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So grab a beer and get ready!


1.  Saint Patrick wasn't really Irish at all!

True or False?


2.  Irish farmers in the spring would do this to each member of their family as they said, "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."

(a)  Pull the leaves off a shamrock.
(b)  Give a toast with beer to each member.
(c)  Mark a cross on their arm with ash from a burnt stick.
(d)  Hang a cross over their beds.

3.  St. Patrick changed Ireland's national color to green. True or False?

4.  What is Ireland's nickname?

5.  St. Patrick loved to listen to Irish tales. So much so he declared that they all must be told in poetic verse from then on. True or False?

6. W. B. Yeats is an Irish poet who loved to write about:

(a) Leprechauns
(b) Fairies and Ghosts
(c) Trolls
(d) Mermaids


7. What Irish dance later became popular in America in the early century?

8.  A leprechaun is really an Irish:

(a) Shoemaker
(b) Thief
(c)  Midget
(d)  Magician

9.   According to Irish legends, where do the fairies who kidnap brides and babies take them?

(a) In the forests
(b) In fairy mounds
(c) In caves in the mountains
(d) Under Bridges


10.  A popular Irish dish that is shredded cabbage, minced onions, mashed potatoes and melted butter is known as:

(a) Mulligatawny
(b) Shepherds' Pie
(c) Colcannon
(d) Fairy


11.  Ireland was the first country in Europe to grow potatoes on a large scale.  True or False?

12.  Irish Soldiers (For the British Army) during the Revolutionary War played the Fife and Drum. What's a fife?

13.  Michael Flatley popularized what type of Irish dance step?

14. Kissing the Blarney Stone is suppose to give you what?

(a) Moist Lips from the dew on the rock
(b) Good Luck in Love
(c) Remove shyness
(d) Heals you of warts


15.  The color of green for Ireland stands for:

(a) Nature
(b) Hope
(c) Life
(d) Jealousy

16.  What Irish plant is suppose to represent the Trinity  used by Christians? 

17.  In what location is it rumored that leprechauns bury their pot of gold?

18. In St. Patrick's time, poets were as high ranking as Kings. True or False?

19. St. Patrick is suppose to have removed what from Ireland:

(a) Toads
(b) Lizards
(c) Snakes
(d) Loch Ness Monster

20. Why does a leprechaun wear green?

(a) He loves the color
(b) A form of camouflage
(c) Because he felt it was lucky
(d) It's the only dye available at the time for cloth

21. A whisky made from potatoes is called?

(a) Poteen
(b) Tater Shots
(c) Drown
(d) Potate-Ale

22. The first St. Patrick's Day parade/celebration was in this city?

(a) Boston
(b) New York
(c) Philadelphia
(d) Washington, D.C.

23.  Shamrock and Clover are the same thing. True or False?

24. What's a shillelagh?

(a) Just a big stick
(b) An Irish ballad
(c) The real Celtic spelling of the female name "Sheila"
(d) None of the above

25. The oldest known Irish stone carvings show people playing this instrument:

(a) Fiddles
(b) Harps
(c) Flutes
(d) Bagpipes


26.  The Irish are said to have brought this breakfast to America?

(a) Oatmeal
(b) Pancakes
(c) Waffles
(d) Cream of Wheat

27.  The 1800's term "Paddy Wagon" comes from this:

(a) The police wagons had soft leather padding.
(b) When the drunk Irish got arrested, they all said their name was Paddy  (i.e. like John Doe today).
(c)  The Police Station was in Paddington.
(d)  The maker of the police wagon was "Paddy, Inc."

28.  If you ask for an Irish Coffee in a restaurant, what do you get?

29.  A type of highway intersection is named after what Irish plant?


30. In early Irish days, the clergy condemned this type of music, reducing the players to become beggers.

(a) Harp and Lute
(b) Fiddles and Violins
(c) Piano or Organ
(d) Fiddling and
bag piping

31. A popular Disney movie about leprechauns is?

32. What weed is often called "The Irish Daisy" and children rub under their chins to get a yellow color?

(a) Buttercup
(b) Dandelion***
(c) All Yellow Daisies
(d) Mustard

(****see note below***)

33.  Which style of ring is often considered the "Wedding Ring?"

(a) Claddagh
(b) Lover's Knot
(c) Any ring with an emerald stone
(d) A ring that's a carved circle of Green Jade

34. What book idea did Irishman Hugh Beaver originate? 
(a) Encyclopedia Britannica
(b) World Guinness Book of Records
(c) Webster Dictionary
(d) Putting bibles in all hotel rooms

35. The Irish Wolfhound got a seedy reputation in what Sherlock Holmes story?

36.Muckanaghederdauhaulia, Co. Galway is what?

(a) The longest river  name in Ireland
(b) The longest town name in Ireland
(c) The longest county name in Ireland
(d) The longest castle name in Ireland

37. "Erin go Bragh" means this in Irish:

(a) Irish Bragging Rights
(b) Ireland Forever
(c) Ireland the Brave
(d) British Go!
(from Ireland)


38. The City of Cork, Ireland is named that because:

(a) It makes the corks for beer bottles
(b) After the King's name...Cork
(c) The cork is another name for marshes
(d) None of the above.  It's just it's name.

39."Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral" is an American-written Irish tune that Bing Crosby made popular in what movie?

(a) Father Flannigan
(b) Going My Way
(c) Bells of St. Mary
(d) Irish Lullaby


40. Which two rivers in the United States are died green every year on St. Patrick's Day (March 17)?

(a) Chicago and San Antonio
(b) American and Colorado
(c) Green and Tennessee
(d) Snake and the Ohio

41. The Celtic cross has a circle in the center. What does it represent?

(a) Sun
(b) Moon
(c) Eternity
(d) Unity

42. This bird is called "The King of Birds" in Ireland:

(a) The Seagull
(b) The Wren
(c) The Woodpecker

43. In 1997, this became legal in Ireland:

(a) Marrying at age 13.
(b) Divorcing
(c) Drinking at age 16
(d) Prostitution

44. Waterford, Ireland is popular for what product?

(a) Ships
(b) Fishing
(c) Crystal
(d) Life preservers

45. Connemara marble is distinguished because it's...

(a) Green
(b) Ireland's national gem
(c) Both of the above


46. George M. Cohen, American-born on July 4th, 1878 was the son of Irish immigrants. He became a famous Broadway composer and well-known for which patriotic song?

(a) It's A Grand Ol' Flag
(b) I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy
(c) Over There
(d) All of them

47. Harland & Wolf are famous in Ireland for being what?

(a) Ship Builders
(b) Explorers
(c) Singing Group

48. In the movie, "The Quiet Man" Maureen O'Hara played Mary Kate Danaher, whom he favored.  Who played the role of "The Quiet Man?"

(a) Robert Mitchum
(b) John Wayne
(c) Kirk Douglas
(d) Burt Lancaster

49. Irish Priest, Father Flanagan, founded Boys Town in 1917 for boys. In what year were girls allowed in?

(a) 1969
(b) 1979
(c) 1989

50. The originator of Irish Coffee is believed to have  been  Daveina Davidson who worked at which Irish airport?

(a) Dublin Airport
(b) Galway Airport
(c) Shannon Airport
(d) Sligo Airport

51. "Aer Lingus" is what in Ireland?

(a) Popular Rock Band
(b) Irish Jig
(c) Irish Airlines
(d) Popular Pub

52. A lot of Irish names begin with "Mac" which means what?

(a) Son of
(b) Father to
(c) Born of
(d) Mother born of

53. St. Patrick wasn't born with the name. What was his real birth name?

(a) Maewyn Succat
(b) Miles Shallob
(c) Michael O'Shaunessey
(d) Marcus Stough

54. St. Patrick was a missionary for how long?

(a) 20 years
(b) 30 years
(c) 50 years
(d) His entire life

55. If you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day, what happens to you?

(a) You are cursed with jealousy all year
(b) You lose money
(c) You get pinched
(d) You shall have a nightmare

56. The Irish are known for drinking. And so there's a lot of pubs in Ireland. Approximately how many pubs per people are there said to be?

(a) 1 per every 100
(b) 1 per every 350
(c) 1 per every 749
(d) 1 per every 1,102

57. Irish pubs are open every single day of the year.

True or False?

58. According to the Irish, what's customary to do at a wake?

(a) Sing a song
(b) Toss clover on the casket
(c)  Cover the windows with green cloth
(d) All of the above

59. On St. Patrick's Day, all Lent restrictions are dropped.

True or False?

60. Another prefix that many Irish names have is the "O" such as O'Riley.  What does the "O" represent?

(a)  Father of
(b)  Elder of
(c)  Grandson of
(d) Descendant of

61.Whaat does "Cead mile failte romhat!" mean?

(a) A hundred thousand welcomes
(b) May the fairies bless your travels
(c) Cheers for all new friends
(d) Cold hands, warm hearts.

62. Which of the following rock singers/bands is Irish?

(a) U2
(b) MaMa's Boys
(c) Horslips
(d) All of them

63. Pinching someone who doesn't wear green on St. Patrick's Day was started by who?

(a) Leprechauns
(b) Fairies
(c) Kids
(d) Fashion Designers

64. Doing which of the following is said to bring you good luck on St. Patrick's Day:

(a) Drinking Green Beer
(b) Eating Lucky Charms Cereal for breakfast
(c) Taking a bath in Irish Spring Soap
(d) None of the above

65. Which of the following is NOT an Irish actor:

(a) Peter O'Toole
(b) Pierce Brosnan
(c) Jane Seymour
(d) Roma Downey

66. The potato is native to Ireland. True or False?

67. The Book of Kells is a 1,000 old illustration of the bible.
Who created it?

(a) St. Patrick
(b) Monks
(c) Druids
(d) Roman conquerors

68. How did St. Patrick drive the snakes out of Ireland?

(a) With fire and smoke
(b) With water (flooding)
(c) Pounding drums
(d) All of the above

69."Ceide Fields" is what?

(a) The oldest graveyard in Ireland
(b) Ireland's agricultural area
(c) Stone Age Monument
(d) W.C. Field's  Great Grandfather's estate

70. What percentage of US Presidents have Irish ancestors (as of 2006):

(a) 27%
(b) 33%
(c) 40%
(d) 54%

71.Eamon De Valera is who?

(a) First President of the Irish Republic
(b) Famous Irish Opera Tenor
(c) Famous Irish Chef
(d) St. Patrick's father's name

72. The longest river in Ireland is:

(a) Farset River
(b) Shannon River
(c) Liffey River
(d) Quoile River

73. In traditional Irish Stew there's lots of potatoes and the meat used is?

(a) Lamb
(b) Beef
(c) Ham


74. In 1882, John L. Sullivan (son of Irish immigrants) became famous for what?

(a) US Heavyweight boxing champion
(b) NY  Irish Union Dock Leader
(c) NY First Police Irish Police Commissioner
(d) Walking naked in the St. Patrick's Day parade

75. Born in 1867 in Rockcorry County, Monaghan, Irishman John Robert Gregg is famous for inventing what?

(a) Shorthand
(b) Maritime Flag Signals
(c) Spherical Geometry
(d) New disease-resistance potato

76. The first St. Patrick's Day celebration was in what town?

(a) Chicago
(b) New York
(c) Boston
(d) New Orleans

77.  "Drowning of the Shamrock" is a tradition where...

(a)    Men and women wear green underwear and jump in a river or lake on March 17.
(b)    Toss a Shamrock into a drink
(c)    Guzzling down a pint of green beer in 17 seconds.
(d)    Toss a Shamrock Coin into a foundtain and make a wish on March 17.


78.   All leprechauns are male.  True or False?

79.  In Ireland, drinking wasn't allowed on St. Patrick's day between 1903 to 1970 because:

(a)  The church forbade it.
(b)  The government banned it.
(c)   They had a whiskey prohibition during that time.
(d)   The Irish Women's Movement forbid it.  They got tired of drunken men.

80.  Approximately how much would a pot of gold be worth today if the pot had 1,000 oz. of gold in it?

(a)   $900,000
(b)   $1,200,000
(c)   $5,600,000
(d)   $10,700,000

81.   Which of the following beers, is the one that is most drunk on St. Patrick's Day?

(a)  Guiness Draught
(b)  Murphy's Irish Stout
(c)  Smithwick's Irish Ale
(d)  Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

82.  Baileys Irish Cream liquor was named after...

(a)   A hotel in London
(b)   A legendary drunken leprechaun
(c)   The president of the company
(d)   The cat of the owner of the Gianbia Dairy Company

83.    Irish soda bread does not have yeast in it.  True or False?

84.  Shortbread originiated in Ireland.  True or False?

85.  According to the 2009 US Census, 12% of Americans claimed Irish ancestry.
       But, in the sate of Massachusetts alone, how many have Irish ancestry?

(a)  About 10% of the population
(b)  About 25% of the population
(c)  About 30% of the population
(d)  About 60% of the population

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Source of most of this is from:
"Shamrocks, Harps and Shillelaghs"
By Edna Barth
Clarion Books, NY © 1977

Other sources are The Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line CD,
Wikipedia,  and Just Because I Just Knew It!  ;)

Note: Special thanks to Gillian Lynch for informing me about #32.
I have "dandelion" as the correct answer. However, some consider it the "buttercup."
 According to Gillian, in her childhood the dandelion was known as the ""pissy bed" because children are told that if they touch or smell it they will wet the bed that night! However, where I grew up we didn't have any buttercups and so we used dandelions as substitutes. And, many consider the dandelion as the Irish Daisy, not the buttercup.

Also, I had a few Chicago residents write me and tell me that the Chicago River is also dyed green every year. So, I corrected # 40.
Tanks to Ruth Fitzpatrick for letting me know of erroneous wording for #34.
So I reworded it to make the question more accurate.

#22. Thanks to Chris Keenan for letting me know that Boston did it before New York did. 

#50. Thanks to Michael Daly for updating me on the origin of Irish Coffee.

All questions are presented in Brownielock's  own original style,
although information may be general facts and knowledge.

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