Just what makes a joke cheesy?
In my view, it's more of a groan factor, not a laugh meter.
The cheesy humor below has dumb puns as punch lines,
 that well stink, but are clean jokes! 
To get the answer, place your mouse over our little
mouse with the cheese         icon.
The Answer is embedded in the holes of the cheese.
It's not a link.  The answer should appear within seconds.
If you actually know an answer, well congratulations.
You are the Cheesiest!!!

If using a smart phone to view these pages, just put your finger on the symbol and hold it for a moment. A pop up that contains the answer will appear. To close the pop up, just tap elsewhere on the screen.


Do you know what astronauts eat?

this is a test to 

If athletes have athlete's foot, then what do astronauts have?

When is a cook mean? 


Why are fish salesmen greedy? 


What did the surgeon say to the patient who refused
to by health insurance?


Why is the hearing of people who work on the railroad different than people who work in different places? 

Who has the easiest job in the world?

In the old days, why did they use manicurists to build gallows?


What is a leisure suit?


Where did the dermatologist start his business? 



What is the recipe for Honeymoon Salad? 


What is a buccaneer?  


Why do watermelons have water in them? 


What happens when the dog breaks into the chicken house?

What are 30 rabbits in a row marching backwards? 

Define Melancholy.   


Why did the turtle cross the road? 


During the American Revolution, why did the Americans use chickens to do sentry duty?


Why do crows sit on telephone wires? 


Where do bees get their energy to fly? 


What's the result of sterilizing a cow?


What's a sleeping bull? 


I named my dog Hardware. Why?


Why did the cat eat cheese? 


What happens to old mufflers?  


What colors should you paint the sun and the wind?


What happened to the son who inherited his father's clock collection?

Why does it take longer to run from 2nd Base to 3rd Base,
then it does to run from 1st Base to 2nd Base?


Why were King Arthur's Days called the Dark Ages? 


What is our nation's greatest problem?
Ignorance or Apathy?


The Butcher's sponsored a local dance. 
What did they call it?

The Eskimo was stabbed. What did the coroner

put down?


What do you get when you mix a statement with a coat hanger?


Why caused the wagon train to stop in the middle of the desert?


What did the hat say to the hat rack? 


Why do we say Amen instead of Awoman in church? 


Why can't a bicycle stand by itself?



What did Cinderella say to the photographer?  


What happens when a rattlesnake marries a mortician?


3/4ths of all accidents happen within 10 miles
of your house.  What should you do?


What kind of wood do you use to build a cow shed?

What is the main greatest use of cowhide?  

What did the man say as he gave his dog his dinner?


Why did the 3-legged dog return to Dodge City? 


What's better than a talking dog?  


On what day are more babies born than on any other day?


What did one ink spot say to the other?  


Why is it so hot in the stadium after the game is over? 


What do you do when the bases are loaded? 


What did the fisherman give the IRS? 


Why did grandma put wheels on her rocking chair? 


When is a car, not a car? 


What happened to the magician when he walked down ____street?


What kind of party did the teens have in the basement? 



What is an Indian compliment? 


Why are phone calls in Persia the most expensive? 


Why do Eskimos wash in Tide? 


What is quicksilver?  


Why do melons get married in church? 


What do you call a cow that enters your yard and eats your grass?


What do you get when you cross a turtle and a cow? 


What do you call a male deer that is crazy about a female deer?


What do you get when you cross a turkey with an octopus?


What does a baby ear of corn call it's father? 


Why did the farmer kick his chickens out of his farm? 


Why should you be careful about what you say on the farm? 


What do you get when you cross a food processor with a word processor?

Why did the secretary always type in lower case? 


Why did the janitors go on strike? 


Why do pirates make good sopranos? 


Why did the burglar at the museum get caught? 


What's the difference between a New York dentist and a loyal New Yorker?


Why is a banana peel like a piano? 


How can you tell an ocean is friendly? 


What lies on the bottom of the ocean floor and shakes? 


What do you get when you cross a dinosaur and a termite? 


What made the nuclear scientist sick? 


What happens to a teacher who retires?  


What did the English teacher call Santa's helpers? 


Why did the little shoe need counseling? 


A man who sometimes believed he was a tepee and then
at other times he believed he was a wigwam was diagnosed with what?


What will happen to a ship carrying a cargo of yo-yo's in a storm?

What do you call a broken boomerang? 


When is coffee like a bear? 


What is a fish's favorite TV game show? 


A dog is a man's best friend. And it should be. Consider how I work hard every day. So I work like a dog. 
That's the reason I'm always dog-tired. But he never works hard.  He's lazy as a dog.  When I go out on a date, I always put on the dog. If I owe people money, they dog my footsteps. In times of conflict, the dogs of war are unleashed. Meanwhile, those who are young have puppy love. 
There are bird dogs, watch dogs, hot dogs and underdogs. And, when I'm feeling oppressed, I say I lead a dog's life.


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