There are hundreds of Irish songs.
I'm listing only 8 of the ones I feel are the most popular and enjoyable.

Some of them are .mp3 files (which means there are voices.)
The others are midi files (which means music only and you'll have to provide the voice.)


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
(MP3 file sung by The late, great Bing Crosby.)

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Upbeat Version
(MP3 file sung by ??)

Danny Boy
(MP3 file sung by The late, great Bing Crosby.  No one sings this song like Bing does!)

Unicorn Song
(Wave file sung by "The Brobdingnagian Bards" )

  Scotsman's Kilt Song
(Wave file sung by the "The Brobdingnagian Bards"     
Note: This is a very popular pub sing-along.
I think it's somewhat cute. But it does have sexual innuendo in it.


MacNamara's Band
(MP3 File))
It's perky. It's peppy. It's sung by the best! Bing Crosby. Be prepared to sing very fast!

  Irish Washerwoman
(Midi file)
Yes, it's got lyrics.  Be prepared to sing very fast!

Cockles & Mussels
(Midi file)

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The song on this page is "Danny Boy" performed on the piano by J.J. Sheridan

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