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March Is:

The History of the Iditarod + Cartoon Fun!  (March 3, 2018)

History of the Academy Awards (Oscars)+ Cartoon and  Oscar Trivia Fun!
(Moved to March 4th  this year due to the Olympics in February)

 St. Urho's Day
(March 16)

  St. Patrick's Day  
(March 17)

History of the Arctic Winter Games + Cartoon Fun!
(March 18-24, 2018)

The History of Buzzard Day
(March 15)

History of the Vernal Equinox + Cartoon Fun!
(March 20, 2018)

The History of the Athabascan Stickdance

The History of the Navajo Mountain Chant + Cartoon Fun!
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St. Urho's
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St. Patrick's
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