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Midi is "I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
(Lyrics at bottom of page for chorus only since it's a word-intensive song.)



Sparky the Fire Dog's Website
National Fire Prevention Association's Masscot.

Fire Prevention on-line Postcards

Lyrics To Fun Safety Songs for Kids

Safety's Smoke Song (Video)

Mustang Fire Dept (Oklahoma)
Creative Fire Prevention Program
Using Song Paradies to Teach Kids
Fire Safety

10 Little Firefighters

Ten little firefighters sleeping in their beds,
"Ding!" went the bell and down the poll they slid.
They raced to the fire; and, put out all the fames.
Then the ten little firefighters went back to bed again.


Note: What ever happened to "Smokey THE Bear?"  Well, several years ago some group felt it was demeaning to say he was "the" bear when we didn't say that for such other cartoon images as "Porky Pig" (not Porky THE Pig) or "Daffy Duck" (not Daffy THE Duck) and so on like "Woody Woodpecker" and "Tweety Bird" and "Wile Coyote" and even those other famous bears Yogi and Boo Boo. The only exception I can think of as I create this page is "Felix THE Cat."  Anyway, I think you get the idea of why the United State Forest Service dropped the "The" from Smokey's name. In brief, "The" just isn't cool anymore!

Fire Prevention Week is sometimes connected to changing the clocks back one hour in most parts of the United States.

And, it's also the time to check the batteries in the smoke detectors in your homes.

Three Safety Words If You Are On Fire:

Stop!  Drop! Roll!


In A Smokey Room? Stay Below The Smoke If Possible.  Go Low. Crawl Out The Door.
Avoid Inhaling Smoke If Possible.


This is our dedication to all who died on
September 11, 2001, which included firemen.

See this award-winning ice sculpture by Canadian Artist, Darlene Racicot. Plus sing along to "Angels Among Us" by Alabama.

 I contacted the artist and she gave me permission to display this on my site.
I've included  "Angels Among Us" wave to sing-along. This is  also now a part of my
 9-11 Remembrance Animation
page from last year.


If you knew firemen, you will know that it's virtually impossible to tell a clean fire joke.  Ha! My dad had a file of jokes for telling at conventions, seminars etc.  and I don't think any of them were fit for kids.
 So why did I hear them?   <wink!> 
 Anyway, I searched through several of my joke books and I found some clean, corny, cheesy fire jokes.  It wasn't easy, but here they are:

Sign on office bulletin board:

"In case of fire don't panic. Simply flee the building with the same reckless abandon that occurs each day at quitting time."

Bob: "Does your uncle carry life insurance?"

Ted: "No, he just carries fire insurance. He knows where he is going."

Fireproof:   Being related to the boss.

Toivo: "Vats the best way to make a fire with two sticks?"

Olaf: "One 's gotta be a match, Toivo."

Man: "Fire!Fire! Fire!"
Operator: "Where?"
Man: "My house!"
Operator:" Location?"
Man: "My kitchen!"
Operator: "Yes, but how do we get there?"
Man: "You've got a firetruck don't ya?"

Newlywed Husband: "You mean to tell me there's only cheese for dinner?"

Newlywed Wife: "Yes dear.  You see when the pork chops caught on fire,  and fell into the dessert, well I had to use the soup to put the fire out."

Two country boys were in the big city for the very first time. They took a room in a hotel and, after seeing all the sights, were tired.

Donnie-Joe plunked himself down on the bed and soon was asleep.  Billy-Bob was still excited by the sites he'd seen.  So he sat down by the window to calm down.

As luck would have it, a fire had broken out down the block.  In a moment the air was filled with smoke, soot, flames and the noise of the fire engines arriving.

Never having seen fire equipment bigger than the van and buckets used by the volunteers back home,  Billy-Bob was impressed but puzzled.

"Donnie-Joe, get up!" he yelled. But Donnie-Joe wouldn't budge.  Finally Billy-Bob screamed, "Donnie-Joe wake up! You've got to see this!  They're moving hell and they have already took away 3 full loads!!!"

Chorus only for "I Need A Hero"

I need a hero!
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.
He's gotta be strong.
And he's gotta  be fast.
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight.
I need a hero!
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light.
He's gotta be sure.
And he's gotta be soon.
And he's gotta be larger than life.

I need a hero!



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