Limericks for(and by) Children
Brownielocks and The 3 Bears


There once was a lady named Sue
Who had nothing whatever to do
And who did it so badly
I thought she would gladly
Have stopped before she was through.


There once was a Thingamajig--
Like a Whatsis, but three times as big.
When it first came in view
It looked something like you
But it stayed and turned into a pig.

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I once knew a word I forgot
That means, "I am sorry we met
And I wish you the same."
It sounds like your name
But I haven't remembered it yet.


There once was an ape in a zoo
Who looked out through the bars and saw YOU!
Do you think it's fair
To give poor apes a scare?
I think it's a mean thing to do.

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There once was a Martian named Zed
With antennae all over his head.
He sent out a lot
Of di-di-dash-dot
But nobody knows what he said.

There once was a hunter named Paul
Who strangled nine grizzlies one Fall.
Nine is such a good score,
So he tried for one more
But he lost. Well, you can't win them all!

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Speedy Sam, while exploring a cave,
Had what I call a very close shave.
He stepped on a bear,
That had dozed off in there.
I'm glad he was faster than brave.

There once were two back-country geezers
Who got porcupine quills up their sneezers.
They sat beak to beak
For more than a week
Working over each other with tweezers.


Said a salty old skipper from Wales,
"Number one, it's all right to chew nails.
It impresses the crew.
It impresses me too.
But stop spitting holes in the sails!"

There once was a poor boy named Sid
Who thought he knew more than he did.
He thought that a shark
Would turn tail if you bark.
So he swam out to try it --- poor kid!

There was a young fellow who thought
Very little, but thought it a lot.
Then at long last he knew
What he wanted to do,
But before he could start, he forgot.



My Dad Loves Cheese

My dad really loves cheese.
He says "More please!"
Every time we eat breakfast tarts. 
Then he lets out lots of farts, 
And everyone flees!

David Park, Age.9

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Source: Excerpts from "The Hopeful Trout & Other Limericks"
by John Ciardi
Houghton Mifflin Company
215 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003  © 1989

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