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A Cartoon by Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
In Honor of Junk Food - The 8th Basic Food Group!
And some Fun Links!

(P.S. Be careful not to get crumbs on your keyboard!)

Our Midi is the theme from the Alka-Seltzer Ads years ago called
"No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In."

Americans spend a total of $10 Million each day on potato chips.
The average American eats about 16.9 lbs. of potato chips each year.
"Bet you can't eat one!" is the common phrase for Lays Potato Chips.
I personally like Utz Potato Chips the best.
If you ran out, below is our fast fix to get some more chips!

Easy & Fun Homemade Micro -waved Potato Chips

You will need:

1 Microwave safe plate or rack.
1 Cleaned potato 
Salt (and garlic if you wish)


1.  Do not take the skin off your potato!  Slice it very thin into 12 pieces approximately, depending on the size.

2.  Place these sliced pieces in a circle on the microwave-able plate.

  Note: Microwaves vary.  If yours is newer, it might have a more powerful cooking performance than an older oven. But here's the basic cooking time:

3.  Microwave on HIGH for 2  1/2 minutes.  Then, with a fork or some tongs, flip the potatoes over.  Sprinkle with salt. (Or a salt-garlic mixture if you choose)

4.  Microwave on HIGH again for another 2  1/2 minutes.

5.  Let these cool for a few more minutes.  The potatoes should be crispy and crunchy and good!



What about Cheetos?
They're a sub-division of FritoLay.

What about Popcorn?
Orville Redenbacher.

What about Pretzels?

Visit Uncle Henry's Pretzel Factory and see how they are made.

fast food facts link
Gives you information on  the food
served in the most popular fast food restaurants in the USA
using a search engine box.

Free! Covers the details (good and bad) of many foods in various categories. Also, lists foods from Dairy Queen, KFC, Krispy Kreme, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway.
Easy to use also.

junk food information link

Site is loaded with links to every munchie, candy and snack made in the USA. Some I never heard of!


Here are links to the top 3 US pizza delivery companies.

Number 2
Domino's Pizza

Number 1
Pizza Hut

Number 3
PaPa John's

Visit Domino's Website.
Andy is Domino's Monkey Mascot.  He's precocious!  Click him to visit them.

Andy is the Domino's Pizza mascot.
He's a precocious and cute little monkey.
Why a monkey? My guess is (unofficial) Italian = monkey grinder = monkey and so they picked him.
Andy has been fired as of March, 2001. LOL

Click here to visit Pizza Hut.
New figures show Pizza Hut is now Numero Uno!
Shall we blame Andy?

Click here to visit PaPa John's Pizza.
I made this button because they don't really have a logo besides their name.


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