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The following are actual quotes from children.
Here are a few excerpts from a book referenced at the bottom.
It's filled with tons of funny stuff (including children's drawings).
  If you want to read  and enjoy them all, buy the book!

These are messages of  love, empathy, support, sympathy and childhood
innocence about growing old, aging and birthdays for anyone
over 21!  

PS: All miss spellings are intentional as the kids wrote them.

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Emma Labrum, 
Age 7



 "You have a birthday every year and you can be any age and you start with being one second old.


Susan Curzon,
 Age 12





"Just think, if only you could snap your fingers on the birthday you wanted and never grow any older. HUH! Birthdays won't even let you do that because you've got so much arthritis your fingers won't snap!

Take my advice and ignore birthdays, unless you want to end up old and wrinkled.



Mark Scull, 
Age 11



"Birthdays are nice because you can fight your brother and he gets the blame."



Steven McMullan,
 Age 11




"I always feel superior over people one year younger than myself, but if someone is one year older than me, I feel small and look forward to when I will be one year older, but everyone else seems to get one year older as well.



Philip Brooke,
Age 8
"When you have a birthday and you are middle aged your friends all clink their glasses and cheer and it gives you a headache."


Age 10




"Grown-ups tend to have parties, not birthday parties because they hate to admit their age. The next morning there tends to be a few hangovers and the grown-ups sit in the kitchen staring at their breakfast as if it were going to kill them, and one slight noise and you're shushed to be quiet."



David Lyne,
Age 7



"My dad always gets money for his birthday. He's very rich and my Mom takes it away from him."



Age 10




"About the birthday longest ago that I can remember is when I was 7 and that wasn't very long ago. I got about fifteen presents then and everyone loved me, now look at me.  I used to have parties with lots of people there, but now I can only invite a couple of friends over and we go to McDonalds or somewhere.



Sara Parker,
Age 11



"My grandmother's birthday is a birthday with presents but without numbers."



Christopher Fuller,
Age 11


"I think it's a good idea to celebrate our birthdate to keep track of how old one is otherwise we would be in an awful mess."

Gregory Yeomans,
Age 10


"When it's my birthday I go bananas.  Birthdays are the best they're crazy crazy."

Zoltan Kovari,
Age 9


"A birthday is happiness all the world over."


What Old  or Middle Age is Like?

Clara McAlinden,
Age 10



"I think the ideal age is seventeen because you will have finished school. You could stay up late and watch horror films.



Merry Lomax, 
Age 9



"I think 19 will be my nicest age. Then I will be rich enough to own a Jaguar, A Rolls Royce and a Mercedes."



Lowri Vernon Roberts,
Age 10


"I would like to be about twenty-three because you are too young to have a family and too old to be fussed over by relatives."



Mark Rose,
Age 7



"When you get to be 22, your hand begins to shake and you can't cut out sticky paper anymore."



Emma Newman,
Age 7


"Middle age is when you pors (passed?) your driving test."



Daniel Lehane,
Age 11
"Then we turn forty, by this time we lose half our strength and we start to put on weight."


Patrick Gaughan,
Age 8


"Your legs begin to ache and you feel you'll collapse when you are about 42.



Susanne Everitt,
Age 9


"When old people are 50 years old they start getting crincals."



Mark Tychnoisky,
Age 11
"The only disadvantage when you are 50 or over, the brain tissue gets smaller and you start to become a litle screwy."


Erica Sabine,
Age 10
"Sixty is quite a pleasant age because you have grandchildren to spoil and buy things for. You would go on exotic journeys to Europe and the Orient. You would have to be really cheerful though because you might die the next day."


Norma Valentine,
Age 10



"I would like to live till I'm 136 years old because I can be in the book of records."



David Pollick,
Age 7



"When you die you don't have birthdays."




Penny Sullings,
Age 9



"I would like to tell you one more thing, the middle age always wins."



Jason Torrington,
Age 9



"I like growing up because when you grow up you don't have to do what your mother says."



Jaynie Hoffman,
Age 10



"I want to be grown up because then I won't have to eat things that are good for me all the time."



Gino Miele,
Age 10



"The disadvantage of being old is not looking as good as you did when you were young. It is like looking in a before and after picture but the other way around."



Maxine Brown,
Age 8



"When I started jogging I was three. But I can't jog so much now as I used to."  (Note: She's 8!)



Janet Smith,
Age 13



"Year by year and day by day, I'm growing older and so I say;
I'm not as young as I'd like to be, But in this world, who is?"



Marianne Wales,
Age 10


"Grown ups are like Big children, only they are bossier and they say they are always right."



Scott Dusan,
Age 10



"Middle age is when you start watching boring stuff like the news."



Kerstie Dent,
Age 11


"Most grown-ups get married, have children and then get deforced and get married again.



Agnes Ring,
Age 15



"The first sign of growing old is needing a pair of glasses, which reveals the second and third signs, the first wrinkle and the first white hair. The fourth sign is the thirtieth birthday."



Harcus Roy Copper,
Age 10


"Sometimes my Dad tries to hide that he is getting older and older each day, but he's not the world's best actor!"

Nigel Bosley,
Age 10


"You don't rush about when you are old your knees creak and we can here you coming."


Words, Advice & Encouragement
 from Kids for all Old People

Andrew Chambers,
Age 13


"When they say you're over the hill, at least you can have some fun going down the other side."



Helena Rodriquez, 
Age Unknown


"When I'm 92, I'll bore everyone by telling them how things cost nothing when I was a little girl. I'll tell them about life before computers.

Clare Landsdown,
Age 10


"My Nana is 50 but she's not grouchy though she plays with me. It's about when you reach 70 you're grouchy."

Samuel Ross,
Age 8


"When you are older you can swim better because booze makes you fat and you will float better."


Dara O'Connell,
Age 13


"Look on the bright side of being bald. At least you don't have to wash your hair anymore."


Genevieve Wright,
Age 10


"In a way it must be great to get old because you get an opportunity to stay in bed all day."


Justin Walker,
Age 10


"The first signs of growing old are eyes losing their innocence."


Karen Edwards,
Age 10


"You do not have to use your brains so much because they are a bit rusty."


Source: "Happy Birthday! You Poor Old Wreck.
By Helen Exley
Exley Publications © 1984

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