: 6 (First Monday)
Rosh Hashanah: 6-8 (at sundown)
Yard Art Day: 6  Link (On Labor Day Monday)

 Another Look Unlimited Day: 7 (Day after Labor Day)
*Google Commemoration (Founded)   Day: 7
*Grandma Moses Day: 7
*Grateful Patient Day: 7  Link
*National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day: 7 Link
*"Neither Snow nor Rain" Day: 7
*Salami Day: 7  Link

Fast of Gedalya: 8-9
*Iguana Awareness Day: 8 Link
*International Literacy Day: 8
*National Ampersand Day: 8  Link
*Pardon Day: 8 Link
*Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day: 8 Link
*Virgin Mary Day (birthday): 8
World Orienteering Day: 8 Link  (moved from May)
*World Physical Therapy Day: 8 Link


*Care Bears Share Your Care Day: 9 
*Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day: 9 Link
*International Buy A Priest A Beer Day: 9 Link
National School Picture Day: 9 Link (Second Thursday)
*National Teddy Bear Day: 9  Link (Note: There's another one Nov. 29)
*Opposite Day: 9 Link (Do the Opposite of What You Normally Do. Breathing, living, etc. is the exception from SpongeBob Squarepants)
*Wonderful Weirdoes Day: 9

Hug Your Boss Day: 10 (The date varies. But it's usually the 2nd Friday.)  Link
National Dog Walker Appreciation Day: 10 (Friday after Labor Day)
*National TV Dinner Day: 10 Link
*Swap Ideas Day: 10
*(World) Suicide Prevention Day: 10  Link

Banana Day: 11 Link   (2nd Saturday) 
Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day: 11   (2nd Saturday) Link
International Drive Your Studebaker Day: 11 (2nd Saturday)
*Libraries Remember Day: 11
National Hollerin' Day: 11 Link (2nd Saturday)
National Iguana Awareness Day: 11  Link    (2nd Saturday)
*Patriot Day: 11 Link
Prairie Day: 11  (2nd Saturday)
*Remember Freedom Day: 11
Responsible Dog Ownership Day: 11 Link


Grandparent's Day: 12 (First Sunday after Labor Day)
*International Day for South-South Cooperation: 12 Link
*National Day of Encouragement: 12  Link
National Hug Your Hound Day: 12 (Second Sunday)
*National Just One Human Family Day: 12  Link
National Pet Memorial Day: 12 Link (Second Sunday)
*National Police Woman's Day: 12  Link   Link
Pet Rock Day: 12 Link  
*Report Medicare Fraud Day: 12  Link
*Video Games Day: 12

*9x13 Day: 13
*International Chocolate Day: 13 Link
International Programmers Day: 13 Link  Link  (Always the 256th Day of the Current Year = 13. If Leap Year, then on the 12th.) (Also on January 7)
*Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day: 13  Link
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day: 13 (First Monday after Labor Day)
*National Celiac Awareness Day: 13
*National Peanut Day: 13 Link
*Roald Dahl Day: 13
*Scooby-Doo Day: 13
*Uncle Sam Day: 13  Link



Ants On A Log Day: 14  Link (Second Tuesday)
*Live Creative Day: 14  Link
*National Kreme Filled Donut Day: 14 Link  and  Link
*National Sober Day: 14  Link

*Felt Hat Day: 15
* Day: 15

*Greenpeace Day: 15
*International Day of Democracy: 15
*International Dot Day:  15

*LGBT Center Awareness Day: 15
*National 8-Track Tape Day: 15 Link  Link (Note: I disagree with others that it's on April 11.)
*National Cheese Toast Day: 15 

*National NeoNatal Nurses Day: 15 Link  
*National On-line Learning Day: 15  Link
National Rehabilitation Day: 15 (Wednesday of Third Week)
National School Backpack Awareness Day: 15 
(Third Wednesday)

*Tackle Kids Cancer Day: 15  Link
Tug-of-War Days: 15-19 Link
*World Lymphoma Awareness Day: 15  Link
Yom Kippur: 15

*Anne Dudley Bradstreet Day: 16
*International Day of Listening: 16  Link
*International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer: 16
*Mayflower Day: 16

*National Stepfamily Day: 16  Link
*National Tatoo Story Day: 16  (Originator is NBC's "Blindspot")
*National Guacamole Day: 16
National PawPaw Day: 16 (Third Thursday)
 National Teach Ag Day: 16 Link ( Thursday of the 3rd Week.)
 *Play-doh Day: 16
*Stay Away From Seattle Day: 16 Link
*Trail of Tears Commemoration Day: 16


Bright Pink Lipstick Day: 17 (3rd Friday) Link
*Citizenship Day: 17
*Constitution Day: 17 Link
Constitution Day/Pledge Across America: 17  (Third Friday)
National Concussion Awareness Day: 17 Link  (Third Friday)
*International Country Music Day: 17 Link
International Grenache Day: 17 (Third Friday)  Link
King Turkey Day: 17-18  Link
*National Monte Cristo Day: 17 Link
National POW/MIA Recognition Day: 17 (Third Friday) Link
*National Professional House Cleaners Day: 17  Link
*National Table Shuffleboard Day: 17
National Tradesmen Day: 17 (Third Friday)
*Time's Up Day: 17
*VFW Ladies Auxiliary Day: 17

*Air Force Birthday: 18
Ashura: 18
Batman Day: 18 Link  (Also in May) (3rd Saturday)

Big Whopper Liar Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)
Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids: 18 Link (3rd Saturday)
*Chiropractic Founders Day: 18 Link
*Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day: 18

International Coastal Cleanup Day:18  (3rd Saturday)
International Red Panda Day: 18  (3rd Saturday)
International Eat An Apple Day: 18  (3rd Saturday)
Locate An Old Friend Day: 18  (3rd Saturday)
*National Ceiling Fan Day: 18 Link
*National Cheeseburger Day: 18

National Clean Up Day: 18  Link  (3rd Saturday)
National Dance Day: 18 Link (3rd Saturday)
National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children: 18 Link (2nd Saturday of full week)
*National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: 18
National Gymnastics Day: 18  Link
 (3rd Saturday)
*National Respect Day: 18 Link
National Seatcheck Saturday 2020: 18  (3rd Saturday)
National Singles' Day: 18  Link (3rd Saturday)
*Read An Ebook Day: 18 Link
*World Water Monitoring Day: 18 Link Link


*Iota Phi Theta Day: 19
Puppy Mill Awareness Day: 19  (3rd Sunday)  Link
*Talk Like A Pirate Day: 19 Link  Link

Wife Appreciation Day: 19  (3rd Sunday)

*International Day of University Sport: 20
*National Care for Kids Day: 20  Link
*National Fried Rice Day: 20 Link
*National String Cheese Day: 20  Link
Respect for The Aged Day: 20 (3rd Monday) Link
Sunkot: 20 (at Sundown)

Get Ready Day: 21 Link  (Third Tuesday)
*International Day of Peace: 21
IT Professionals Day: 21 (Third Tuesday)
*National Chai Day: 21 Link
*National Dance Day: 21 Link  (Different than one in April.)
*National Surgical Technologists Day: 21
*World's Alzheimer's Day: 21 Link


*American Business Women's Day: 22
Autumn (Autumnnal Equinox): 22  3:20 pm EDT
*Car Free Day: 22 Link
*Chainmail Day: 22 (Link removed due to malware)
*Dear Diary Day: 22
*Elephant  Appreciation Day: 22
*Hobbit Day: 22
*Ice Cream Cone Day: 22
*International Day of Radiant Peace: 22
Mabon: 22 (On Autumn Equinox)
*National Centenarian's Day: 22
*National Girls' Night In: 22 Link
*National Leg Wear Day: 22 Link
*National On-line Recovery Day: 22 Link
*National Walk n' Roll Dog Day: 22
*National White Chocolate Day: 22  Link
RAINN Day (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network): 22  Link (Also April 14)
*Remote Employee Appreciation Day: 22

*Celebrate Bi-sexuality Day: 23
*Checkers Day or Dogs in Politics Day: 23 Link
Innergize Day: 23 (Day after the Autumn Equinox)
*International Day of Sign Languages: 23
*National Great American Pot Pie Day: 23  Link
*National Snack Stick Day: 23  Link
Remember Me Thursday: 23  (4th Thursday)
*Restless Legs Awareness Day: 23  (Different sponsor from the July Weekly Observance)
*Teal Talk Day: 23  Link
*Za'atar Day: 23 Link

Hug A Vegetarian Day: 24  (Last Friday)
National Brave Day: 24 Link (3rd or 4th Friday)
*National Familial Hypercholesterolemia Day: 24  Link  (Note: Different than Lipid Day on May 10)
Native American Day: 24  Link (4th Friday) (also in October)
*Punctuation Day: 24 Link
Robin Hood Day: 24-25  Link  (Moved from July)
*Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving: 24
Support Purple for Platelets Day: 24  Link  (Last Friday)
Vegan Baking Day: 24 (Last Friday)


Fish Amnesty Day: 25  (4th Saturday)
Family Health and Fitness Day USA: 25  (Last Saturday)
International Lace Day: 25  Link    (Last Saturday)  (There are 3 lace observances. July & August =  Wkly. Sept. = Lace Day)
International Rabbit Day: 25 Link  (4th Saturday or sometimes Sunday)
*Math Story Telling Day: 25
National Ghost Hunting Day: (Last Saturday) 25  Link
National Hunting and Fishing Day: 25 (4th Saturday)
*National Lobster Day: 25 Link   (Also June 15 Different Sponsor)
*National One-Hit Wonder Day: 25
*National Psychotherapy Day: 25 Link
National Public Lands Day: 25 Link (4th Saturday)
*National Quesadilla Day: 25  Link
*National Research Administrators Day: 25 Link
*National Tune-up Day: 25  Link
Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play: 25  Link (Last Saturday)
R.E.A.D. in America Day: 25 (4th Saturday)
Save The Koala Day: 25   Link (Last Friday)
Save Your Photos Day:25 Link  (Last Saturday)
Seat Check Saturday: 25  Link  (Last Saturday)
*(World) Ataxia Awareness Day: 25 Link
*World Lung Day: 25
*World Pharmacists Day: 25 Link


*Compliance Officer Day: 26  Link
*Forget-Me-Not Day: 26 Link  (Also Nov. 11)
Gold Star Mother's Day: 26 (Last Sunday)
Happy Daughters Day: 26 (4th Sunday)  Link
International Day of The Deaf: 26 (Last Sunday)
*International Day For The Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons: 26
*Johnny Appleseed Day: 26 Link
*National Dumpling Day: 26 Link
Priesthood Sunday: 26 Link  (Last Sunday)
*Shamu the Whale Day: 26
*Situational Awareness Day: 26 
*World Contraception Day: 26


*Ancestor Appreciation Day: 27
*Crush A Can Day: 27  Link
Family Day: 27  (4th Monday)
*Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: 27
*Google's Birthday: 27

*National Scarf Day: 27  Link
Shemini Atzeret: 27-28 (at Sundown)
*World Tourism Day: 27


*Confucius Day: 28
*Fish Tank Floorshow Night: 28
*International Day for Universal Access To Information: 28

*International Right To Know Day: 28 Link
*National Drink Beer Day: 28 Link
*National Good Neighbor Day: 28  (Used to be on 4th Sunday)
National Voter Registration Day: 28 Link  (4th Tuesday)
National Woman Road Warrior Day: 28 (4th Tuesday)
Simchat Torah: 28-29 (at Sundown)
*World Rabies Day: 28


Banned Websites Awareness Day: 29  Link  (Last Wednesday)
*International Coffee Day: 29 Link
*MAGS Day: 29  Link
*Michaelmas: 29 Link
*Mutation Day (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles): 29 Link
*National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth Day: 29
*National Biscotti Day: 29
Simchat Torah: 29
*VFW Day: 29
Women's Health & Fitness Day: 29 Link  (Last Wednesday)

*World Heart Day: 29  Link

Ask A Stupid Question Day: 30 Link  (Last School Day in the Month)
*Blasphemy Day: 30  Link
*International Podcast Day: 30 Link
*International Translation Day: 30 Link
*National Love People Day: 30 Link
*National Mulled Cider Day: 30 Link
*Recovery Day: 30 Link
World Maritime Day: 30  (Last Thursday)
*Wrigley Chewing Gum Day: 30

September 2021  Moon Phases

Current Moon View
as of today

F New Moon
8:52 pm

First Qtr.
4:41 pm


Full Moon
 7:54 pm

 Last Qtr.
 9:58 pm

Full Moon on  the 20th   is the traditional "Harvest Moon" or "Corn Moon"  because this is the one that falls closest to the autumn equinox.  Most of the time (2 out of 3 years) the Harvest Moon is in the month of September.  Sometimes it will come in October.  It name comes from the fact that farmers (and Indians) could harvest their crops late at night, by moonlight, because  for the few nights around the Harvest Moon, the Moon seems to rise at nearly the same time each night: just 25 to 30 minutes later across the United States.


Chases Calendar of Events 2020, Rowman & Littlefield
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Thanks to The Yankee Chef Jim Bailey for letting me know about National Fall Foliage Week.
Thanks to Michael Shepich for letting me know about National Chiari Awareness Month.
Thanks to Bea Chambers for letting me know about Craniofacial Acceptance Month.  
Thanks to Jennifer Iski-Myrick for letting me know about National Food Safety Education Month.
Thanks to Rick McNeely for letting me know about National Cowgirl Day.
Thanks to James Barnes for letting me know about Attendance Awareness Month.
Thanks to Diana Ankney for letting me know about National Employ Older Workers Week.
Thanks to Tina Chamoun for letting me know about Za'atar Day.

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