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No Ads

We swear that we are totally ad free and make no money in any way from this site.  I make a wee amount in my Zazzle store, but that's a different site that I don't even own.

 But on you will see no ad banners or affiliate buttons. You should also notice, that you don't have to click 5 pop-up ads before even viewing my pages to get the information you want.  Don't you hate that?

If you experience any commercial pop-up ads when you come here, then they are either lingering ads from whatever URL you have previously visited and did not click-off yet; or they are built in from your ISP (i.e. AOL, Microsoft, etc.) or some other program you have installed on your system.

We also don't solicit for ads.  And, when people ask me if they can put an ad on my site, I say "no."

No Spam From Us.
No Newsletter. 

I do not (nor have I ever) sent out a newsletter.  So, I do not send out spam of any kind. There are volumes of emails now being sent that contain viruses. They are being done by redirecting them through other people's email.  I do not approve of this.

 We Do Not Collect Any 
Information on our Visitors

We NEVER collect any information on you as a visitor!!!

Unlike some sites which require that you give them your e-mail address to enter, or
to receive a FREE cartoon, background, joke, etc., I simply let you come and enjoy without asking a thing of you. 

I also do not sell anything to you from  So there are no stored names, addresses,
or credit card information anywhere on this domain for hackers to break into.

Yes, we have website stats that are private for me alone. But these stats NEVER invade your privacy. They basically tell me what pages or topics you are asking or going to, the countries, states and hits/returns.

I do my best to make this as much of a child-safe site as possible.



This website was originally created to teach older children topics in a fun way; and to provide some new kind of bear cartoons  for today's lifestyle in which everyone can relate and not bears who live in some forest with animals as friends.  I wanted them to experience life like we all do.  But unlike Winnie The Pooh, my site is not for pre-schoolers or toddlers.  In other words, it's not for Elementary School or younger. I always list my site as ages 12 to Adult. And feel it's OK for Jr. High, High and College. This is why I won't water down some topics for teensy children. So..

If I feel something is inappropriate for even 12 year old kids, I try to tell you!
I realize parenting levels vary home to home, but I will try. ;)

Our Ethics : We Don't Steal from Other Websites. 

ORIGINAL CONTENT means that all the art work is my own making.   So if I need something, I simply make it!  On the few occasions I've used another's work, I've asked and given credit.
Example is the bicycle in my History of the Tour de France illustration.

ORIGINAL CONTENT means all ideas are mine! This means all the trivia phrases, bingo games, etc.

ORIGINAL CONTENT also means that all information on this site is presented with "my creative approach"  and not taken in the same wording, same format, etc. from another website. 
I might tell you the same thing as someone else. After all, facts are facts, such as "Tomatoes are really considered a fruit, not a vegetable."  You might find the same fact on a  gardening or cooking site?  But when it comes to an entire educational presentation,  I earnestly  try not to intentionally do it in another person's same words.  If I do use information from another site, I will give a credit Link to that site (usually in my "Source") at the bottom of the page if the page is still active. If it's no longer around, it's removed only because I don't want broken Links.

I also lack respect for people who choose to Link to the plagiarized pages, and/or copyright violations  of my work on another domain and not me!  Why would people support stealing?  Everything on is under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).  Taking anything from my site without permission violates this  includes both text and artwork).  I don't go through all this work just to provide instant content for another website or blog (i.e. esp. those holiday listings.  And, I don't feel it's fair to have to compete against my own work for hits on search engines, when it's been stolen and put on another website or blog. 

Bottom Line:  If you find something on my site and find it on another site, the odds are they took it from me.  I don't steal!

 Crediting  My Sources 

 Although I write the information in my style, I do put the sources for my information at the bottom of the pages. This is like when you list your sources in a school paper. ( Wikipedia also lists their sources on the information pages they have for credibility.)  This in no way means we're stealing from a book. It just means, we're sharing the information that the book gives.  

It also is to let you know what books to buy if you want to learn more. And, also to let you know that I did the best I could to provide you with valid information and not made up stuff.  It also helps promote the sources, if they are still available. I realize some of my sources are  out-of-print.  Like me, I bought some of them used.   In a few cases, I've also used information from other websites.  If so, then credit Links are given when applicable (or the website is still on-line).  All my sources I like or I wouldn't use them, list them at the bottom of the page, nor  recommend them.

With the crazy, silly, bizarre, unknown daily holidays area, I've given credit to my visitors who have informed me of valid observances that I don't  already have on the monthly page that they are celebrated.

As far as the songs, I do my best to credit the writers and performers. 

Why no Music (Midis & Waves) Credits?

I will not give Link credits to the sources for my midi files and (some) fonts. Why?
Many of the sites that offered midi music no longer exist. And, frankly, I forgot where I got them from.
Also, I found many sites with the same music.  

I also  won't pass out any music files!  So please don't write me for a tune that's on my site.  Many other sites offer free music (or for very small fees) for downloading, such as Yahoo Music, MSN etc. go get your songs from them.  The music on my pages are for sing-along fun and education.
Please, do not ask me to send you any of my music files. Thanks. :)

Our On-line Persona and Integrity

Although I believe I am the "first" Brownielocks to be on-line,  no longer am I  the "only" Brownielocks now on the Internet. There are hundreds of thousands of game sites and forums (public and private). It's impossible for me to go to them all  of them (or pay to be a member) and register the ID "Brownielocks" to get the name first.
 I am signed up on a few forums, but they are nothing offensive (mostly for car talk, art chat, etc.).  So, if you find a "Brownielocks" in an on-line game, a chat room or on a forum speaking rude, vulgar or in anyway offensive,
it is not me.

  I do not engage in flames, verbal abuse etc. I try to keep my Internet participation child safe in other areas as well as here on my own site. 

I also can't expect everyone to like me (personally) or this site, whether I feel it's justified or not. To repeat, I make no money, so I'm not out to be popular.  But I do  want to be respected for providing honest information and not fake stuff just to get hits.  I think it's more important to be respected, than to be popular.

Unfortunately, I've found forums with some pretty disgusting comments about me and to me per se (some sexual in nature) although I was never a member.   

I'm not flattered by this type of negative public relations.  People have the right of free speech, which includes being critical to downright filthy (unless it's not allowed on that forum?). What does disturb me are the comments that actually imply real physical violence or sexual acts to me.  People often forget there is a real person behind this cartoon persona. But I hope those that do enjoy this site and run into negative comments about it at other URL locations are mature enough to consider the source and email me if they feel I need to be informed for my own personal safety or other reasons.  Thanks!

But, please don't start up a flaming Brownielocks topic on  a forum just to try to get me to join that forum for your entertainment.  I don't appreciate being baited. And, I don't have the time to join forums just to  get into debates with strangers over assumptions, petty issues,  defend my website, my art style,  etc. I wouldn't get anything else done if I had to post on forums all the time.   I don't go on other forums and bash other websites. If I don't like a site, I simply never go back to it.  I bought this domain for several years. It's not going away even if you bash it or me.

  Recognitions & Rating Certifications 
(They've all been removed because the Links are now  either invalid or have been hacked.)

God Bless!

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