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your birthday today?

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Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
didn't forget your birthday.


In honor of your birthday 
we are doing our "Birthday Wave" for you!


Sit back and bask in the moment as we jump up and down in celebration for you.

No matter what you're age, you are looking good to us!
(We're the ones who are pooped and sweaty!)

Our Birthday Toast
to You!

Another candle on your cake?
Well, that's no need to pout.
Just be glad you have the strength,
To blow all ___ candles out!
(Insert in the blank your age.)

Other Birthday Fun....

(I did not make this. I don't know who did.)

Enjoy our page filled with actual quotes from children about birthdays & growing old.
It's for anyone over 21.
You poor old thing! <wink>

We all have that one special gift, whether for our birthday or just because.  Here's our gift to you!
Have fun!  We have no clue what it is. :)

Has a birthday section!

Free! For all occasions (even silly) and some holidays.


And, don't forget to check out and see if for some crazy reason, today might also be a celebration for something else?
Americans seem to love to find things to celebrate in life.
Today could be National Birthday Suit Day?<wink>

Visit our Unknown, Silly, Crazy, Goofy, Bizarre US Holidays, Observations and Celebrations.

Do you know someone who is having a birthday today?
Share Brownielocks Fun with your Friends


Our mid is "Happy Birthday To You" - Well duh?


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