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Tongue Twisters for Kids

Here are some fun tongue twister phrases for children and their friends.

Try to say each one at least 3 times fast.  We challenge you to go for 7 times!


Bobby Blue blows big blue bubbles.

The big beautiful blue balloon burst.

A shapeless sash sags slowly.

Smelly shoes and socks shock sisters.

Which wrist watches are Swiss wrist watches?

Dick kicks sticky bricks.

Shave a single shingle thin.

Stick strictly six sticks stumps.

Cinnamon aluminum linoleum.

New York is unanimously universally unique.

Cooks cook cupcakes quickly.

Flora's freshly fried fish.

A bragging baker baked black bread.

Buy blue blueberry biscuits before bedtime.

She sold six shabby sheared sheep on ship.

The sixth sick sheik's son slept.

Short soldiers should shoot sufficiently straight.

The big black back brake broke badly.

Barbara Babcock blushes brilliantly.

She should shun the shinning sun.

Sascha sews slightly slashed sheets shut.

Three thugs thrushed thoughtfully through thickness.

Source for the above tongue twisters:
"696 School Jokes and Riddles"
By Joseph Rosenbloom
Sterling Publishing Co. © 1986
+ Some I just made up myself!

  A box of biscuits. A box of mixed biscuits...and a biscuit mixer.
Submitted by Kim Kramer.

Tongue Twister Poem

When I was down in Arkansas, I saw a saw
That could outsaw any saw I ever saw saw.
So if you see a saw that can outsaw the saw I saw saw,
Show me the saw that you saw.

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